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New Year's Eve at RNJ - 1984 - Lux Radio Theater - 1955

December 31, 2021
    Program No. 430

Happy New Year! Gather 'round the crackling fire with Brian and Sally, as they ring in the new year in the new Christmas sweaters they got for each other, drinking David Icke's killer egg nog, and listening to -- you guessed it -- smooth jazz.  But that's only a warm up for what they have in store once you folks have joined the party.  Then it's on to our traditional retelling of that most cautionary of all cautionary tales, George Orwell's 1984.  It is "Theater of the Mind" at it's finest, and with a twist, as this version of 1984 is done by Lux Radio Theater Australia. That's right, mate! And to make it a truly international event, the star of this show is none other than that scary man himself, Mr. Vincent Price.  Winston Smith was never more erudite and polished in his speech, at least until the Room 101 scene, but why spoil it for those who haven't heard it?  That's 1984 up ahead in 2022.  What better way to start off the new year than with this classic that predicted it all?

The Sixth Hour - Past Programs


Fourth Reich Rising - The Nazi Quest for the Holy Grail

December 30, 2021
    Program No. 288

If you haven't discovered "Fourth Reich Rising" you really should! If you want to be up to speed on what's really happening in our world today, you need to be up to speed on what really happened during the 20th century to set up this little globalist nightmare.  And if you still think the Nazis just gave up and went home after World War II, you'd be wrong about that. In fact, there's a lot about the Nazi's you don't know, and our series "Fourth Reich Rising" is one stop shopping for all things Nazi. Tonight we've selected this little piece for you on the Nazi quest for the Holy Grail. As WWII came to an end, American Troops discovered Nazi files in a cave in Southern Germany. These documents revealed a project to discover the lost Aryan civilization from which the Nazis believed they had descended. This is the story of three missions: a global search for the lost island of Atlantis, an expedition to find traces of the master race in the Himalayas, and an astonishing Nazi-sponsored quest for the mythical (or perhaps mystical) Holy Grail. If this intrigues, there's plenty more at "Fourth Reich Rising!"


The Ark and the Blood - The Ark of the Covenant Discovered

December 29, 2021
    Program No. 320

This show featuring the legendary Ron Wyatt, the man who claims to have discovered the Ark of the Covenant, is one of our most interesting and provocative.  Is it so?  Listen and decide for yourself.  As the story unfolds, you'll find it makes a lot more sense than the outlandish claim would indicate.  And perhaps the most fascinating aspect of all of this is that Salvation History is presented as just that: historical!  Where would you expect to find the Ark of the Covenant?  If you think like Ron Wyatt the answer is "Beneath the Cross of Christ." This is a tale like no other, and what it proves is the point Chaplain Phil keeps trying to make: you don't have check your brains and faith at the door when history is studied openly and honestly.  Quite the contrary.  The history fix has been in for a long time.  Maybe it's time to listen to Ron Wyatt as he discovers Christ's Fix to history that's good for all time.               


The Mothman of Point Pleasant - Part 2

December 28, 2021
    Program No. 364

The Legend of the Mothman continues to unfold in the conclusion to this extraordinary tale, and you won't want to miss a minute.  Make sure you load up heavy at the Snack Bar.  And, while there is a lot of good, clean fun to be had 'round all the Mothman Hoopla, it is the dark, sinister and deeply melancholic side of this story that really tempers one's enthusiasm for the absurdity of it all. It is obvious that it all must mean something, yet exactly what that something might be remains as elusive now as then. And it's all practically next door to the Keckberg UFO incident, which connects to the Nazi 'Bell', and suddenly we're in the deep, dark, uncharted waters of high strangeness. But fear not! For these are the very uncharted seas that Catholic Pirate Radio explores!       


The Mothman of Point Pleasant - Part 1

December 27, 2021
    Program No. 363

We return in this week between Christmas and the new year with a short retrospective of a few of our most acclaimed programs from 2021. The Mothman of Point Pleasant never disappoints, and if you've never heard this true story of the bizarre happenings that took place in this backwoodsy part of West Virginia, then you're in for a treat.  UFO's, cryptids, and the climax of it all is... well, let's just say it's worth investing two nights to find out.  The Mothman of Point Pleasant has it all, and perhaps the best part is getting acquainted with the cast of local characters that populate this strange little corner of America.  Twilight Zone for real and we've got it for you right here on RNJ.       


