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July, 2022

July 29, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 580

This is Sally Belle-Époque. First of all, let me begin by expressing my deep thanks to Brian Helix and Chaplain Phil for their contributions to this week long look we've been able to take into the New Age Movement and all of its dark implications. It seems like we're always going our own separate ways, and doing our own separate things, which, I have to admit, has resulted in some awesome projects and programs. However, this week has proven that when we combine our efforts, the whole ends up exceeding the sum of its parts, and we all benefit from that, including and especially you the listeners. And so we conclude this week with this lecture from college professor Dr. Lyell Asher in which he is going to explain to you just how it is that the "Woke" movement took over the college and university campuses, how this is transforming society, and why you should be alarmed about it. There are many faces to the New Age revolution, and "Woke" is merely one of them, just as politics is only one part of the greater agenda of world domination. Those to whom we have entrusted the arbitration of truth, the definition of justice, and the passing on of knowledge itself, have betrayed us to the most sinister and vile of political conspiracies; an international, globalist communism that is about to engulf the world in a darkness previously unknown. It is disturbing that Dr. Asher addresses the issues so eloquently in worldly terms, while his own blindness to the spiritual dimension speaks more than he does as to how the academic world fell into such circumstances as these. Perhaps more disturbing still is the greater truth that as the colleges and universities became this godless, no one seemed to notice. Or care.

July 28, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 579

Return of "The Christ:" Freemasonry and the New Age

While it is all the political controversy that always swirled around Bill Cooper that garnered the lion's share of the attention he received, it is actually the spiritual and religious controversy that is the root cause of it all, and no one knew that better than he did. The dark tone that characterizes these old Hour of the Time broadcasts comes from your host's in depth knowledge of just how all pervasive and persistent the devil is in his many guises and dealings with hapless humanity, and by this point late in his career, his world weariness and frustration at the futility of it all are unmistakable and undeniable. From his mountain top home in Eagar, Arizona, Bill Cooper peered across the gulf of time, looked down upon the crumbling United States of America, and saw no Promised Land flowing with milk and honey, but only an arid and barren wasteland, devoid of God, and with the few remaining humans enslaved and the rest exterminated. Tonight, we learn that New Age spirituality is merely Freemasonry for the great unwashed horde. It is the captivating lie that seizes the children of God and leads them, Pied Piper like, to the same doom and destruction that has always befallen the human rats who turn from Him and chase after the filth of the pagan gods, gurus, and shamans. That this is the path America has chosen is undeniable, and the consequences for doing so are unavoidable. Bill Cooper was thought to be a political commentator who said prophetic things. More accurately, he was a prophet who commented on politics. And he was right. Look around you: "Behold a Pale Horse."

July 27, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 578

Spirituality Vs Religion: The Rise of the New Age - Part Two

Perhaps the greatest takeaway from last night's program was the frightening truth of how good the devil is at what he does, and this as evidenced by the fact that he can make seemingly sensible people fall for the most outrageous things. Like Eve in the garden, it's always this obvious, and yet humanity falls for it every time. Even the basic events that transpired concerning Jesus at the cross are denied by the sensible "experts" the Church produces, and the entire idea behind the deposit of faith being rooted in an historical event, witnessed and agreed upon collectively by apostles who subsequently gave their lives for it, has been discarded by the very sensible learned ones who took vows always to protect it. It's little wonder faith has withered and died out in our society, for it withered and died out within the Church a long time ago, and the former is, after all, merely a reflection of the latter. And one should not be surprised at the vile behavior we witness in public in the society around us, for it is no different than what has been done behind closed doors within the churches. Priests sworn to Jesus have anointed his youth with the anointing of Satan, and have done so upon the very altar of Christ itself. That is the depth of our sin, and that is why these perverted, pagan, demon cults have arisen in our midst, for in the end we are no different. Yet in the midst of this, Jesus remains with us. And what the devil has wrought, and man is incapable of fixing, Jesus can and He will. Ponder the rise of the New Age, but do so knowing that it also falls. And sooner is a more likely bet than later. We commence now with Part Two of Spirituality Versus Religion: The Rise of the New Age.

