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January, 2023

January 31, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 703

The Vortex — Benedict XVI

The life and times of Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, provide the subject matter for this thoughtful conversation between Michael Voris and Brad Eli of Church Militant. And this will all make infinitely more sense to you when you realize that Joseph Ratzinger doesn't represent the "True Catholic Faith" against the apostasy of Pope Francis, as so many conservative and traditional Catholics think. Beginning back in the 1930's, all the stylish young lions in the Church were climbing aboard the bandwagon of that renegade French Jesuit theologian, and all around intellectual gadfly, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Never mind that Pope Pius XII condemned his work, and that this wasn't without good reason, since it is heretical to its very core, including even the denial of original sin among it's basic tenets. It doesn't take a great thinker to figure out that if there is no sin, then there are no sinners, and, therefore, no need for a savior in the person of Jesus Christ, or anyone else. This is radical stuff by anyone's Catholic standards, and this is the apostasy that is driving the Church to wreck and to ruin, and it's been doing so for a very long time now. This theological movement, left over from the mid 20th century, known as Nouvelle Théologie, or the "new theology" features wings left and right, as represented by those like Joseph Ratzinger on the right side, and those such as Hans Küng on the left. Pope John Paul II bought into the Ratzinger idea of a syncretistic version of this theology, that sought to unite the modernism of Teilhard with the more traditional aspects of the faith. The result is the spiritual schizophrenia we have been witnessing ever since, with the voice of Pope Francis, and the homo-mafia that dominates the radical left, now being the only one in our heads we're supposed to be listening to, at least according to them.  And with these folks firmly in control of both the Curia and the College of Cardinals, this isn't likely to change anytime soon. You pays your money and you takes your choice, but in the end you get apostasy either way. And, now that we've done this cheery little warm-up for you, it's on to Michael Voris and Brad Eli.

January 30, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 702

Ancient Aliens and the New World Order - JIm Marrs

Now we're getting somewhere. And to help us along the journey is none other than that New Age gadabout, Jim Marrs. While his is much the same message as that of Philip Gardiner, who created so much controversy last week with his presentation titled, innocently enough, End Times Earth: 666, New World Order, it is certainly presented differently, and with a few twists, and so we submit it here tonight for your perusal. "So," you ask, "What's the point of all of this instruction in the New Age movement? Can't you just leave us alone in our illusions of what truly matters?" And the answer is, "No, we can't!" Because what you don't seem to be getting is that this sort of thing has become so all pervasive, and our own testimony to the True Faith so nearly nonexistent, that there are many kneeling along side of you at Mass who believe much, or nearly all, of this nonsense. And no one is telling them the difference. In fact, no one is telling them much of anything, because we've become so obsessed with not offending the pagans and unrepentant sinners around us, that we've allowed Christ to be offended instead. Our point here is merely that this sort of attitude within the Church is unsustainable if the Real Presence of Jesus should turn out to be real, and the prophecies concerning how such apostates are to be punished turn out to be true. Our testimony from personal experience is that Jesus is indeed the real deal, and always fulfills His promises. You do the math. Or go read some of those ancient Sumerian myths that are supposedly about UFO's, and genetic engineering and such, and you'll quickly see just how much you've been had. Not much chance of that, since it is virtually impossible to get your basic, garden variety Catholic to even pick up a Bible, what with the likes of Scott Hahn, Bishop Barron and Fr. James Martin to do all the heavy lifting for them. What Jim Marrs says is more Catholic than some of this stuff, which is why so many get suckered into it. It is a pox upon our house and it is Christ Himself bringing the cure. Do what you want. We just want everyone to know whose side it is we're on, and it is that of the Great Physician.

January 27, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 701

Good evening. And welcome to the Sixth Hour. Once again, this is Brian Helix, pounding the "The Doomsday Beat," and grateful for it, as it has gotten rather heavy here at times this week. Well, that won't really change much tonight, as we plunge from the frying pan and into the fire with this latest selection I've drawn for you from the Nostradamus Effect. Make fun if you want, but sound scholarship lurks about where you might think it unlikely to find it, and we've found plenty of it masquerading under the ridiculous premise that anything prophetic must somehow link to dear old Nostradamus. So, after an obligatory nod to the old man concerning the Book of Revelation, it's off to explore the mystery of the Seven Seals, and consult with the usual cadre of experts, concerning just where we poor earthlings stand in all of this end time business. Unlike some things we've heard lately, we can at least count on these programs to know who the devil is and to keep him in the proper place and perspective. We've been challenged at times concerning that this week, so I guess perhaps that's why I've actually found this foray into the imminent apocalypse to actually be rather comforting in a strange sort of way. It's like previously we've heard all about why we deserve what we're about to get, and tonight we learn more about just what it is that's going to be. I know I find comfort in knowing these things, don't you? Our team of consultants tonight agree with us here at RNJ that doomsday is all about the destructive folly of man, and the unbridled wrath of God, converging upon the same moment in history. That's what the Book of Revelation says, and when one looks around and sees it unfolding, the question quickly becomes not if but when. The best advice we can give is that the time to get close to God is now, since there is not much of it left, and what's coming is going to be biblical. And even God and the devil agree on that much.