RNJ and The Mercury Theater Present: A Christmas Carol

December 24, 2021
    Program No. 195

Christmas Break concludes with this wonderful radio version of the Dickens classic! An annual affair performed live back in the day, this is the 1939 version of The Mercury Theater's A Christmas Carol, and, as always, Lionel Barrymore in the person of Ebenezer Scrooge is the star of the show.  Host and moderator Orson Welles also provides the narration, and the whole shebang is sponsored by The Campbell Soup Company.  Next to the infamous "War of the Worlds" broadcast of 1938, this is the piece from The Mercury Theater post-modern folks are most familiar with.  Orson Welles' movies always seemed to be like radio dramas with moving pictures, The Third Man perhaps being the most notable example that comes to mind.  Even Citizen Kane has that air of radio about it. Regardless, the man was at his best when working in the "Theater of the Mind," and The Mercury Theater is that at its best.  It's not fair to say Orson Welles invented it.  But surely the argument can be made that he came as close as any to perfecting it.  A steaming hot cup of Campbell's Cream of Tomato Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich are the perfect Christmas Eve fare for this performance tonight.  Lights down, volume up!          


RNJ and Lux Radio Theater Present: It's a Wonderful Life

December 23, 2021
    Program No. 194

Christmas Break continues here at RNJ, and, once again tonight, we've warmed up Grandpa's old Coronado and we're extending the invitation to again join us for another classic Christmas program from America (and Radio's) glorious past.  Yes, It's a Wonderful Life. The 1946 classic film, adapted for radio by the folks who did it best: Lux Radio Theater.  Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed return to their original roles, and, once again, the magic of radio takes over and you are transported back to Bedford Falls, New York in those heady days after the war, when every American thought the world was his oyster, just like George Bailey thought it was his.  He was wrong about that, and so was everyone else. But still, in the end, just like Dorothy said,"There's no place like home." That's the real lesson here. Join lovable old Uncle Billy, the evil Mr. Potter, the angelic Clarence, and, of course, George and Mary Bailey and their family, for It's a Wonderful Life, Theater of the Mind style.  Hot cocoa is ready.  Lights out.  Here we go!  


RNJ and Lux Radio Theater Present: Miracle on 34th Street

December 22, 2021
    Program No. 193

It's Christmas Break at RNJ, that time when we take pause to reflect on God's graces and gifts, especially that greatest of all gifts, the gift of redemption in the person of the Christ Child. And so, as this Advent draws to a close, we invite your family to gather with ours around Grandpa's old 1937 Coronado 810 Console, and listen to this classic Christmas tale that reflects a better and happier time in America. Lux Radio Theater invested in the magic of radio by producing then current motion pictures as hour long radio programs.  As much as possible, original cast members recreated their roles, and the production values and quality were remarkable by the standards of any day. Truly, the magic of radio in action. This production of Miracle on 34th Street was produced in 1947. It stars Maureen O'Hara, John Payne, Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwenn in the roles they made legendary.  The Magic Tuning Eye indicates the Old Coronado is warmed and ready! Enjoy! 


Shadow Government

December 21, 2021
    Program No. 429

Chaplain Phil is back, and he hasn't come alone.  With him are such notables of the prophetic past and present as Chuck Missler, Gary Kah, the lovely and vivacious Dr. Katherine Albrecht, and even G. Edward "Creature From Jekyll Island" Griffin.  It's an all star assemblage and you should be prepared to be amazed, because in 2009 they told you all about what it was going to be like in 2021.  I mean, they nailed it.  You'll see (or hear) about it all in Shadow Government, a Grant Jeffrey film that will soon be banned from those venues from which it has not already been banished by said Shadow Government.  See how this works?  Hence it is a good idea, as we present these classic programs to you, to download them and save them for a rainy day. An acid rainy day in a dystopian near future.  So, if you are in that future, trying to power up the last working phone you have with your fading Patriot Power Supply, just so you can play this show for some poor schlep that was asking, "What the hell just happened?" then just know that we get it.  Shadow Government. They got it too. And we're getting it right now. The future really is here today!                     


The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes

December 20, 2021
    Program No. 428

Once again, Brian Helix and Sally Belle-Époque take you on an excursion into "Theater of the Mind," as they present this 1992 classic, The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes, in which then Judge Garrison discusses in detail his controversial investigation into the so-called "New Orleans Connection" to the JFK assassination.  It was in New Orleans that Lee Harvey Oswald was groomed for the role of patsy, and you'll find that the "ick" factor around people like Clay Shaw, David Ferry, Guy Bannister and Jack Ruby hasn't subsided at all with the passing of time. And what Garrison found out then is what we know today: scratch the surface of the Kennedy assassination anywhere and it bleeds CIA. Take note of the inserted "Fletcher Prouty Gloss" that denies the involvement of President Johnson.  The FBI gets a free pass too.  It's amazing how many people (and TV networks) were still haunted by the ghosts of LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover when John Barbour made this riveting documentary back in 1992.  But then, John Barbour is still alive and doing well at age 88.  And Garrison became a Federal Judge.  And the official stance of the United States government hasn't changed one bit since The Warren Report came out: Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.                     


