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December, 2022

December 31, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 430

New Year's Eve at RNJ - 1984 - Lux Radio Theater - 1955

Happy New Year! Gather 'round the crackling fire with Brian and Sally, as they ring in the new year in the new Christmas sweaters they got for each other, drinking David Icke's killer egg nog, and listening to -- you guessed it -- smooth jazz.  But that's only a warm up for what they have in store once you folks have joined the party.  Then it's on to our traditional retelling of that most cautionary of all cautionary tales, George Orwell's 1984.  It is "Theater of the Mind" at it's finest, and with a twist, as this version of 1984 is done by Lux Radio Theater Australia. That's right, mate! And to make it a truly international event, the star of this show is none other than that scary man himself, Mr. Vincent Price.  Winston Smith was never more erudite and polished in his speech, at least until the Room 101 scene, but why spoil it for those who haven't heard it?  That's 1984 up ahead in 2022.  What better way to start off the new year than with this classic that predicted it all?

December 30, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 435

What the Magi Mean to Christmas - John MacArthur - Part 1 & Part 2 

That's right. That John MacArthur. He seems like a very nice man, really. Your basic, believing mid 20th century Protestant pastor; a man who would cause nary a ripple of controversy if it was but 60 years ago. But, alas, it is not. Therefore, this rather grandfatherly appearing old duffer finds himself in all kinds of hot water with the hand ringing media and religious establishment, due to his audacious habit of calling out sin for what it is. Just the kind of teacher Chaplain Phil is going to turn to provide your edification here concerning the Magi. And that's no non sequitur, because what the naysayers tend to overlook is that John MacArthur is also a sound teacher of Scripture, and he isn't afraid to call out sin when he's doing that, either. An interesting night ahead. And one more spiritually charged than the appearance of a little white haired old man in a business suit might indicate. And, with John MacArthur as our grand finale, Magi Week comes to a close. Or does it? Tune in next week to see what new adventures lie ahead!

December 29, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 434

The Christmas Story - What Really Happened - Part 2 - Chuck Missler

Welcome back for another in this series of programs on the Magi! Tonight we conclude Chuck Missler's epic presentation on the Christmas Story, focusing more on the subject itself and less on the background needed to bring it to life for post modern audiences. As for our petty griefs and struggles here at RNJ, we have set them aside, realized that which is truly important in our relationships with each other, and come to a new understanding of the joys and hopes inherent in the person of the Christ Child. In the end, it matters little on what day Jesus was born into the world.  The important day is that day on which He is born into your heart.  That is where Christmas truly takes place.  And it is a wise man indeed who knows the One True Shepherd when he encounters Him.

December 28, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 433

The Christmas Story - What Really Happened - Part 1 - Chuck Missler

Magi Week. All these years in the making. I guess you can't blame us here at RNJ if things get a little tense this week. It's just the creative process and all that. Tonight and tomorrow night, we have Chuck Missler teaching more generally about Christmas, so you'll better see how the Magi fit into the bigger picture. And Chaplain Phil still claims that Christ was born on December 25, and the calendar and the Church still say he's right.  And why does the Church take so much flack over the calendar when it was Pope Gregory the Great who fixed it? It was the Romans that had made such a mess of things. They did this with everything, that little trial before Pilate being as good an example as any.  Regardless, Chaplain Phil is right that studying Christmas after Christmas is a capital idea.  And, after this week, it really will be time to pull the lights down and drag the tree out to the curb.  Stay tuned.  Like Johnny used to say, "More to Come."

December 27, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 432

Who Were the Magi? The Value of the Magi's Gifts - Rick Renner

Magi Week continues here on RNJ, and tonight we feature a doubleheader from Rick Renner.  First up is "Who Were the Magi?" A fair question to say the least and one that Chaplain Phil chimes in on as well. The Magi are no where and everywhere -- you know, that sort of thing. As for the second offering, it's "The Value of the Magi's Gifts," in which we learn that the value of said gifts was outstanding, and Rick Renner explains not only why that was so, but why it is also significant.  Bottom line is, it seems as though no one disrespects the King of King, and Lord of Lords, the way His own do.  And Chaplain Phil is wont to point out the significance of that as well!

December 26, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 431

Magi: The True Story of the Star of Bethlehem - Andy Reese

It's Magi Week here on RNJ! All the proof you need that Chaplain Phil has turned over a new leaf with the turning over of the calendar page to a new year, and he has resolved to produce all of the programs he has been putting off for the last few decades. For example, this Magi project has been in the works since the mid 90's. That's when he did the research for it. Wait long enough and there will be other intrepid scholars who do the same leg work, make the same discoveries, and Chaplain Phil ends up being host for a week while they present their work. He may be crazy, and he may be lazy, but you can't call him stupid. Anyway, there is much to learn about the Magi, and it begins here tonight with one such presentation by Andy Reese. Stay tuned! A great week lies ahead. You're about to see that they don't call it "Epiphany" for nothing!