January 26, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 700

The Latest Scientific Evidence of God and the Soul – Fr. Robert Spitzer

You may well remember Fr. Robert Spitzer as the priest who used to argue the "God" side of the scientific debate against the atheist physicist, Dr. Stephen Hawking. Fr. Spitzer actually won this debate, with Hawking as much as admitting it in his final paper, but, of course, you won't hear much about that in the secular and scientific media. God never gets an even break among the science crowd, which is the claim of Fr. Spitzer, as well as those of us here at RNJ who have been telling you the same thing. Tonight, Fr. Spitzer is going to level the playing field, and give God His due, and what we learn is that the God Who created us, and Who invented science, knows all about it and us as well. And, as we've been telling you, the more science gets it right, the more science reveals just how wrong it was to suppose that we humans are at the top of the heap and alone in the universe. By this point in this week of looking at the deeper, more spiritual nature of reality, that much should be abundantly clear. Frankly, we tire of the old guard science types who want to chide us concerning our failure to grasp the cold and lifeless nature of their tired, and imaginary, clockwork universe. The folly of making science into the new religion of the spiritless during the 20th century is now revealing itself for what it was, as we progress ever deeper into the 21st. And if you want to know just exactly Who it is Who is in charge of all of it, pay close attention to Fr. Spitzer's closing remarks concerning the Shroud of Turin. Jesus is Lord and God has raised Him from the dead. That's not merely the witness of the apostles who saw it happen, but of postmodern science itself, which can no longer refute it. Well, I guess that should do it. Onward now to Father Spitzer.          handy just in case

January 25, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 699

Ancient Aliens: The Satan Conspiracy

Good evening and welcome to the Sixth Hour. Tonight, the elephant in the room described in the two previous programs is herein confronted directly: is Satan the bad guy or just a misunderstood and much maligned good guy? And, just because he is described as being our proscribed adversary; one who works for God behind the scenes to test we hapless humans (as he is so presented in the Book of Job), does that somehow absolve, or excuse, his beastly and evil behavior? The Cross itself seems adequate testimony as to what he's been up to here on Earth. And it's not like there aren't any number of other, lesser examples, and he's unrepentant concerning all of it. The Rolling Stones once did a song called "Sympathy for the Devil," and I surely never questioned that this was where their sympathies were. Just look at them today: still touring as the animated, rotted-corpse versions of their former selves that they actually are. And their evil, when compared to the postmodern variety, seems somewhat quaint, and actually quite pathetic, when presented in its old age. So, if sympathy for the devil ultimately results in just rotting here on earth before arriving in a limo to burn in hell for all eternity, then what's the point? Jesus has the much better deal. Forsake this world for His and live with Him in heaven for all eternity. Joy and bliss forever, while living in the light and perfection of God. He's already payed the price, and the only cost to you is your unbelief and human hubris. The ones who tell you that it is Satan who got the raw deal are merely offering you the same deal he got, and all you have to do is rebel against God like he did. That he gets so many takers is testimony to both his extraordinary salesmanship and the gullibility of his customers. That the basis for this conversation is found in an episode of Ancient Aliens merely shows that God does indeed work in mysterious ways, and apparently did so, upon occasion, even at the History Channel.            

January 24, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 698

Aliens and Demons: Evidence of an Unseen Realm - Dr. Michael Heiser

You'll want to pay close attention to this visit with Dr. Michael Heiser, whose background is in ancient near eastern studies, and whose passion is being a burr under the saddle of the UFO/New Age community. That makes his presence with us here tonight particularly effective, especially after the Philip Gardiner experience that comprised last night's program. It's about time that Christians started speaking back to this nonsense, and Dr. Heiser surely makes a great start in that direction with this thorough and factual presentation. His debunking of Zecharia Sitchin in particular is something the Annunaki faithful need to hear. Sitchin was actually one of the world's foremost experts on ancient near eastern languages, back before he became better known as the unofficial prophet of the return of Nibiru. It was Art Bell who made Sitchin a star, and set the stage for his ridiculous assertions to become the basis of a "cult of the space brothers" that even now is the quasi-official religion of many in the UFO subculture. Those who are looking skyward in anticipation of the return of Planet X, and it's ancient Sumerian inhabitants, do so in anticipation of a far different kind of deliverance than that expected by the few remaining Christians still holding out for the return of Jesus. In the end, it all comes together, and all comes apart, as all hell literally breaks loose upon the earth. Christ wins and we all get to go home to be with Him. Those of us, that is, who are not still wondering about whatever became of Nibiru and the Annunaki.

January 23, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 697

End Times Earth: 666 New World Order

Once again, in our ongoing efforts to raise the bar on Catholic consciousness, we feature the work of New Age, Serpent Cult aficionado, Philip Gardiner. One of the points we are seeking to make by returning once again to this seamy fountain of earthly delights is to demonstrate to you, dear Catholic brothers and sisters, that the real and ongoing reason for the crisis we are enduring in the Church is your ongoing and insufferable ignorance. A wise Catholic priest once observed that there are many among the faithful anxious to serve God, but, unfortunately, most insist on doing so in an advisory capacity. And most of what they counsel has to do with those frivolous things which God Himself could care less about. When it comes to the actual supernatural, mind bending, soul saving, deeper aspects of the faith, it's they who could care less; or even worse, are completely oblivious. It's little wonder why it is that Catholics are getting their spiritual lunch handed to them by the Evil One and his minions, when one considers that the enemy knows much more about their own religion than they do. This is the result of centuries of absolutely horrid faith formation. And don't kid yourself into believing that everything was hunky-dory before Vatican II, because that's not so either. The Church has been in cahoots with the world since Roman days, with true discipleship to Jesus coexisting within it right up until this current homo-Jesuit, leftist coup de tat papacy decided to finally root it out completely. That's what happens when you install Lucifer in the Vatican, and, after 60 years under his tutelage, this process is now nearly complete. There is no way forward in the coming One World Religion for either Christ or His followers, and the abomination that maketh desolate now stands firmly rooted in the Holy Place. The Gnostics and pagans are rubbing your Catholic nose in it, and you don't even know enough to know it. Or care. That's what you should be hearing between the lines in tonight's presentation. And we pray that this is so.