Bill & Hillary Clinton: The Untold Story "Clinton Cash" Full Documentary

December 17, 2021
    Program No. 427

Welcome back to a second night of RNJ's "Theater of the Mind." Tonight, Brian Helix and Sally Belle-Époque are back with the backstory of ObamaGate, really.  It's the story of the Clintons' graft and corruption.  Well, actually, it's only a little part. What do you expect in an hour? Here's an old joke from the Golden Age of American Shortwave Radio: "What's the difference between the Clinton Gang and the James Gang? The James Gang only robbed trains, and Frank and Jesse's body count was a lot lower than Bill and Hillary's."  It's no joke. Other than that, it's just a matter of scale. The Clintons thought globally while the James Gang only acted locally. Hillary for prison. Bill too. It's them or us, and, just so you know, Chaplain Phil says he feels fine and never has thoughts of harming himself. Tell Trump that, too! Maybe Jeffery Epstein should have yelled louder. Hello? Guard? HELLO?!         


ObamaGate: The Radio Drama

December 16, 2021
    Program No. 426

Welcome back to RNJ's "Theater of the Mind." Tonight, RNJ News Director Brian Helix, and the always lovely and vivacious one, Sally Belle-Époque, take you on the comic/tragic journey of our times, as they host the RNJ adaptation of Tom Fitton's already classic, ObamaGate: The Movie.  The movie really works as radio, as the magic takes over and "Theater of the Mind" takes effect. The inspired cast of Dean Kane, Kristy Swanson, James Jones and Paul Michael Nieman bring to life Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey and John Brennan, and are up to the creative task of breathing life into these larger than life, hot air balloon like characters, and then parading them down the Main Street of America for all to see.  What fun! In a tragic sort of way. You don't want to miss it!  Heart! Heart!  Wink! Wink!  You'll see!      


End Game: Technology

December 15, 2021
    Program No. 425

Perhaps the most balanced, eye opening look at the new technological society that is rising up to envelop us that you'll find anywhere.  All too often we condemn all of this new technology that is overwhelming us for precisely that reason, but that ignores the fact that what is used for ill can likewise be used for good.  In short, it isn't the technology that's evil, it's those who are deploying it on the rest of us, and you don't have to look past the masked lemmings waiting in the vax line to see how effective this can be.  Thought provoking, engrossing and well produced from stem to stern, End Game: Technology will leave you with plenty to think about.  And a lot to pray for.


Understanding the Modern Politcal Scenario - Yuri Bezmenov

December 14, 2021
    Program No. 424

If Yuri Bezmenov sounds like he should have been a guest back on the old Radio Free America shortwave show back in the 80's, it's because he was.  And what you are about to hear is not a Tom Valentine interview but a Yuri Bezemenov lecture.  Who was Yuri Bezemenov?  A fair question.  He was a Soviet defector who predicted 40 years ago precisely what is happening today.  How did he know?  It was the KGB game plan and he was KGB.  So, as the Soviet Union went down, they lateraled the football of American destruction over to the Chinese Communists, who are about to run it in for the touchdown.  If you want to understand what's happening in our world today, here's your chance.  For the thoughtful, but not the faint of heart.  And it's the full lecture, so be sure to grab some "schteaming" hot coffee from the Klaus Schwab "Goodies Machine" at Intermission.    


ODD-TV: Pharmakeia - Drugs, Black Magic & The End Times

December 13, 2021
    Program No. 252

What about the ancient and occult connections to the COVID/Vaccine agenda?  Turns out there are plenty, and that's what is explored in this exceptional documentary from ODD-TV.  History is a strange place sometimes, and our era is surely as peculiar as any.  Everything is a means to an end and that end is the destruction of mankind and the emergence of the New World Order as the agent of the world's enslavement. And what could be more enslaving than mind control, drug addiction and the corruption of the human soul it creates?  It's all part of black magic in the end times.  I guess it doesn't get much darker than that.          


Something Is Not Right Part 4b  - The Mark of the Beast - Queen of Peace Media

December 10, 2021
    Program No. 423

The Mark of the Beast? Yes! That's exactly what this is, this is exactly where this vaccine agenda is headed, and thank God Queen of Peace Media had the courage to put out this series of videos that are not afraid to call this madness what it is: The Mark of the Beast! It is testimony to how far America has fallen, and how ignorant her people have become, that it takes five nights of intensive research, and one expert and victim after another providing testimony, to make the case for something that should be obvious to anyone who made it through Sunday School Primary Class. And make no bones about it, what passes for Catholic faith formation is just as idiotic. Can you remember when kids used to learn the Bible? I can, but I'm an old man.  And take my word for it, it's not like most of them retained very much.  They are, in fact, the ones who are running this show.     