July 26, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 577

From the Garden of Eden to the rise of the New World Order, the struggle of good against evil that has gripped humanity over these past millennia has been many things, but no one can say that it has been boring. And you certainly won't say that after you hear this presentation that we have for you over the next two nights. As we progress through this new century, we are beginning to realize that the retreat of Christianity as a positive force in the world in the past two left a much larger cultural void than had been anticipated. And filling this breech has been the rise of a so-called "New Spiritual Awakening" that is just as ridiculous as the likes of a Madame Balavatsky or an Aleister Crowley and yet, at the same time, just as strangely compelling as the demons that possessed them. No sensible person would fall for such rubbish as this, yet, as Barnum showed so often and so well, the sensible person is often a commodity in short supply. And they are no bargain when they are around, as it was sensible people who cried out for Barabbas, and it was sensible people who brought Hitler to power. And it's not like sensible people can be relied upon in a spiritual crisis, as they have no sense of the otherworldly, which is exactly why they are perceived to be so sensible to begin with. That's why, when you take such sensible people and put them in charge of the Church and the governments of the world, the devil has a field day. Oh LORD, save us from such sensible people! As for the rest of you, hear now, "Spirituality Versus Religion: The Rise of the New Age." Here is Part One.

July 25, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 576

This is Sally Belle-Époque. A few weeks ago, on a program we called, "Spiritual Sasquatch and the Evolution of Consciousness," I introduced you to two women, Jessica and Tonia, who call themselves the "Cryptid Huntress" and the "Existential Empath." The point we sought to make with this program was that, as crazy as this stuff all sounds, there are millions of gullible souls out there who believe in it, and the transformation that this has brought to American culture over the course of merely a couple of generations has been stunning, unstoppable and, perhaps most disturbing of all, silent. When Christianity has been discarded and discounted as the cultural norm, and as a way of life, and at the highest levels of society, this is what filters down and fills the void. Beginning tonight, and continuing all week, you're going to hear how this all happened, and you'll be told what it all means, by the best commentators we could find on this subject. We begin tonight with, "New Age Spirituality, USA: Gurus, Healers and Shamans." Jessica and Tonia, and all the others swept up in this cult, weren't born that way, they were made this way, and tonight you'll hear how. Then tomorrow night, and the next night thereafter, it will be Brian's turn, as he'll be your host for, "Spirituality Vs. Religion: The Rise of the New Age." Then on Thursday, Chaplain Phil will present a classic Hour of the Time with Bill Cooper titled, "Return of 'The Christ:' Freemasonry and the New Age." And, wrapping up the week, our guest will be Dr. Lyell Asher, who will speak on "Why Colleges Are Becoming Cults." Call your friends and give a shout out to the neighbors to be sure and tune in to RNJ all this week, as we break down the rise of the "New Age" on "old school" Catholic Pirate Radio! It begins now with, "New Age Spirituality, USA: Gurus, Healers and Shamans."

July 22, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 575

After all of the hard work we've had you doing this week sorting out the dirty linen of past generations, we thought you deserved a treat. And so we have provided it in the form of this presentation from the Doomsday series the History Channel did back in 2016, appropriately titled, "Volcanic Hyper Eruption." Here is yet another example of the many ways in which God has the upper hand and holds all the cards, yet it occurs not at all to post-Christian man that we would do well to curry His favor the way the ancients did. At least some of them. And not all of the time. Come to think of it, we wouldn't be in this mess at all if the ancients, in their supposed wisdom, hadn't deviated so drastically and so often from the stated ways of the Almighty. And I suppose one need look no further for the evidence of this than the ruins of all the previous cultures that lie in the rubble beneath our own. It is only a matter of time, they say, before the Yellowstone Caldera blows, and this presentation of what that would be like is both awesome and terrifying. Whether a rogue planet, a coronal mass ejection from the sun, or Yellowstone Park blowing its top, we learn from this series that if God wants to bring His judgment down upon us, He has numerous devastating options with which to do it. And when you factor in the hubris, evil and stupidity of man, you realize we are just begging to get them all at once. That's what it is we keep trying to tell you. It's Doosmday: The Perfect Storm Approaches. And we've got it all for you, right here on RNJ.