January 22, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 696

Good evening. Welcome to this special Sunday night edition of the Sixth Hour. This is RNJ News Director, Brian Helix, inviting you to join me for the next hour, as we listen to this insightful and riveting report from our old friend over at TruNews, the legendary Rick Wiles. Rick goes back a long time in the Christian News business. He cut his teeth as Pat Robertson's News Director at the fledgling Christian Broadcasting Network back in the day, and it was like going through a nasty hurricane: the experience is invaluable, but it's nothing you ever want to do again. Let's just sum it up by saying that his time working for CBN convinced him that God was calling him to be an independent Christian broadcaster, and soon TruNews was born. And God must have been right, because all of these years later, TruNews is still going, and Rick is still reporting on those stories no one else wants to touch. This in depth discussion he conducts tonight with his erstwhile co-host and side-kick, Dr. Raymond Burkhart, is an example of just such a report, and you'll see why as you listen. No punches pulled, and no apologies for Jesus, which is surely a refreshing change of pace, considering the vast amount of programming out there that calls itself "Christian," yet never mentions our Lord in the process. Jesus once said, "Blessed is he who takes no offense in me," and we're left wondering in our day just who that person might be, as Jesus seems to be offending everyone lately. Offend the pagans and they just might let the Jews talk them into crucifying you. It's been done before, you know. And Patriarch Kirill is now warning the world that the Russians are so fed up with the evil NATO leaders' efforts to destroy Mother Russia that they're about to launch the Satan II, just to let us know they mean business, and to demonstrate to us reprobates just who the anti-Christ really is. You know, one has to admit, that, while the end of the world is insane and doesn't make any sense, it is, nonetheless, surely never boring.    

January 20, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 695

Good evening and welcome. This is Brian Helix, pounding the "The Doomsday Beat," as we bring you this presentation from the Nostradamus Effect that could easily be titled, "Did the Son of Nostradamus Draw This Weird Coloring Book?" I mean really, if one could scour the Vatican Library and ferret out all of the bizarre stuff they have, we'd never run out of program content. You know, when Constantine realized the Roman Empire was crashing, his idea was to put the Church in charge so that God could take the blame for the mini-apocalypse that was about to occur, and these postmodern historians have latched onto this nonsense as if they invented it themselves. So, the Catholic Church we know was created, and what did she do but spend hundreds of years gathering, storing, collating and processing all of the information left behind in the ruins of the ancient world (many of which she herself created). The end result was to produce the high Western culture that is now crumbling all around us, by dispensing and dispersing this acquired knowledge via the vast academic network she established for this very purpose. By the 16th century, there were those who figured that destroying the authority of the Church was the easiest and fastest way to grab a piece of this action, and with this they began selling the huddled masses on the idea of a new "Age of Enlightenment," and an "Age of Reason" that taught that God was dead, and man was now firmly in control of his own destiny. And you can see how that has worked out for him. What we keep trying to point out here on "The Doomsday Beat" is that while everyone assumes there is some deep, dark secret hidden in the Vatican Archives that proves Christ is a lie and the Church a sham, the reality is just the opposite. They know Who Jesus is better than anyone, yet they deny it, and proceed to behave in the ways that they do. And so it is Doomsday approaches. But don't you worry. Just stay tuned to RNJ, for we've got it all covered for you, right here on "The Doomsday Beat."

January 19, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 694

Den of Thieves: Unmasking the Vatican Money Changers

Good evening and welcome to the Sixth Hour. A Jordanian-American businessman named Benjamin Seryani is recruited to help launch a new Catholic university in his native country. When he refuses to green-light several questionable multimillion-dollar business deals, the Vatican sacks him, confiscates his property, breaks its contracts with him and drives him out of his own country in disgrace. He's suing the Holy See, and nearly 20 other defendants, for $31 million in a California court. This is just one more incident in the long history of the Vatican Bank's financial scandals, and it provides the perfect backdrop for this Kristine Christleib report for Church Militant that tells you all about it. This is Sally Belle-Époque. As our regular listeners are well aware, the corruption in the Vatican Bank, also known as the IOR or the Institute for the Works of Religion, is a topic we have covered in the past on the Sixth Hour. If you want to hear more about all of this filthy stuff, you can check out "God's Bank Manager - Roberto Calvi," which we aired on June the 23rd of last year, and "The Vatican Bank and the Strange Death of Pope John Paul I," which was broadcast the next night, on June the 24th. We also did two programs on this subject in July, which featured California radio legend Mae Brussell's research into the P2 Masonic Lodge Scandal from back in 1981. These shows are from July 20 and July 21. All are available in our Program Archives, along with hundreds of others, just waiting to take you on that revelatory excursion into a deeper radio experience that is the hallmark of what we do here at RNJ. Tonight, it's "Den of Thieves: Unmasking the Vatican Money Changers."  handy just in case