Something Is Not Right Part 4a  - God and the Great Reset - Queen of Peace Media

December 09, 2021
    Program No. 422

Now we come down to the crux of the matter.  Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.  That's an old Protestant, Revolutionary War Slogan, but surely rebellion in the form of non passive resistance lends it an air of truth.  More so than Alex Jones did repeating it ad nauseum anyway.  Lest I digress further, the crucial point being made is that those pushing this whole vaccine agenda, outside of the occasional pseudo-Catholic politician pandering to pseudo-Catholic idiots, make no claim that God should be involved in any of this.  To the contrary, they shout down any such idea with the claim that God is somehow "not scientific." News to God, I'm sure. Not to mention Einstein and Telsa.  


Something Is Not Right Part 3 - Vaccine Venom & COVID 19 Cures - Queen of Peace Media

December 08, 2021
    Program No. 421

Welcome to Part 3 of "Something Is Not Right," Queen of Peace Media's masterpiece presentation exposing the COVID 19 Plandemic/Scandemic and, perhaps more importantly, demonstrating that what is happening is truly undeniable if one merely takes a dispassionate look at the facts.  Of course that's a "Catch 22." Take a dispassionate look at the facts and you may well end up like Dr. Miles Bennell in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, running up and down the Santa Mira Freeway, yelling in the faces of annoyed motorists.  "You fools, you're in danger!" Surely this is a message most appropriate in our day.  What's more it's even worse!  These are soul snatchers.  Soul Snatchers, I tell you!  They're not human!  Can't you see?! They're after you! They're after all of us! Our wives, our children, everyone! THEY'RE HERE ALREADY! YOU'RE NEXT!


Something Is Not Right Part 2 - Censorship, Deception and Lies - Queen of Peace Media

December 07, 2021
    Program No. 420

Tonight we continue with Part 2 of "Something Is Not Right," as we feature "Censorship, Deception and Lies," which is self explanatory. What quickly emerges in this whole charade is how devious and horrid man's behavior towards his fellow man can be, and the lengths he will go to convince himself, his victims and others that it just isn't so. The Religion of Self Justification is the practiced cult of choice in the Dictatorship of Relativism. "Roll up thy sleeve so I will feel better!" No greater way to justify getting the jab than to make sure others are being jabbed as well, particularly if it is against their will. So don't believe for a moment the most dangerous poison is that which resides within the syringe. No! It is that which lurks in the hearts and minds of wretched and fallen humankind. At least Eve got a piece of fruit out of the deal.  All they got was stuck. And, like Uncle Leroy said, "If you don't want to get stuck, don't be in the sticking business!"   


Something Is Not Right Part 1 - Taking the Plunge - Queen of Peace Media

December 06, 2021
    Program No. 419

This week we dedicate our time and attention to the whole scandal of the COVID 19 Vaccine Pandemic/Scamdemic, and do so from the faithful Catholic perspective provided by Queen of Peace Media. When Chaplain Phil logged onto their web site and saw "Banned Videos" he just had to check it out, and what he found was the content for this week's broadcasts here on The Sixth Hour.  Tonight we begin with "Taking the Plunge," and you will hear the voices who have become so familiar to us all over the past two years.  We suggest taking in our production as the radio drama that it is, then watching the video above.  No better way to break the video habit than with radio, and no better radio than RNJ. We don't call it "Theater of the Mind" for nothing.  Spoiler alert!  Chaplain Phil announces "Two for One" on Castlebury's Barbeque Sandwiches at Intermission!  RNJ Drive In is on the air!                                


RNJ's "Theater of the Mind:" Brave New World by the CBS Radio Workshop (1956)

December 03, 2021
    Program No. 418

Welcome to RNJ's "Theater of the Mind," a special edition of The Sixth Hour hosted by RNJ News Director Brian Helix, and co-hosted by the always lovely and vivacious Sally Belle-Époque.  Join Brian and Sally as they introduce this premiere edition of the CBS Radio Workshop from 1956, featuring Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and featuring Mr. Huxley himself as narrator.  The dystopian future is a concept that has been around for quite awhile, and Huxley's version goes back to the novel by the same name that he published in 1932.  And Brian has chosen a letter that Huxley wrote to George Orwell in 1949, congratulating him on the publication of 1984, to serve as the introduction.  Welcome to "Theater of the Mind."  We hope you like it.  If you do, it will encourage Brian and Sally to continue rummaging around in the RNJ archives for other gems, just like this.