December 23, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 680

What better way to wish you a Merry Christmas than with this wonderful and wondrous presentation on the Star of Bethlehem by Frederick Larson? Here is one man's journey to find out what it really was and what it truly meant, and on this sojourn through time and space, what God taught him far exceeded any expectations he might have had going into it. God truly does reward those who diligently seek Him, and when Mr. Larson sought after the story of history's most famous star, he discovered not only the story of the birth of Jesus written in the cosmos, but also that of His death and our salvation. Anyone who still believes that science and faith are irreconcilable opposites will have this viewpoint challenged in no uncertain terms in this hour with Frederick Larson, as he presents his case in a way that allows the evidence to speak for itself, which it most certainly does. God has revealed Himself in spectacular fashion when one knows where and when to look. And science, when applied correctly and not treated as a religion onto itself, can be particularly useful in describing the details of this revelation to the more scientifically minded among us. It's simple enough, really. A simulated universe demands a Simulator. And as our vision of reality has expanded to grasp at least a basic understanding of a multi-layered, multi-dimensional existence in which anything is truly possible, and Whoever is behind it all can make of it what He will, then we should wonder all the more why One such as this would choose to become one of us, and die that He might save us from our very selves. That's the great mystery to it all. That He did do this isn't the question and never has been. And that's what Fred Larson is going to prove to you tonight.

December 22, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 679

The Nativity: Christmas & Jesus' Birth

Good evening and welcome to the Sixth Hour. This is RNJ News Director, Brian Helix, stepping away from "The Doomsday Beat," so as to offer you this ray of hope that shines down through time to us from that magical and mystical night in which Christ was born. Why, it even shines down into this lost and jaded world where so few remain who actually anticipate His soon return. And more's the pity, for that is the very message of Christmas for our day that must not be lost in the howl and din of the culture collapsing all about us. Once we truly accept He Who comes as the humble babe in the manger, then so too do we fervently embrace He Who comes as the all conquering King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And if Christ came once when the people of Planet Earth were in their darkest hour, and in so doing rescued his fallen people from the evil, human world they had succumbed to, then should we not suppose that He will do the same for us? Indeed, is this not the very thing that God has promised us about the end times, and has He not done so since the very beginning? He has! And all one has to do to see this prophecy fulfilled is endure in Christ as He has so instructed. For who is it among us who truly knows Jesus, who doesn't also know that these days are those last days, about which He so often spoke? We're surely aware of it here at RNJ! And we do our best to make you likewise aware on a daily basis. So, don't let the world fool you. "The Doomsday Beat" may lead us into some pretty dark places, but that's just all the more reason to reflect upon the season, and pray for Christ to come, just like they did back then. Their prayers were answered. And ours will be too. You'll see.
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December 21, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 195

RNJ and The Mercury Theater Present: A Christmas Carol

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without this wonderful radio version of the Dickens classic! An annual affair performed live back in the day, this is the 1939 version of The Mercury Theater's A Christmas Carol, and, as always, Lionel Barrymore in the person of Ebenezer Scrooge is the star of the show.  Host and moderator Orson Welles also provides the narration, and the whole shebang is sponsored by The Campbell Soup Company.  Next to the infamous "War of the Worlds" broadcast of 1938, this is the piece from The Mercury Theater post-modern folks are most familiar with.  Orson Welles' movies always seemed to be like radio dramas with moving pictures, The Third Man perhaps being the most notable example that comes to mind.  Even Citizen Kane has that air of radio about it. Regardless, the man was at his best when working in the "Theater of the Mind," and The Mercury Theater is that at its best.  It's not fair to say Orson Welles invented it.  But surely the argument can be made that he came as close as any to perfecting it.  A steaming hot cup of Campbell's Cream of Tomato Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich are the perfect fare for this performance tonight.  Lights down, volume up!          

December 20, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 194

RNJ and Lux Radio Theater Present: It's a Wonderful Life

Christmastime continues here at RNJ, and, once again tonight, we've warmed up Grandpa's old Coronado and we're extending the invitation to again join us for another classic Christmas program from America (and Radio's) glorious past.  Yes, It's a Wonderful Life. The 1946 classic film, adapted for radio by the folks who did it best: Lux Radio Theater.  Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed return to their original roles, and, once again, the magic of radio takes over and you are transported back to Bedford Falls, New York in those heady days after the war, when every American thought the world was his oyster, just like George Bailey thought it was his.  He was wrong about that, and so was everyone else. But still, in the end, just like Dorothy said,"There's no place like home." That's the real lesson here. Join lovable old Uncle Billy, the evil Mr. Potter, the angelic Clarence, and, of course, George and Mary Bailey and their family, for It's a Wonderful Life, Theater of the Mind style.  Hot cocoa is ready.  Lights out.  Here we go!