July 21, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 574

Learning about the Italian Masonic Scandal is a good way to understand just why the Catholic Church has been behaving in these bizarre ways for the last century or so, not to mention the United States of America. Why were Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan both shot? And what about all of these supposed links to the Mafia, the CIA, the P2 Lodge and the Vatican?  John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Michele Sindona, Licio Gelli, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, Roberto Calvi, Richard Nixon, John Connally and Alexander Haig may all be household names from another time, but understanding who they were, what they did, and how they were interconnected is vital to understanding the seemingly curious things transpiring in our world today. And isn't it also curious that former CIA Director, then Vice President, and later President, George Bush, somehow has a hand in everything from the Bay of Pigs, to Dealey Plaza, to these two shootings? Government by crazed lone gunman became a way of life in America and in the world in his day, yet nothing slowed the march of the New World Order in the late 20th century more than these two botched hit jobs did. And every patsy from Lee Harvey Oswald, to John Hinckley Jr., to Mehmet Ali Ağca is a window into the conspiracies, and conspirators, behind them. Mae Brussell was not the first to peer through these dirty windows and tell the world what she saw, but she did her home work as well as anybody, and established a methodology that accurately connected the dots and told the story. All who have followed her have benefited from her tenacity and talent in this regard, and if one wants to understand what the role of the citizen-journalist is in society, or should be, she's the poster girl for it.

July 20, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 573

Before there was Bill Cooper, before there was Art Bell, before there was Alex Jones, and before there was RNJ, there was Mae Brussell. And tonight and tomorrow night we are going to continue, and complete, this Mae Brussell trifecta, with this two part report on the P2 Masonic Lodge Scandal in Italy that names the names, and makes all the connections, so you can get an idea just how complex and complicated all of these evil machinations really were. And at the heart of it all is the CIA and an international band of Nazi and Neo-Nazis co-conspirators, collaborators and thugs who supposedly don't exist, yet leave their dirty fingerprints on everything they touch. Which is pretty much everything, including and especially the Vatican Bank. The key to listening to Mae is to filter out her conclusions from the raw facts she's reporting. Left Coasters have always had that perspective, and her's sometimes degenerates into the realm of evil fascist Republicans versus the supposed benevolence, and imagined natural goodness, of the counter-cultural California Marxist-socialism of that time. History has shown us that the Commies are no better bargain than the Nazis, and the America that everyone once loved and praised was an America that recognized both of these ideologies as the evils they are, while seeking, with God's help, to be something higher and better. Ronald Reagan always spoke lovingly of that America. And if he wasn't really for it, then why did they shoot him in the first place?

July 19, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 572

On recent programs, we've been exploring the seminal events that transpired in the Church and the world during the late 1970's and into the early 1980's. We continue in this vein over the next three nights, as we take Chaplain Phil's Radio Time Machine back to the year 1981, and explore the phenomenon that was Mae Brussell. Mae was a complacent housewife back when JFK was assassinated in 1963, but that day in Dallas woke her up like it did Chaplain Phil and a lot of other people. Mae decided she was going to find out just what the hell was going on in this country, and the result was this somewhat bizarre and legendary radio career, played out on a couple of those weird little independent local stations that used to dot the rugged California coastline. In this time before the computer, Mae was an expert researcher and cross referencing whiz; it was something she considered to be her special gift, and she used it to pull together sources and information in a way that always seemed to flush the most truth out of whatever topic she was covering. This also meant exposing the lies that others were telling about it, especially the government and the media. Over the next three nights, we're going to listen as Mae connects the dots between the assassination attempts on President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II back in 1981. If you want to understand what's really happening now, you have to know what was actually happening back then, and Mae's just the girl who can do that for you. And so it is with that thought in mind we present, from April 5, 1981, Mae Brussell: The Assassination Attempt on Ronald Reagan.