Dr. Carrie Madej: "The Frankenstein Code: These Are Not Vaccines!"

December 02, 2021
    Program No. 417

Dr. Carrie Madej has become a folk hero of sorts, and as with so many of the medical professionals who have ventured out on a limb by condemning the whole vaccine-depopulation agenda, she has made a nice little career out of telling what she knows to the public, which she does in this presentation.  Humanity 2.0? We've heard about it from David Icke, and the likes of Elon Musk, but there is perhaps no one who ties it all into the medical science and then explains it in layman's terms the way Dr. Carrie Madej does. "The Frankenstein Code: These Are Not Vaccines!" Sounds like one of those old American International Pictures horror flicks from the '50's. And perfect fare for the RNJ Drive In.  So, grab a box of popcorn, a hot dog and a Dr. Pepper. It's showtime!          


The Father of the Vaccine and the Extinction of Human Beings

December 01, 2021
    Program No. 416

Time to return from the Kennedy assassination(s) and get an update on just what the Deep State has been up to in our own day and, as usual, it's nothing good.  Wil Paranormal reports the bloom is off the Trump rose, as The Donald seems to be making the best case right now as to why he shouldn't return to the White House.  He calls himself the "Father of the Vaccine" and that surely gives pause to those longing for the return of his administrative savvy. Frightening thought that we may just be served better at the moment by Democrat incompetence than by the man who made the economy run like a Swiss watch. Even Mussolini made the trains run on time. And then it's on to American Truth Media and more on the extinction of human beings and President Trump's complicity in it.  What do you know?  Turns out the light at the end of the tunnel is the Trump Train.   


Israel and the Assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers

November 30, 2021
    Program No. 415

No Mas! Chaplain Phil! No Mas! The Kennedy Assassinations! Please! The JFK assassination has already become the stale turkey sandwich of this Thanksgiving Season, and now you're going to subject us to more? Wait a minute. Israel, you say? Those boys really did manage to piss off just about everyone, didn't they? And, so, in the long run, and as the shifting sands of time skew our political perspective more and more into neutral, we realize that the elephant in the room in this classic documentary by Laurent Guyénot is the good ol' CIA, as usual.  You know, Goebbels would be proud of these philosophical offspring of his that run the Company.  Operation Mockingbird takes over the media and you can then take out everyone in your way.  And his brother.  Blame Israel and just don't mention that the Mossad is merely the other head of the eagle on the two-headed Nazi-American coin.  Listen and learn, mon ami. Like we used to say out in the country, "Never shit a shitter."   


Dark Legacy

November 29, 2021
    Program No. 414

Chaplain Phil just cannot let go of JFK Week, but that's ok: the result is this classic investigation into the role of George H.W. "Poppy" Bush in the Kennedy assassination.  Mediatime Network presents John Hankey's 2009 dynamite documentary that names names and goes into more detail on the subject of George Bush and his connection to so many sordid crimes, focusing particularly on the assassination of JFK.  Why did he name so many planes and boats after Barbara?  And nobody even mentions that she was the daughter of Alistair Crowley.  Oh the Bushes, the Bushes! Are they the Addams Family of American politics or what?  But all such musings aside, one must admit: it is a Dark Legacy.     


JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 6

November 26, 2021
    Program No. 351

It's JFK Week here on RNJ! And in memory of the late President Kennedy, we present this comprehensive report (in six parts) that pulls together all of the details, assembles them in the right order, and connects all of the dots.  It is, of course, all about power and money, and it is a sordid tale of crime and cover up in the highest places, with tentacles reaching deeply into the corruption that brought about two horrendous world wars in the last century, and which now has the third such "hoorah" armed and ready to launch in this one.  It's Nazis versus Commies in the new "Amerika" of the New World Order. The former threw the gauntlet down on that fateful day in Dallas. And the latter filled the void in the Democratic Party it created. The long term results of what happened that day were historic.  Just look around you.  There is no way out of a mess until you know how it is you got into it.  And that's why it's still important. 


JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 5

November 25, 2021
    Program No. 350


JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 4

November 24, 2021
    Program No. 349


JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 3

November 23, 2021
    Program No. 348


JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 2

November 22, 2021
    Program No. 347


JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 1

November 19, 2021
    Program No. 346


The Science of Spying (1965) | Cold War TV Documentary
November 18, 2021
    Program No. 413

Chaplain Phil exhumes this old documentary from the archives as a warm up to JFK Week, which officially begins tomorrow on RNJ.  We're going to rerun our epic six part series, "From JFK to 911: Everything is a Rich Man's Trick," as the perfect kick-off to the Holiday Season here in the new Amerika.  Youngsters should be sure to ask Mom and Pop if they can stay up late and listen to the tales and details concerning the original "Black Friday," November 22, 1963.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Tonight we have this classic propaganda piece from NBC, featuring a boyish John Chancellor, fronting for the Company as he looks America in the eye and lies so convincingly that he would end up replacing the vaunted Huntley and Brinkley one day; themselves masters of this same craft. They were all in on it, you know.  They just didn't tell us.  We'll fix that over the next six programs.      