January 18, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 693

California "Rainpocalypse", Is There More to the Story? - Dane Wigington

Good evening and welcome to the Sixth Hour. This is RNJ News Director, Brian Helix, sounding the alarm on that big, dark, ominous elephant in the room that all of the politics is distracting your attention away from. Actually, it is Dane Wigington who will be doing all the heavy lifting, for when it comes to all of this climate change science, I'm not fit to untie the sandal strap of a man with his kind of knowledge and expertise. Dane Wigington has become something of a "Chicken Little" even among those who ponder our forthcoming demise. However, what we are finding out even more rapidly than the climate is collapsing, is just what notorious liars human beings are, as the rapidly accelerating collapse of the biosphere seems to be living in a parallel reality with the rapidly accelerating collapse of the global economy, and the rapidly accelerating collapse of the global political structure. It's all collapsing. And it's all rapidly accelerating. It's like the proverbial snowball headed for hell that the prophet Merle Haggard sang about all of those years ago. They were lying about it then, and they are lying about it now. All of it. The conflict in the message Dane Wigington so effectively communicates, is that if we truly are on the runaway train that has crashed through the guardrails that he describes, then no amount of buying t-shirts, making signs and going to protests is going to stop it. Our message remains that it's been too late for mankind, and human government, ever since that little incident at the Cross some two millennia ago. What you are seeing now is just the devil playing out the losing hand he was dealt at Calvary that day, when the climate changed and the veil was rent. It's a losing hand to be sure, but the more suckers that bet on him, the more souls in hell for him to torment. It's this biblical perspective behind all the "rapid collapsing" that you really need to be paying attention to, and that's why we keep urging you to stay tuned to RNJ.

January 17, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 692

Head of the Snake: Wexner, Maxwell, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed

Good evening and welcome back to the Sixth Hour. This is yours truly, Brian Helix, inviting you to join me tonight for this remarkable and riveting conversation between investigative journalist wunderkind, Whitney Webb, and Jeffery Epstein victim Maria Farmer, who is as mad as hell about this sex trafficking of young girls that she herself fell victim to, and she's not going to take it anymore. At least not quietly. As she points out, of the hundreds, or even thousands, of adolescent girls who have had their lives shattered by the likes of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, only about 30 have actually come forward to speak up about it. And it seems the shorter list would be that of the DC swamp creatures, and other globalist notables and nobles, who have never participated in any of these horrors, should there actually be any. What makes Ms. Farmer such an interesting victim to listen to is that one gets the idea pretty quickly that she is "smarter than the average bear" when it comes to being a teenage sex slave, as these girls weren't recruited for their intellect, or because of an innate ability to make interesting light dinner conversation with older men. What this gets down to with Maria Farmer is an ability to observe, understand and question all of this at a level most of the girls weren't capable of, and that results in Ghislaine using the revelation of whose involved, and how important they truly are, as a vital and effective control mechanism. As always, the proof is in the pudding, and so we invite you to listen and decide for yourself about all of this. We warn you that much of what you are about to hear is going to be deep, dark, dirty and profane. I know you regular listeners are all well aware of what we do here, but we must also show some care and concern for the newbies.

January 16, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 691

Whitney Webb: How the Deep State Mafia Controls All of Us

Good evening and welcome. It is the Sixth Hour and this is your host, Brian Helix, inviting you to join me for the next two nights, as we explore the web of intrigue that is being revealed by the investigative journalist of the hour, Ms. Whitney Webb. We suggest you listen to all she has to say while she can still say it, since it's hard to imagine anyone else on the current scene more in line for an Arkansas Necktie Party. You know, the kind of party where you're discovered hanging from a tree with an allegedly self inflicted shotgun wound to the chest, and it's ruled an obvious suicide. Or the classic two shots in the back of the head, wrapped up in a rug and dragged off to a neutral location, with an obviously forged suicide note left in an empty briefcase. It must be easy being the police in situations like these, where all of the investigative work is done beforehand. And who says government is inefficient? It's just in how one looks at it, really. And, while I should think an address that is, essentially, general delivery somewhere in the remote reaches of the Andes, might offer a little peace of mind in times such as these, it is also foolhardy to believe oneself to be beyond the reach of the Company, especially when spilling the beans about just how deeply involved the US Intelligence State has been in all of this Jeffery Epstein filth.  And that's just the dirty tip of the much larger iceberg, struck on purpose by the current leadership of our sinking ship of state. Probing the depths of our current political and human despair seems an odd occupation for a stay at home mum with small children. Though one has to admit, their homeschooling experience must be quite unlike any other. Well, enough of all that. Tonight, we have an interview of Ms. Webb done with Clayton Morris that will set the table for tomorrow night's experience with Maria Farmer. A revelatory excursion into a deeper radio experience to be sure. And exclusively yours right here on RNJ.