December 19, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 193

RNJ and Lux Radio Theater Present: Miracle on 34th Street

It's Christmastime at RNJ, that time when we take pause to reflect on God's graces and gifts, especially that greatest of all gifts, the gift of redemption in the person of the Christ Child. And so, as this Advent draws to a close, we invite your family to gather with ours around Grandpa's old 1937 Coronado 810 Console, and listen to this classic Christmas tale that reflects a better and happier time in America. Lux Radio Theater invested in the magic of radio by producing then current motion pictures as hour long radio programs.  As much as possible, original cast members recreated their roles, and the production values and quality were remarkable by the standards of any day. Truly, the magic of radio in action. This production of Miracle on 34th Street was produced in 1947. It stars Maureen O'Hara, John Payne, Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwenn in the roles they made legendary.  The Magic Tuning Eye indicates the Old Coronado is warmed and ready! Enjoy! 

December 16, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 678

Good evening. Welcome to the Sixth Hour. More specifically welcome to the Doomsday Beat, wherein on Friday night, yours truly, Brian Helix, presents yet another example of how we just might find ourselves done in one day soon. Tonight, it isn't heavenly bodies hurtling through the cosmos, but the ancient and evil one, hurled down from heaven, and taking his wrath out upon any upon the earth who would dare recognize Christ as King. The devil is such an evil bastard that it's hard to believe any sensible person would fall for his lies, and Antichrist -- the subject and star of this program tonight -- is presented as merely the chip off of this old block, and we wonder the same thing. Why, one would have to be either terminally stupid, or outright insane, to fall for such outlandish lies as this! Or evil to the core to perpetrate such mayhem upon one's fellow human souls. Perhaps one just has to be soulless himself and allow the devil to fill that void where the human spirit should reside. That's who and what the Antichrist is; a being filled with Satan as the person of Jesus is filled with God, and here he is depicted as raising up an end time army of like minded, and similarly soulless creatures, to wreck havoc upon the hapless people of God. The first sobering revelation as this takes place all around us is how many of them there are. You may have noticed the Nazis and the Commies never seem to have any trouble finding plenty of volunteers who are willing to do their bidding and torment others. And you don't have to be Nostradamus to predict where all this is taking us either.

December 15, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 677

How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves - Whitney Webb and Glenn Beck

Good evening and welcome to the Sixth Hour. This is RNJ News Director Brian Helix, earning his reputation, as well as his keep, by drawing your attention to the special presentation we have for you tonight. If you don't know Whitney Webb, you're about to. And you'll surely find her unforgettable, as she proves to be a veritable fountain of facts concerning a full range of topics, deftly weaving in and out of conspiracies, and the theories thereof, while linking it all up, from Jeffery Epstein, to all the corruption in the very bowels of the US government. Then it's on to the globalists, and the diabolical goals of the eugenicists and trans-humanists running the show. The youngish Ms. Webb accomplishes all of this with a polish that belies her tender age of 33 years, and does so at the prompting of veteran interviewer Glenn Beck, as he keeps the fire stoked with the occasional question, and manages to stay out of the way most of the time, as his guest keeps the train of revelation roaring down the track at a breakneck pace. Whitney's the authoress of the book, One Nation Under Blackmail, and she has been a professional writer, researcher and journalist since 2016. She has written for several websites and, from 2017 to 2020, was a staff writer and senior investigative reporter for Mint Press News. She currently writes for The Last American Vagabond. If you want to get up to speed on what's really happening in our world, then you won't want to miss this dynamite interview. And if this is the first you've heard of Whitney Webb, it won't take you long to figure out that it certainly won't be the last.
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December 14, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 676

Well-Known Exorcist Talks Ghosts, UFOs, Vampires & Video Games

Father Chad Ripperger is always a fun guy to have around, belying the reputation of exorcists, which is that they are too weird and spooky to hang out with. The guys on Contra Mundum Media, Christopher Lawrence, and his erstwhile sidekick, Doug Ernst, are clearly delighted to spend this hour with the fabulous Father Chad, as this broadcast marks the reboot of their program after some sort of hiatus or other, and how do you beat scoring the most famous exorcist the Church has produced since the legendary Fr. Gabriel Amorth as your first guest? The short answer is, of course, "You don't!" And the proof is in the hour you are going to get to spend with Father Chad and the boys, as the conversation ranges from ghosts to vampires to video games, and you'll discover spiritual insights into areas where you didn't even think there were spiritual insights to be had. In the end, it's not so much the entities that do the evil as it is the attitude one brings to the table with them. The devil can only do the damage one allows him to, and an ounce of prevention in spiritual affairs is always worth a pound of cure, just as it works out in more temporal matters. Keep your heart pure, and maintain a spiritual balance in your life through prayer and sacramental participation in the Life of Christ, and you'll be okay. Stay after the beam in your own eye and you can trust God to go after all the splinters you've been so worried about in the eyes of others. It's all simple enough to understand, really. It's just curious that it's all so hard to follow.
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December 13, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 675

Scientists At CERN Won't Admit It... When Science Fiction Is No Longer Science Fiction!