The Big Lie. And What Is to Come for the Inoculated
November 17, 2021
    Program No. 412

Good Morning! It's later than you think, and this is a little wake-up call from Chaplain Phil. First off, it's "The Big Lie - How to Enslave the World."  Academy of Ideas is responsible for the ideas that you hear, and they are good ones; like what you need to know to not fall into the trap of Communism.  Timely advice considering that is exactly what is happening in America. The totalitarian, boot in the face, torture chamber crowd are always telling the ignorant that the solution to all of their problems is to trust in them instead of God.  Today's version is, "Roll up your sleeve!"  Tomorrow it will be, "Stick up your hands!" And speaking of getting stuck, Part Two is about a Greek Orthodox priest who did just that: he got the jab and there was hell to pay. Literally. "Father Savvas Agioritis: What is to Come for Those Who Are Inoculated."  Vaccines have eternal consequences. Die in Christ or live in tyranny should be an easy choice.  If it isn't, some serious prayer and contemplation are in order.  


Social Media, Mind Control and the CIA
November 16, 2021
    Program No. 411

From the JFK assassination to the current drama unfolding throughout the United States and the world, you can always count on the CIA to be at the eye of every shit storm.  DARPA invented the social media that Zuckerberg and his ilk front.  Just where and how the spider web connects between the Dark Military and the Company is intriguing food for thought, but beyond the scope of this program.  Instead we go historical and listen to the tales of Canadian mind control experiments posing as therapy for unwitting and already mentally disturbed Canadians.  And, yes, it is as horrible as it sounds.  


What Really Happened at CERN?
November 15, 2021
    Program No. 410

Pastors Chuck Missler and Charles Lawson explore the deeper and more profoundly troubling spiritual aspects of the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN, as we've come to know it.  For years now, there has been much heated discussion about just what it is CERN is for, and just what it is they might be conjuring up down there in the bowels of the earth, spinning particles around at near the speed of light, as Shiva watches over the proceedings.  A weird place for sure made even more so by tales of devils and demons spotted in the research, and even outside it, dedicating the Goddard Tunnel, and even sacrificing an alleged virgin right in front of the god of destruction himself. And leave it to Chaplain Phil, in light of recent programs, to point out that, dead or not, this is also where the internet was invented - and not in Al Gore's secret basement laboratory.  


Is the Internet the Matrix? Reflections on a Pop Culture Icon - Part 2
November 12, 2021
    Program No. 409

One more look at The Matrix finishes this week of exploring the reality of the internet - or lack thereof. If people paid as much attention to the real Christ as pop culture types of Christ like Neo, then the world likely would not be staring down into the maw of the abyss.  However, it is what it is, which is the one lesson that seems to elude The Matrix. If Jesus stood before Pilate today, he might just say that his kingdom is not of this reality.  Pilate would pose the question, "What is reality?"  When all that is false is stripped away, reality is what remains.  It is the Cross.  That is reality.  And it also answers the question, "What is Truth?"     


Is the Internet the Matrix? Reflections on a Pop Culture Icon - Part 1
November 11, 2021
    Program No. 408

Since its debut in 1999, the Wachowski brothers film The Matrix has become a metaphor for the electronic transformation of the world that is taking place all around us (and at breakneck speed!). And while the first film in the Matrix Trilogy explored such Christian themes as the Messianic Expectation and the redemption of the many through the sacrifice of the One, those that followed were focused on more far eastern themes, such as attaining Nirvana and the dissipation of the soul into a greater cosmic consciousness.  Why did the Wachowski brothers become transsexuals? And why do they look like guys from your dad's bowling team in wigs and dresses? The rabbit hole is not only deep but gets weirder the deeper you go.  And who better to point that out than Chaplain Phil? He's lit the torch.  Down we go!   


The Dead Internet Theory 2, Simulation Theory and the Butterfly Effect
November 10, 2021
    Program No. 407

It's Virtual Insanity revisited, as Chaplain Phil presents still more from All Time on the Dead Internet Theory. Has Google created a Potemkin Village out of the internet? Maybe we're not alone, but maybe there are way less of us (humans) and way more of them (AI bots) than we ever could have imagined. And as we disappear into the oblivion of the New World Order, who is to know if Facebook puts up a virtual cardboard cutout of those who have gone missing.  Hello? Is anybody there?    