January 13, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 690

Good evening and welcome. This is Brian Helix, back on "The Doomsday Beat," and absolutely loving it! And you will too, when you hear the offering we have for you in this series tonight. You know, it's a bit like "The Doomsday Beat" is akin to the wedding feast at Cana, when one thinks about it. It's logical to suppose that we might just run the very best of the lot right up front, just to get you hooked. Then, once we have you coming back on a regular basis to sip from the Doomsday chalice, we just might start running out a lesser vintage for you to slake your morbid thirst on. Not so when old Brian has your back, for you are about to discover that I've been saving this little gem for just the right occasion, and, as it turns out, that special occasion is now. Tonight, on "The Doomsday Beat," we are going to explore that down home, Evangelical phenomenon known as the Rapture, as we listen to The Nostradamus Effect: Rapture Opens Floodgates to Horror. The idea here is to assume that such an event happens, just as the Evangelicals imagine it, and so, with tongue firmly in cheek, this program explores the ramifications and repercussions of all of the "good" people suddenly vanishing, as they are caught up in the air, or somewhere, to be with Christ. Or at least that's what we assume. Actually, they just sort of de-materialize and vanish, never to be heard from again. As you might imagine, the ne'er-do-wells and heathen that are left behind don't fare particularly well, once the people God really cares about are removed from the picture. And we present this all with our wholehearted best wishes, because, in the end, there is perhaps no better way to show how ridiculous this whole rapture business really is, than to play it out as if it is gospel truth. Trust me. You will savor this one.               

January 12, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 689

"Werewolves and Shapeshifters" - Monsters Among Us

Good evening and welcome to the Sixth Hour. This is Sally Belle-Époque, inviting you to join me for this exploration of "Werewolves and Shapeshifters" that comes from Monsters Among Us.  The historical part of this examination is fascinating. Until it gets bogged down in a conversation about Oscar Wilde, and how his homosexuality affected the work of his friend, Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula. It apparently led Stoker to give his vampire a predatory gay nature, because Oscar Wilde might have hit on him or something. My thought was that this was supposed to be about werewolves and shapeshifters, and since vampires have their very own episode of Monsters Among Us, maybe the gay vampire question should have been considered on that show rather than on this one. Or maybe not at all. I guess a shapeshifter by nature could be anything, but I don't know that anyone has ever accused werewolves of being gay. Or Frankenstein. Of course, I have to admit, the Bride of Frankenstein is a pretty butch little bitch, especially for the 1930's. She goes way beyond the mere perkiness of a Torchy Blaine, or some of the other plucky girl reporters of that era.  You know, the ones who blazed trails in a male dominated world and all that. All in all, it's still a monster hunt with Miss Sally, and even if it is a little different than our usual stories about strange cryptids harassing weird Americans who would rather just be left alone, it does, nonetheless, have its merits. No one ever accused the Boggy Creek Monster of being gay. Or the Florida skunk ape. But you just wait. I'm sure it's coming.           
 handy just in case

January 11, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 688

End Times: The Movie - End Times Productions

End Times: The Movie is the long awaited and anticipated production that the Brothers Faull (Wes and Justen), have been promising us for some time now. So long, in fact, that the actual movie itself seems rather anticlimactic, as there's nothing really new in it. Most of it we've already seen and heard in the various promotional clips and snippets the boys have been tantalizing us with for years now, or so it seems. Not to mention that some of the older material featuring the likes of Hal Lindsey goes back to a time in which Chaplain Phil was a young man, and even the Ancient of Days was a little less ancient. You'll notice a man who looks to be the son of Chuck Missler until you come to realize that it's actually old Chuck himself. Rounding out the all star lineup of experts is Tom Horn, Darrin Geisinger, Timothy Alberino, Carl Gallups, Russ Dizdar, and Derek Gilbert. Evangelicals one and all, and not a Catholic among the lot of them, so that's the perspective you're going to get. However, everyone is careful not to be too openly anti-Catholic, and all of my hand wringing here aside, the overall effect is an overview of this perspective on the end times that makes End Times: The Movie well worth the time spent. As for the debate as to whether this point of view should hold sway over the Catholic perspective on the apocalypse, that will all soon be settled, as world events continue to unfold, and our dear "separated brethren" find themselves still standing here beside us. We'll continue to monitor the situation so we can report on whether or not it finally dawns on any of them.  As for the so called "post tribbers," if it happens after the fact, then what difference does it make? I've always wondered about that, haven't you?

January 10, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 687

Television = Mass Mind Control Propaganda - Weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION!

Good evening and welcome to the Sixth Hour. This is yours truly, Brian Helix, wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us here at RNJ. And what better way to begin this year's revelatory excursion into a deeper radio experience than by trashing the television medium and the job that it's done in wrecking your mind, and altering your perception of the world and your role within it. It works something like this: one first turns humanity into a mass of mass consumers bent upon mass consuming the planet into oblivion, then one turns the tables by blaming said consumers for all of the mass consuming, and then one offers a solution that amounts to the mass marketing of a whole new array of products, aimed at stopping the previous mass consumption by replacing it with another. Before one knows it, the planet is knee deep in people, and overwhelmed by all of the trash created by all of this mass consuming, and, mind you, all of this mass consuming was encouraged until there was nothing left to mass consume, at which point it became no longer profitable to do it this way anymore. Now the masses who have mass consumed us to the edge of extinction have served their purpose, and so, go they must, into the furnace like withered husks after the harvest, to so be mass consumed themselves. And that's where we are today. "Oh, for God's sake, Brian!" you exclaim, "What on His previously green earth does that have to do with the bloody rubbish they show on the telly?" Well! I'll tell you! It's the subliminal programming, and mind control messaging in that rubbish on the telly, that has mesmerized us into this predicament we find ourselves in today, now isn't it! So, just sit back and relax and continue to mass consume the mind control right up to the bitter end. That way, they'll know just where to find you when your turn for the mass consumption comes up.