July 18, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 571

Tonight, we are pleased to be able to bring you Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection. Looking into the way that Bill Clinton ran Arkansas when he was governor back in the 80's provides all the insight you need if you want to understand just how corrupt his presidency was back in the 90's. Tonight you will hear tales of murder, mayhem, graft and corruption at an unprecedented level, and with a boldness that defies the imagination. For over forty years, they have created and committed some of the most heinous political crimes in the history of this country, and it may truly be said that, with friends like Bill and Hillary, one needs no enemies. The proof of this is to be found in the numerous body bags containing some of their closest friends and associates, like Vince Foster and Ron Brown. And most disturbing of all is the fact that these things have been public knowledge all this time and nothing has ever come of it. Not one indictment, not one arrest, and not one day of time served. Our special thanks go out to Alien Demonic Deception 24 for making this important piece of history available on Youtube. And don't be surprised if you click on the links we've provided and it's not there. If it is, download it, and upload it, and keep the message moving out to America and the world that it's either the Clintons or us. Some people have been so disturbed by them that they've committed suicide by shooting themselves five times. You'll hear all about it, and much more, in what has become a true underground classic: Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection.

July 15, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 570

No better way to cap this week than with a visit from the late Father Vincent Miceli, the man who wrote what many consider to be the definitive Catholic work on the Antichrist, a book by that very title which was published in 1981. This talk must be from shortly after that time, and we discover that Fr. Miceli has that uncanny knack for seeing into our time from his that we've been noticing a lot lately. Prophecy isn't dead, it merely has its voice stifled by a Church hierarchy living so far outside the bounds of anything resembling discipleship to Christ that they don't want you to hear any truth about who they really are, and what it is they really do. This surely dispels the myth that they just don't know any better, for they do, and that's what makes the sin of the postmodern Church so heinous, for it is also conscious. It's easy to point to the postconciliar Church as an example of simple human incompetence and malfeasance run amok, but there is also a much darker and more sinister aspect to all of this, and it is rooted in the rise of the Antichrist taking place in our midst, and made possible by the enthronement of Lucifer in the Vatican. The removal of Christ in His Real Presence from the Church, taking place now in the form of a "new ecumenism," forged with the Protestant heretics, sets the stage for history's final showdown. In short, the shit has been thrown, and the fan is running.

July 14, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 569

Father Chad Ripperger is always an intense and interesting person to listen to, and that is especially true when he is presenting the prophecies of our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. Since the beginning of the Church Age, she has been the "go to" prophetic voice for her Son upon this planet, and her message has never been more on target than it is in this world that is racing towards its final judgment. What you are about to hear is a presentation Father Ripperger did back in 2017, in which he relates the prophetic nature of Our Lady's visions and apparitions, including Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of LaSallette, and Our Lady of Akita. Perhaps most interesting is the way Our Lady speaks to the events that have happened since this time, which means you will have to keep reminding yourself this is from five years ago and not the present. Her warnings concerning the breakdown of faith, and the breakdown of civilization that it causes, have so far gone unheeded. And the window of opportunity for repentance and reconciliation with God through Christ is closing. That's what her view of our times teaches, and if her warnings continue to go unheeded, then there will be hell to pay. And she always presents hell as real eternal torment and not a symbol or a metaphor. Heaven doesn't seem to pay any attention to the modernist theologians. Perhaps that's because they don't have any there.

July 13, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 568

Like we've been saying, nobody sells Doomsday like the History Channel, and tonight's program is based upon an entry in a series they did by that very name. There's been a lot of talk for years about the vulnerability of the antique grid that supplies America's electrical power. And this for good reason, since the private utility companies are much more inclined to pay dividends to stockholders than make upgrades to equipment that looks like props left over from the filming of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Most of the talk of "hardening the grid" has been just that, and if a summer thunderstorm can still put the lights out, imagine what a mass coronal ejection hitting the earth could accomplish. That did happen back in a time when all there was to fry were the telegraph lines, and that was bad enough. You and your neighbors losing power for a few hours on a stormy summer night is an inconvenience, but the whole world losing power indefinitely is the end of the world as we know it. That's the premise of this program, and it takes you from the first alert that something is amiss with the sun to the final gasp of human civilization upon the earth. It is a wild and bumpy last ride to say the least, and the experts say it's not a matter of "if," but "when." And when one considers that this is merely one naturally induced, end of civilization scenario among many, then one realizes that writing God out of history may have been a little premature.