The Dead Internet Theory
November 09, 2021
    Program No. 406

You know it's true because you saw it on the internet.  Right.  Well, actually, there is a strong case to be made that the internet has been transformed into something more fake and far more dangerous than we've ever imagined.  That's the basic theme that Chaplain Phil is exploring in this current series of programs, and the Dead Internet Theory provides a vital and provocative piece to the bigger puzzle.  Reality may well be far different than we suppose.  And the internet may well be destroying our basic understanding of what it even is. Based on another presentation by All Time, The Dead Internet Theory describes what puts the "dark" in Dark Academia, and why they don't call it the "web" for nothing.  


The Dangerous Worship of Dark Academia
November 08, 2021
    Program No. 405

Chaplain Phil returns and dives into the Dangerous Worship of Dark Academia.  That's actually a video done by All Time, and it tells all about this latest fad among college kids.  Except it's not like the old days, and a far cry from jamming the gang into a phone booth or a Volkswagen Beetle.  And while on the surface it may be all about natty earth tones and boarding school fashions, what runs underneath it all is what makes this one of the spookiest and most thought provoking editions of The Sixth Hour ever!


Apocalypse Imminent: Weather Warfare Collapsing the Biosphere
November 05, 2021

  Program No. 328


Possession Technology Run by Satanists: What Could Go Wrong?
November 04, 2021

  Program No. 258


The Wages of Our Sin: America's Fall to Communism with Brother Peter Dimond
November 03, 2021

  Program No. 230


Dr. Zelenko Straight Talks Israeli Politicians on Genocide
November 02, 2021

  Program No. 369


Project Blue Beam - The Fake Alien Invasion
November 01, 2021

  Program No. 322


Hidden History - Jesus, the Missing Years
October 29, 2021

  Program No. 334


ODD-TV - Doctor Sleep: Based on a True Story
October 28, 2021

  Program No. 243


Bill Gates Deleted Documentary: “Why  He Switched From Microsoft To Vaccines”
October 27, 2021

  Program No. 235


Jim Marrs' Final Interview - Part 2
October 26, 2021

  Program No. 367


Jim Marrs' Final Interview - Part 1
October 25, 2021

  Program No. 366


Simulated Reality Is Virtual Insanity, But the Cross of Christ Is Real
October 22, 2021

  Program No. 274


Fourth Reich Rising - Children of the Damned: The Darkest Nazi Legacy
October 21, 2021

  Program No. 306


Hidden History: The Ark and the Blood - The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant
October 20, 2021

  Program No. 320


Vatican Secret Archives: The History of Humanity Locked Away
October 19, 2021

  Program No. 267


Chronovisor - Device that Can View Past Events Hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives
October 18, 2021

  Program No. 248


Chaplain Phil vs. Mescalito & Spotlight: Clergy Orgies

October 15, 2021

  Program No. 404


RTV - Biden and Bergoglio: Even Black Lives Matter Has Had Enough
October 14, 2021

  Program No. 403


The Best of Chaplain Phil        Madness In the Fast Lane        Repeat of July 15, 2021   

October 13, 2021

  Program No. 339


The Venerable Fulton Sheen - The Devil

October 12, 2021

  Program No. 402


Dr. Arturo Chavez - The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

October 11, 2021

  Program No. 401


Darkness Into Light: Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Pilgrimage Experience

October 08, 2021

  Program No. 400


Our Lady of Guadalupe - Talk Given by Dennis Gaetano - Part 2

October 07, 2021

  Program No. 399


Our Lady of Guadalupe - Talk Given by Dennis Gaetano - Part 1

October 06, 2021

  Program No. 398


Our Lady of Guadalupe Documentary: Amazing Scientific Analysis! - Part 2

October 05, 2021

  Program No. 397


Our Lady of Guadalupe Documentary: Amazing Scientific Analysis! - Part 1

October 04, 2021

  Program No. 396


Chief Joseph Riverwind: Giants in America & Native American Bible Prophecy

October 01, 2021

  Program No. 395


NPS Crystal Power & Portals to Other Dimensions

September 30, 2021

    Program No. 394


Cannibalism and the Anasazi - Part 2

September 29, 2021

    Program No. 393


Cannibalism and the Anasazi - Part 1

September 28, 2021

    Program No. 392


NPS Idiocy and the Deeper Mysteries of Chaco Canyon

September 27, 2021

    Program No. 391


The Mystery of Chaco Canyon - Part 2

September 24, 2021

    Program No. 390


The Mystery of Chaco Canyon - Part 1

September 23, 2021

    Program No. 389


The Coming Convergence - Part 3

September 22, 2021

    Program No. 388


The Coming Convergence - Part 2

September 21, 2021

    Program No. 387


The Coming Convergence - Part 1

September 20, 2021

    Program No. 386


Mike Adams and Steve Quayle: The Imminent Catastrophic Collapse of America - Part 2