January 09, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 686

All Time - The Dead Internet Theory - Complete Edition

It is the Sixth Hour and this is your host, Brian Helix, bidding you welcome, and finding it curious, that time can pass so quickly. Seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we presented a series of broadcasts on the "dead internet theory," and it turns out that it was back in November of 2021. In light of all the recent news concerning the revealed abuses of the various social media, and especially the so-called "Twitter Files" that Elon Musk has been releasing, we thought this might just be a good time to revisit all of this and help you get up to speed on the bots, artificial intelligence, and human hubris that have taken over the internet, and perhaps even the world, since one has become hardly distinguishable from the other. Our original work on this topic featured "The Dead Internet Theory" by All Time, and since that time, he has revised this piece and updated it, and has also produced two more companion segments that he has combined to form the "Complete Edition" of "The Dead Internet Theory." We have it all for you here tonight, sans the "cut content" from segments 2 and 3, which you can hear by clicking on the link above and checking out the original, should you be so inclined. There are many who spend countless hours on the internet pondering just who it is the "Beast of Revelation" might be. All Time makes the case without actually making the case that it just might be the very internet itself. At the very least, this sobering examination demonstrates that all this time that you thought you were using the internet, it has actually been the internet that's been using you. And there is no way to make it stop.

January 06, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 685

Good evening and welcome. This is Brian Helix, back on "The Doomsday Beat," and ready to begin this new year with the big bang it truly deserves. And what better way to do so than by dipping into the History Channel vault for this remarkable offering from the Nostradamus Effect, detailing the battle plan for Armageddon, as it is presented in the "War Scroll" of Dead Sea Scrolls fame. It is truly amazing how much sound history one can pick up from these Nostradamus Effect programs. And while you certainly can't call the likes of resident experts Michael Baigent and Robert Eisenman Christian scholars, they are hardly establishment type academics either, and they and the more mainstream types are used effectively to create a nice balance with the faith perspective, rather than either overpowering it with hubris. Even so, it seems remarkable that no one wants to see the deeper Christian connections that appear so obvious. The War Scroll itself sounds more like the Book of Revelation than any other biblical text does, and if the person who is the "Teacher of Righteousness" is not the same person as Jesus, then just who is he? Surely Jesus was identified as such back in the tumultuous times in which he walked the dusty roads of ancient Palestine, and the Church has always held Him up as the One and Only, just as the War Scroll does its anonymous teacher. And let's not forget that the Scriptures the Essenes worked from were the same as what we call the Old Testament today (sans the Book of Esther - try that one out on your friends who are into biblical trivia). All in all, the world of the time of Christ emerges in the way that the Church Fathers described it, and if they got it right in the beginning, then the safe money says they also got it right at the end. Or the Essenes did. And, at that point, exactly what's the difference?

January 05, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 684

Fr. Frank Pavone - "We Will Not Be Silenced!" - US Grace Force

Good evening and welcome to this special edition of the Sixth Hour. On tonight's program, we feature an interview with none other than Father Frank Pavone. And please excuse our obvious lapse in protocol, as we just can't quite bring ourselves to the point of calling him Mister Frank Pavone as of yet. And that's certainly understandable, since I can't think of anyone who has represented all that's right, good, noble and Christlike about the Catholic priesthood better than he has. How about you? That's what I thought. And Doug Barry and Father Richard Heilman, your hosts for this US Grace Force broadcast, quite agree with all of us. In fact, if there is a positive to come out of all of this defrocking of Father Frank business, it is that suddenly a lot of Catholics, who have been looking the other way, are looking towards Rome, and are wondering just what in hell is going on over there in the Vatican. If one "defrocks" himself in the most debased of ways with altar boys and fellow apostates, does it long enough and well enough to cover up the same evil behavior in others, and manages to keep it all under wraps so as to not make headlines with traumatized victims demanding cash settlements, then there is a Cardinal's zucchetto waiting. Do more than any man not named Donald Trump to overthrow the tyranny of Roe v. Wade, and it's out on the street you go, Mister Pavone. As you may remember, Jesus once pondered as to whether He would find faith upon Planet Earth at His long awaited return. The faith of faithful priests, removed for being faithful to Christ should be a wake up call for all of us, that this isn't what He was talking about. What about faith in the Church? For if they boot the likes of Father Frank, and the other priests like him, then all we'll have left is the ones who participate in those cocaine fueled, homosexual Vatican orgies that you hear so much about. I've never heard of any of those priests being defrocked. At least not in the way that Father Frank was.

January 04, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 683

Blood Libel: Who Sacrifices Children and Drinks Their Blood?

This is easily among the most controversial and disturbing reports we've ever presented, and when you consider some of the topics in our catalog, that really says something. However, stay with this meticulously researched and emotionally stable presentation, and you will be surprised at all of the things you'll learn that you'd rather not know. There are those who consider this to be just more of the same kind of medieval mythology and lore that we've already stopped believing in this postmodern world. And there is not a decent human being among us who would ever condone or justify the abuse of children for any reason or to any degree, and that goes for Jews just the same as it does for everybody else. The divisions that plague humanity are not really drawn along racial and religious lines and never have been. The only division that truly matters is that between good and evil, and evil is a phenomenon that is distributed evenly among all of the various human races, sects, cults and creeds. Sin is an equal opportunity employer if there ever was one, and it should be noted that the horrors you will hear about in this report that are attributed to the Jews are by no means limited to them. And those who listen to this with a "holier than thou" attitude should consider that old adage that, "there but for the grace of God go I." That this horrific behavior exists among some of us is, and always has been, a problem for all of us. And that the devil has always been able to get one band of sinners, guilty of the same sort of thing, to persecute others perceived to be possessed of an even greater evil, is how all of this has managed to persist among us in the way that it has. Just a little something to ponder, as you listen to, "Blood Libel: Who Sacrifices Children and Drinks Their Blood?"