July 12, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 567

Russ Dizdar's death from Covid 19 "or something" in October of 2021 was as controversial as the man was himself. Like the late Phil Schneider, guys that probe the depths of man's depravity like this tend to end up dead under mysterious circumstances. I guess we could call these circumstances "Arkancide by Covid" for lack of a better term. The Black Awakening refers to the coming revelation of just how deep, dark, dirty and evil things really are in this world, and for Russ Dizdar, the weaponizing of the forces of evil against humankind pretty much summed that up. From demonically controlled "super soldiers" to Satanic rituals practiced at the highest levels of power, the tentacles of evil have reached their way in to seize every aspect of human life, and the only thing left for hapless mankind is to realize the futility of it all and so succumb to it. That's the Great Deception in a nutshell, and at its heart is the lie that Christ can't deliver you from it. Russ Dizdar didn't believe that lie and neither should you. When someone dies for revealing evil by shining the Light of Christ upon it, then remember that the evil ones can only kill us, they cannot take our lives. And a Black Awakening in this world is only the first step towards eternity in the next. Spend an hour with Russ Dizdar and let us know if he's not the most unusual person you run into today. If he's not, we'll try to have that person on next week.

July 11, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 566

Knowing God - An Extraterrestrial Message - Chuck Missler

After a week of History Channel histrionics, we thought we owed you this visit with Bible teacher extraordinaire, Chuck Missler. As you listen, imagine Chuck sitting in the Elaine Pagels, resident expert chair for Bible Secrets Revealed and you'll figure out our motivation for doing this. And it is purely imagination, as commercial TV in the 21st century would never stand for teaching like this that demonstrates the utter reality of the Bible, and the eternal truth of Christ, though you have to admit, if they really wanted some drama over at the History Channel, Chuck could provide it. Pay particular attention to his explanation of the structure of the cosmos, because it is as sound and simple as you'll find anywhere, and once you grasp the electrical nature of the universe around you, and begin to see into the mind of God, you'll never think of the world again in the same way. Your Creator wants to let you in on a little secret: nothing is what it appears to be, and He's in charge of everything. Call it a simulation or a cosmic video game, reality is what He makes it, and inside of you He has placed the tools to perceive it so as to overcome it. If you truly belong to Christ, you already know what I mean, and if you don't, no amount of explaining, even by as gifted a teacher as Chuck Missler, will convince you. That's not a judgment mind you, just an observation.   

July 08, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 565

Bible Secrets Revealed concludes tonight with this final episode called "Mysterious Prophecies," which is what most of you have been waiting for, now isn't it? Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the Book of Revelation itself, and all the carnage and mayhem of the last days that they describe, and it's now setting up and taking place all around us, and in no uncertain terms. Say what you will, nobody sells Doomsday like the History Channel, and surely our intrepid team of scholars must have been encouraged by the producers to see La Mano Poderosa, the All Powerful Hand of God Himself, at work in all of this. But undaunted by the thunderous sound and awesome visual effects, each continues to speak ex cathedra from the chair of whatever professorship he or she holds, as if with this position of imagined authority comes the superior knowledge that this is all just nonsense, put down in writing by ignorant and primitive people, lacking the perspective of a college education. That last part is certainly true enough, but by now you should be seeing that as a distinct advantage when it comes to understanding God, rather than some sort of a crucial lack of knowledge. Knowing wrong things doesn't help much when the chips are down and real things are staring one right in the face. And if the Catholic Church has joined the Gnostics, know that Jesus hasn't and He'll come back and deal with all of this Himself if we won't. In the end, that's what the apocalypse is all about, and that's the part they don't teach you at university. See? I told you at the outset we were along for a reason.