September 17, 2021

    Program No. 385


Mike Adams and Steve Quayle: The Imminent Catastrophic Collapse of America - Part 1

September 16, 2021

    Program No. 384


David Icke: Words in Your Head - How They Are Telling You to 'Get the Vaccine'

September 15, 2021

    Program No. 383


Adrenochrome and the Strange Case of Isaac Kappy

September 14, 2021

    Program No. 382


RFK Jr. Rips the Masks Off the COVIDIACS

September 13, 2021

    Program No. 381


Fourth Reich Rising - Hitler's Court

September 10, 2021

    Program No. 380


WTF Nibiru Report - Brian Interviews Bob Fletcher

September 09, 2021

 Program No. 379


Hidden History - Chuck Misler: Cosmic Codes

September 08, 2021

Program No. 378


The EVIL SPIRITS & The FALLEN ANGELS with Steve Quayle and Tim Alberino

September 07, 2021

Program No. 377


Audio of the Tribulation Video Everyone Must See - And More!

September 06, 2021

Program No. 376


   How The Antichrist Rises to Power

September 03, 2021

Program No. 375


Hidden History: The Vengeance of the Archangels

September 02, 2021

Program No. 374


        Hidden History: The Lost Tribes of Israel and Why It Matters   
September 01, 2021  

Program No. 373


David Icke: How They Are Killing You and Calling it  'Covid' - Part 2   
August 31, 2021

Program No. 372


David Icke: How They Are Killing You and Calling it 'Covid' - Part 1  
August 30, 2021

Program No. 371


Greg Caton Talks About the End Times and the Spiritual Realm With Mike Adams  
August 27, 2021

Program No. 370


Dr. Zelenko Straight Talks Israeli Politicians on Genocide 
August 26, 2021

Program No. 369


Deborah Tavares: LED Lights: A Silent Weapons Assault (Video)
August 25, 2021

Program No. 368


Jim Marrs' Final Interview - Part 2
August 24, 2021

Program No. 367


Jim Marrs' Final Interview - Part 1
August 23, 2021

Program No. 366


Inner Earth, Agartha and Admiral Byrd
August 20, 2021

Program No. 365


The Mothman of Point Pleasant  - Part 2
August 19, 2021

Program No. 364


The Mothman of Point Pleasant  - Part 1
August 18, 2021

Program No. 363


Chaplain Phil's Radio Time Machine - July 13, 1993 HOTT, Alex Loglia "Vaccines" - Part 2
August 17, 2021

Program No. 362


Chaplain Phil's Radio Time Machine - July 13, 1993 HOTT, Alex Loglia "Vaccines" - Part 1
August 16, 2021

Program No. 361


Psychedelics and Consciousness - The Gateway to Other Dimensions

August 13, 2021

Program No. 360


Fourth Reich Rising - From Major Jordan's Diaries - Part 2

August 12, 2021

Program No. 359


Fourth Reich Rising - From Major Jordan's Diaries - Part 1

August 11, 2021

Program No. 358


Fourth Reich Rising - Invasion on Chestnut Ridge - Part 2

August 10, 2021

Program No. 357


Fourth Reich Rising - Invasion on Chestnut Ridge - Part 1

August 09, 2021

Program No. 356


Hidden History - Mystery of the Serpent - Part 2

August 06, 2021

Program No. 355


Hidden History - Mystery of the Serpent - Part 1

August 05, 2021

Program No. 354


Fourth Reich Rising - Rise Of The Rothschilds - Part 2

August 04, 2021

Program No. 353


Fourth Reich Rising - Rise Of The Rothschilds - Part 1

   August 03, 2021

Program No. 352


Fourth Reich Rising - JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 6

   August 02, 2021

Program No. 351


Fourth Reich Rising - JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 5

        July 30, 2021
Program No. 350


Fourth Reich Rising - JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 4

        July 29, 2021
Program No. 349


Fourth Reich Rising - JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 3

        July 28, 2021
Program No. 348


Fourth Reich Rising - JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 2

        July 27, 2021
Program No. 347


Fourth Reich Rising - JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick - Part 1

        July 26, 2021
Program No. 346


O Fortuna! Chat of the Titans! Coffin Interviews Voris!

        July 23, 2021
Program No. 345


How Bad Is It? Stew Peters Interviews Dr. David Martin

        July 22, 2021
Program No. 344


And We Know: The Calm Before the Storm

        July 21, 2021
Program No. 343