January 03, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 682

C E R N: The Opening of the Abyss

If there is any one thing upon this planet that demonstrates the problem humanity has with run away hubris, it is CERN and the Large Hadron Collider. You'd think that statue of Shiva performing the "Dance of Destruction" would be a clue; or the condescending tone the scientists that work there always take, as if you're too stupid to grasp what they're up to anyway, so why not just dazzle the masses with technical jargon and double speak about the so called "Big Bang?" Most just stand slack jawed and oblivious anyway, reasoning that since it's all just so complex, then it must justify the wildly outrageous amounts of money they lavish on the world's most complicated (and expensive) machine. That's why we believe it's important to provide you with a more prophetic perspective on all of this, and when we run across a report that does just that, we share it here with you, our dear listeners. And tonight that's just what we're doing, as we present, "CERN: The Opening of the Abyss." As if we don't have enough problems on Earth already, now we have scientists working diligently to cast open the gates of hell, and since they never present their work in these kinds of terms, we feel it our duty to do so for you here. Perhaps more amazing than CERN is the way the Bible anticipated this and predicted it all millennia ago, and God's language is so much more poetic and colorful than that scientific mumbo-jumbo, not to mention more direct and to the point. Those who dismiss it really are missing out, and our point is that if you want to learn what CERN is really all about,  you'll find it in the Book of Revelation. And, when you grasp Revelation in light of what they're doing at CERN, you'll discover just why it is that it's always scared the hell out of you.

January 02, 2023
The Sixth Hour Program No. 681


Welcome one and all to this special edition of the Sixth Hour! Tonight you will hear precisely why it is we are continually telling you that our best advice is to get right with God. And don't waste any time about it, or it will be too late. That's the message you're going to hear loudly and clearly in this interview of our old friend Dane Wigington by our old friend Sean of the SGT Report. It is already too late for Planet Earth. What has been done has been done, we are too far down the rabbit hole of doom and destruction to reverse course now, and, even if we did, the catastrophic chain of events that has already been set off is overwhelming, irreversible, and unstoppable. Of course, this isn't news to RNJ listeners. This is what we've been telling you right along. And the solution to all of this doesn't lie within the methods and the madness of humankind. To the contrary, that's what got us into this mess to begin with. And any lies about the government being here to help are just that and always have been. It's like Ronald Reagan said, "...government isn't the solution to the problem, government is the problem." Then young Hinkley put a bullet in the Old Man and he didn't talk like that anymore. So, just what is the cause of this problem with the government, you ask? A fair question that deserves a straight answer. The problem is sin. It's nothing new in human government. In fact, it was sin that sent Christ to the Cross, and it was sinful human government that hung Him there, now wasn't it? How do you suppose that sits with God? Not very well, I suspect. And I'm doubtful that He'll be swayed by the villagers protesting with their pitchforks and torches, which is what these boys suggest. Seriously. If these days are not shortened, none will be saved alive. If the One Who told us that is not the One you're paying attention to, then surely you haven't been paying attention to us. Jesus is our only hope for a future, both now and for all eternity. And it is he who endures to the end who shall be saved. Food for thought to ruminate upon as you listen to these boys expose the "Global Geoengineering Death Agenda."

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RNJ Staff

Chaplain Phil

Chaplain Phil grew up listening to alternative points of view, and the underground perspective, that characterized late night AM and shortwave radio in the 1960's.  In the cold winter months following the events that transpired in Dallas on November 22, 1963, he came to realize that the death of President Kennedy represented an even deeper and more profound tragedy - the death of the nation. In the summer of 1964, he read None Dare Call It Treason by John Stormer and understood how this had come to pass.  He was 10 years old.

Through the ensuing years, he has followed the flow of free information, as what we now call the "mainstream media" banished independent Christian broadcasting, and honest political thought, from the AM band to shortwave, then to the internet, and now, in the face of internet censorship, back to shortwave.  After a lifetime of listening, he now feels the time has come to speak.  His message is simple.  We are living in a godless false reality created for the purpose of destroying most of us and enslaving the rest.

The time of Revelation is here. Take heart.  For what is being revealed is the eternal truth of Jesus Christ.

Brian Helix - News Director

As one of the BBC's "Young Lions," Brian Helix was known for his honest reporting and take no prisoners attitude towards the truth.  He is an expert on conspiracies and the theories thereof, both modern and classic, and a top flight investigative journalist.  He brings these talents along with his many others to the post of News Director here at RNJ.


Sally Belle-Époque - Production Manager

Sally Belle-Époque made her mark in both video production and A.I. research with the famed Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong, and now brings her varied talents and unique skills to bear as Production Manager at RNJ.  Sally is a no nonsense professional with all the Left Coast flair and style her background as a "Valley Girl" would suggest - a Silicone Valley Girl.   


Catholic Pirate Radio

What is Catholic Pirate Radio?

Pirate radio or a pirate radio station is a radio station that broadcasts without a valid license.  Catholic Pirate Radio is broadcast without the official sanction or approval of the Catholic Church, any of its connected agencies or organizations, or any member of its hierarchical structure (bishops, cardinals, pope, etc.).

Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio
"You see, God expects His people to do the ridiculous so
He can do the miraculous." - Mother Angelica
Father Coughlin
Father of Pirate Radio

    Mother Angelica: Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio

Mother Mary Angelica founded the EWTN television network, and, more significantly for my purposes here, WEWN, a global shortwave broadcast service with transmitters located in Irondale, Alabama.  In the 1990's, Mother Angelica became one of the most dominant Christian voices on the shortwave bands, and WEWN a torch that beamed her message of the truth of believing and faithful Catholicism across the nation and the world.  She was a major influence concerning my conversion to the Catholic Faith in 2002, and it is truthful to say that my formation as a Catholic took place with her over many nights of listening to the most powerful voice on 41 meters.  She gets much credit for her pioneering work in Catholic television, while her savvy for international shortwave broadcasting goes largely unheralded and is just as significant.  It made her a worldwide voice for the faith rather than just an American phenomenon, and paved the way for the globalization of EWTN.

Mother Angelica earned the title of Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio when she publicly took on and disputed the apostate Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Cardinal Mahony, concerning the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  While Mahony was unleashing his wrath upon Mother all the way to Rome, it should also be noted that he retreated quickly and issued a statement taking offense at her for daring to question his belief in the Real Presence.  Thanks to Mother's widespread and profound media influence, I'm sure a lot of bishops, cut from the same cloth as Mahoney, also thought twice about peddling the "Spirit of Vatican II" nonsense in an overt way that might end up on TV.         

Here's some vintage Mother for you: 
I’m so tired of you liberal Church in America! And everything you’ve ever done has gone in silence. Nothing, nothing you’ve done – from your witchcraft to your enneagrams to your centering prayer to all this ‘earth spirituality’ to replacing holy water with sand to destroying our churches and closing churches that are viable and ready to go…no, this is not an accident. We’ve swallowed this now for thirty years. I’m tired of it. We have swallowed enough of your idea of God! You have, really, no God, no dogma, no doctrine, and no authority, because the only authority in the Catholic Church is our Holy Father and the Magisterium, and you have disclaimed that. You don’t believe in the Eucharist, you don’t believe in the Immaculate Conception, you don’t believe in the Virgin Birth, you don’t believe in Mary’s power of intercession, you don’t believe in religious life, you don’t believe in being a spouse of Christ! You do believe in teaching to little children in the third grade sex education, you do believe in forcing centering prayer and forcing inclusive language upon us, and now you depict Jesus as a woman?!  You’re sick!
Nothing to add to that.  As a layman, my duty as a Catholic is to point out these things just as it was Mother's duty as a religious - a Carmelite nun.  She taught me well.  It's time for Catholic Pirate Radio, the next generation.

    Father Charles Coughlin: Father of Pirate Radio

In 1926, Father Charles Coughlin first took to the airwaves on WJR radio in Detroit to denounce the Ku Klux Klan, which had recently burned crosses on the grounds of his parish.  Turning to politics in 1929, Father Coughlin quickly became a dominant and highly influential radio voice on the CBS network, with a weekly listening audience estimated at 30,000,000 during the peak of his popularity in the early 1930's.  While at first a fervent supporter of the policies and person of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, his views became more controversial and his rhetoric more strident as the Great Depression lingered on.  By 1936, he was expressing a viewpoint that was anti-capitalist and anti-socialist, and invoked no little controversy by expressing a certain sympathy concerning the fascism of Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler.  He was accused of anti-Semitism based upon this and his searing critique of the European Jewish banking establishment, which he sought to qualify as follows: 

My purpose is to help eradicate from the world its mania for persecution, to help align all good men, Catholic and Protestant, Jew and Gentile, Christian and non-Christian, in a battle to stamp out the ferocity, the barbarism and the hate of this bloody era. I want the good Jews with me, and I'm called a Jew baiter, an anti-Semite.

My point here is not to speak out for or against Father Coughlin and his political opinions, but merely to point to him as an early example of the efforts to censor and silence unpopular viewpoints.  He remains the textbook example of church and state teaming up to remove from public influence someone deemed too controversial to have his views heard by the great unwashed masses of the general public.  The Roosevelt Administration determined a priori that the First Amendment did not apply to radio broadcasting, and new regulations and restrictions were created specifically to remove Father Coughlin from the airwaves.  For the first time, public broadcasters had to obtain a permit and seek approval to speak on the air, and this was the impetus for those who refused to do so taking to the airwaves in protest: the birth of pirate radio.  While Father Coughlin was able to circumvent his banishment from network broadcasting by buying airtime on local stations, his reach and influence were drastically reduced.  In 1942 he was ordered to remove himself from public life by Bishop Edward Aloysius Mooney.  He complied without complaint and spent the remainder of his career as parish priest at the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan.  He retired from active ministry in 1966.


Welcome to our broadcast facilities here at RNJ.  This is where Chaplain Phil and our crew make the magic happen.  Stars of the Show are a Sweetwater Studio Computer powering Jean and Ginger, two 1950 Canadian Philips Table Radios that serve as broadcast monitors. That's Ginger on the right channel, and Jean on the left. Auxilliary Computer is "Old Faithful," a 2009 Hewlett Packard (that's like about a 1930 model in American Tube Radio Years (ATRY). You'll also notice three communication receivers, two 1959 Hallicrafters S-108's and a 1947 National NC 57. Standby monitors include a 1937 Coronado 725 and 1953 Philco 53-960. It's all sorted out through a Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer.  Our antenna array (not shown) is an 80 foot sloping copper long wire antenna, fastened to a Royal Palm and running from there to the studio.