July 07, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 564

If the scholarly types were going to continually rain on God's parade, then the folks at the History Channel in charge of this production had to inject some controversy and drama into this project, or nobody would be around to see this "The Real Jesus" episode, which is why they spent the big money and brought in Elaine Pagels. At least that's the way we have it figured. Dr. Pagels has spent more time at Princeton than the children of Israel spent in the wilderness, and she has staked her fame, and built her fortune, on pushing the Gnostic cult that produced the Nag Hammadi scrolls, which actually aren't scrolls at all but codices. Now the Gnostics were heretics and suppressed by the Catholic Church of their day, which didn't encourage such heresies the way the Church of Pope Francis does. When heretics and heretical writings were burned, and the heresy so eliminated, one might suppose that the Church had good reason for doing so. It was certainly assumed so then. And when that heresy is released back into the world through the academic community, particularly through big, name brand universities like Princeton, then people tend to believe it and discard orthodoxy as if it were the heresy. Next thing you know, Jesus is married to Mary Magdalene, they're grooming children for sex at school, and Catholics are wondering how Vatican II made our priests and bishops gay. As you listen keep all that in mind, and you'll figure out in a hurry why the Gnostics were suppressed to begin with.    

July 06, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 563

The idea of "Forbidden Scriptures" is something of a misnomer. And not making the canon of the Bible is not the same as being condemned. Keep that in mind as you listen. The "catholization" or "universalizing" of the Church, which took place beginning in the 4th century, was for the purpose of bringing the traditions based upon the teachings of the individual apostles back into line with what was accepted by all to be the true teachings of Jesus as given to the disciples collectively. Forming a common Scripture was a monumental task that was hammered out over three councils, and the final result is as much a human marvel as it is a divine revelation. Hence all the controversy. Apocryphal works like the books of Enoch, the Adam and Eve stories, and the pseudepigrapha ascribed to various patriarchs and apostles, were surely better known in their own day than in ours, and the idea that all ignorance was dispelled concerning all of this literature during the 19th and 20th centuries was poppycock then and now. And the false teaching that the Church Fathers were merely charlatans out to fool the world into believing in Jesus for their own gain is an outgrowth of the "God Is Dead" nonsense of the 1960's, as well as the "paganization" of Christianity that has been pushed by Gnostic scholars like Elaine Pagels and her students. Students of history, who are also students of Jesus, know better.

July 05, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 562

Tonight we continue with Bible Secrets Revealed, which more accurately could be called "What the Bible Says if you Actually Read It." Jesus was right when he said that there was nothing hidden that would not be revealed, but if most of what you hear about tonight is hidden, it is hiding in plain sight. The stories of the Bible are important because they are just that: stories. Collectively, they tell the larger story of the origin of our Western, Christian civilization, and do so without a self conscious need for justification, and certainly with no sense of having to provide historical proofs so that the reader will believe. That's the test the secularized, modernist scholars decided to apply, and it assumes that if God does not subscribe to scientific norms, and submit Himself to historical method, then they will just have to assume He does not exist, and write Him out of His own history. The rebellion against God that we witness all around us in this world, was, in this way, fostered, fomented and introduced into society through the academic community, which has a long track record in denying God's Truth in favor of a pseudo-scientific method of inquiry which is rigged to do just that. In the end, one either believes or one doesn't, and there is nothing in the archaeological record that either proves or disproves anything spiritual. And whenever you hear a lack of evidence cited as evidence for anything, then know that the scholar so-called is deviating from sound historical method, not employing it. Historians have a name for this technique: it's called "bullshitting."

July 04, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 561

Bible Secrets Revealed: Hidden Messages of the Holy Book

If there is one thing one can say about the Holy Bible it's that everyone has an opinion about it, and no two of these opinions are alike. That alone demonstrates how difficult it is to "reveal" the secrets of the Bible, but that alone is certainly not enough to dissuade the intrepid folks at the History Channel from trying. It has long been said that fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and that is certainly applicable here. The producers' select committee on the Bible, who provide the expert commentary, are all scholars with exceptional reputations in the academic world, and they were obviously all selected so as to get the message across with minimal offense to the History Channel sponsors, which is always the goal when the subject is controversial. Perhaps it is commentary on the dearth of quality programming of this type to say that this is as good as it gets, but that does seem to be the case. And, that being said, fear not, for you will be entertained. If you keep in mind that biblical scholars don't get to be biblical scholars by professing their love for Jesus, then you'll keep the upper hand on perspective necessary to benefit from this material. Bible Secrets Revealed begins tonight with "Hidden Messages of the Holy Book," and we will continue with additional episodes from this series for the balance of the week. As for keeping the scholars honest, that's what we're along for.

July 01, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 560

Father Gregory Hesse was perhaps the most outspoken critic of the postconcilliar Church this side of Father Malchi Martin, and like Father Martin, Father Hesse is also no longer with us, as he passed away in 2006 due to complications from diabetes. In this talk, Father Hesse is going to explain to you just exactly what it is that went wrong with the Church prior to the council; what it was that set the stage for this debacle that has now brought us to the time of Pope Francis and the Great Apostasy. Few commentators like to navigate in these waters and rock the boat of the Catholic Traditionalists, who like to think the Barque of Peter was sailing along without any issues until the Beast of Vatican II suddenly raised its ugly heads up out of the waters of history. Communists, Freemasons and homosexuals were being infiltrated into the Church for generations before this manifested itself in the form of a council designed at its heart to transform the Church into this abomination that maketh desolate that stands in the Holy Place today. We wouldn't be in this predicament had the preconcilliar popes not had feet of clay, just as their postconcilliar counterparts, who are the ones so often and so vociferously criticized. Turns out there is plenty of blame to go around and lots of folks are deserving of a share of it. And in this conference that you'll hear tonight, Father Hesse doesn't hesitate to dish it out to all whom are deserving.               

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Chaplain Phil grew up listening to alternative points of view, and the underground perspective, that characterized late night AM and shortwave radio in the 1960's.  In the cold winter months following the events that transpired in Dallas on November 22, 1963, he came to realize that the death of President Kennedy represented an even deeper and more profound tragedy - the death of the nation. In the summer of 1964, he read None Dare Call It Treason by John Stormer and understood how this had come to pass.  He was 10 years old.

Through the ensuing years, he has followed the flow of free information, as what we now call the "mainstream media" banished independent Christian broadcasting, and honest political thought, from the AM band to shortwave, then to the internet, and now, in the face of internet censorship, back to shortwave.  After a lifetime of listening, he now feels the time has come to speak.  His message is simple.  We are living in a godless false reality created for the purpose of destroying most of us and enslaving the rest.

The time of Revelation is here. Take heart.  For what is being revealed is the eternal truth of Jesus Christ.

Brian Helix - News Director

As one of the BBC's "Young Lions," Brian Helix was known for his honest reporting and take no prisoners attitude towards the truth.  He is an expert on conspiracies and the theories thereof, both modern and classic, and a top flight investigative journalist.  He brings these talents along with his many others to the post of News Director here at RNJ.


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Pirate radio or a pirate radio station is a radio station that broadcasts without a valid license.  Catholic Pirate Radio is broadcast without the official sanction or approval of the Catholic Church, any of its connected agencies or organizations, or any member of its hierarchical structure (bishops, cardinals, pope, etc.).

Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio
"You see, God expects His people to do the ridiculous so
He can do the miraculous." - Mother Angelica
Father Coughlin
Father of Pirate Radio

    Mother Angelica: Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio

Mother Mary Angelica founded the EWTN television network, and, more significantly for my purposes here, WEWN, a global shortwave broadcast service with transmitters located in Irondale, Alabama.  In the 1990's, Mother Angelica became one of the most dominant Christian voices on the shortwave bands, and WEWN a torch that beamed her message of the truth of believing and faithful Catholicism across the nation and the world.  She was a major influence concerning my conversion to the Catholic Faith in 2002, and it is truthful to say that my formation as a Catholic took place with her over many nights of listening to the most powerful voice on 41 meters.  She gets much credit for her pioneering work in Catholic television, while her savvy for international shortwave broadcasting goes largely unheralded and is just as significant.  It made her a worldwide voice for the faith rather than just an American phenomenon, and paved the way for the globalization of EWTN.

Mother Angelica earned the title of Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio when she publicly took on and disputed the apostate Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Cardinal Mahony, concerning the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  While Mahony was unleashing his wrath upon Mother all the way to Rome, it should also be noted that he retreated quickly and issued a statement taking offense at her for daring to question his belief in the Real Presence.  Thanks to Mother's widespread and profound media influence, I'm sure a lot of bishops, cut from the same cloth as Mahoney, also thought twice about peddling the "Spirit of Vatican II" nonsense in an overt way that might end up on TV.         

Here's some vintage Mother for you: 
I’m so tired of you liberal Church in America! And everything you’ve ever done has gone in silence. Nothing, nothing you’ve done – from your witchcraft to your enneagrams to your centering prayer to all this ‘earth spirituality’ to replacing holy water with sand to destroying our churches and closing churches that are viable and ready to go…no, this is not an accident. We’ve swallowed this now for thirty years. I’m tired of it. We have swallowed enough of your idea of God! You have, really, no God, no dogma, no doctrine, and no authority, because the only authority in the Catholic Church is our Holy Father and the Magisterium, and you have disclaimed that. You don’t believe in the Eucharist, you don’t believe in the Immaculate Conception, you don’t believe in the Virgin Birth, you don’t believe in Mary’s power of intercession, you don’t believe in religious life, you don’t believe in being a spouse of Christ! You do believe in teaching to little children in the third grade sex education, you do believe in forcing centering prayer and forcing inclusive language upon us, and now you depict Jesus as a woman?!  You’re sick!
Nothing to add to that.  As a layman, my duty as a Catholic is to point out these things just as it was Mother's duty as a religious - a Carmelite nun.  She taught me well.  It's time for Catholic Pirate Radio, the next generation.

    Father Charles Coughlin: Father of Pirate Radio

In 1926, Father Charles Coughlin first took to the airwaves on WJR radio in Detroit to denounce the Ku Klux Klan, which had recently burned crosses on the grounds of his parish.  Turning to politics in 1929, Father Coughlin quickly became a dominant and highly influential radio voice on the CBS network, with a weekly listening audience estimated at 30,000,000 during the peak of his popularity in the early 1930's.  While at first a fervent supporter of the policies and person of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, his views became more controversial and his rhetoric more strident as the Great Depression lingered on.  By 1936, he was expressing a viewpoint that was anti-capitalist and anti-socialist, and invoked no little controversy by expressing a certain sympathy concerning the fascism of Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler.  He was accused of anti-Semitism based upon this and his searing critique of the European Jewish banking establishment, which he sought to qualify as follows: 

My purpose is to help eradicate from the world its mania for persecution, to help align all good men, Catholic and Protestant, Jew and Gentile, Christian and non-Christian, in a battle to stamp out the ferocity, the barbarism and the hate of this bloody era. I want the good Jews with me, and I'm called a Jew baiter, an anti-Semite.

My point here is not to speak out for or against Father Coughlin and his political opinions, but merely to point to him as an early example of the efforts to censor and silence unpopular viewpoints.  He remains the textbook example of church and state teaming up to remove from public influence someone deemed too controversial to have his views heard by the great unwashed masses of the general public.  The Roosevelt Administration determined a priori that the First Amendment did not apply to radio broadcasting, and new regulations and restrictions were created specifically to remove Father Coughlin from the airwaves.  For the first time, public broadcasters had to obtain a permit and seek approval to speak on the air, and this was the impetus for those who refused to do so taking to the airwaves in protest: the birth of pirate radio.  While Father Coughlin was able to circumvent his banishment from network broadcasting by buying airtime on local stations, his reach and influence were drastically reduced.  In 1942 he was ordered to remove himself from public life by Bishop Edward Aloysius Mooney.  He complied without complaint and spent the remainder of his career as parish priest at the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan.  He retired from active ministry in 1966.


Welcome to our broadcast facilities here at RNJ.  This is where Chaplain Phil and our crew make the magic happen.  Stars of the Show are a Sweetwater Studio Computer powering Jean and Ginger, two 1950 Canadian Philips Table Radios that serve as broadcast monitors. That's Ginger on the right channel, and Jean on the left. Auxilliary Computer is "Old Faithful," a 2009 Hewlett Packard (that's like about a 1930 model in American Tube Radio Years (ATRY). You'll also notice three communication receivers, two 1959 Hallicrafters S-108's and a 1947 National NC 57. Standby monitors include a 1937 Coronado 725 and 1953 Philco 53-960. It's all sorted out through a Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer.  Our antenna array (not shown) is an 80 foot sloping copper long wire antenna, fastened to a Royal Palm and running from there to the studio.