Nobody understands CERN like Anthony Patch, and in this interview with Paul McGuire, he delves into the deeper spiritual aspects of it all in a way that is as fascinating as it is terrifying. Nowhere else on earth is man more openly and obviously in direct communication with diabolic forces and entities, and one need look no further than the statue of Shiva, and the pagan rites and rituals that go on there, to see the hellish landscape that exists beyond the thin (and thinning) veil that they have rent. It is a vision of our immediate future upon this planet, and it contains horrors heretofore unimaginable and incomprehensible; horrors which are, at this moment, manifesting in this world for the purpose of drawing us into the vortex that pulls humanity irresistibly, and unavoidably, down, down, down, into the fiery maw of the bottomless pit. Amazing isn't it? The more "scientific" man gets, the more "medieval" it all sounds, and the more "biblical" it all gets! The devil was the first mad scientist among us, and the inspiration for all of the rest. He's been drawing hapless humans into these incredibly intricate mazes and traps for eons, and he'll do it until there's not a one of us left. His blood lust is insatiable, and the only thing that exceeds his fury towards us is his hatred for God. As Anthony Patch tells us, the goal of CERN is to harness the powers of creation for the purpose of killing God. Keep in mind that the devil has already tried this at the Cross and it didn't work. Indeed, it is the very act of history that has brought us to where we are today: contemplating our impending doom, as the stupid ponder how it is such a good God can let such bad things happen to such good people.

December 12, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 674

UFO's 1973: Aliens, Abductions and Extraordinary Sightings

In UFO's 1973, J. Michael Long makes a strong case for America's most overlooked UFO flap being the impetus for the paradigm shift concerning the "extraterrestrial presence" that took place during the 1970's. Think about it. By the end of that decade, the old Star Trek space opera from the 1960's had achieved the cult like status that it still enjoys to this day, and George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were riding the crest of this space craze all the way to the bank with such blockbusters as Star Wars, E.T. the Extraterrestrial, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. For almost anyone who has grown up on Planet Earth since the second world war, it isn't a matter of "if" one has seen these motion pictures, but how many times. The transformation this has wrought in American, Western, and  even in the global culture at large, concerning our shared perceptions of the nature of the larger reality in which we live, has been virtually immeasurable. And, perhaps most disconcerting of all, this vast change that took place in how we view our place in the cosmos (not to mention the very cosmos itself) is almost imperceptible until we go back and look at the causative agent for it in retrospective, which is exactly what J. Michael Long does in this outstanding and thought provoking little documentary.  The Vietnam War and Watergate seem to have receded into history as such earthly events do, yet the extraterrestrial presence haunts all that goes on in this world today more so than ever. Disclosure is proving to be a two edged sword, and those who have pushed so hard for it should consider that, oftentimes in life, when one gets what one wants, one doesn't always want what one gets. And just because the "space brothers" say they're benevolent doesn't make it so.

December 10, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 673

Kill Grid Countdown - Steve Quayle and Mike Adams

Good evening and welcome to the Sixth Hour. This is RNJ News Director, Brian Helix, inviting you to stayed tuned for this "must hear" interview that Mike Adams conducts with Steve Quayle. You know, it's been nearly a year since we've heard from these two gentlemen, and let's just say they haven't become any more optimistic about the future prospects for humanity. Quite the contrary. Their claim is that we've entered what is known as the "kill grid," which is a clever turn of phrase that translates roughly to mass annihilation for almost everyone. Steve lays claim to being one of the original preppers, and Lord knows that's how Mike makes a living. Survivalism requires more bravado than it used to, since surviving nowadays is more a matter of staving off the inevitable than it is establishing a new, post-apocalyptic, off the grid civilization, based upon 25 year storable food, solar generators, and our ancestors plucky will to succeed and prosper. Although they somehow managed to do so without a "Fighter Flare Flashlight" or "Patriot Power Supply." Other than the rather ongoing infomercial that these two do for themselves and their own productions and products, the information provided at the same time suggests that prepping for doomsday is rather like bringing your own life-preserver aboard the Titanic. It brings a certain peace of mind as long as one doesn't have to actually use it to bob about in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. We believe our advice remains sound. In light of what you will hear tonight, we continue to suggest that you get right with God and get to know Jesus. That way, you'll recognize Him when you meet Him in person. And don't worry. He'll surely know who you are.       
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December 09, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 672

Ancient Aliens: The Mysterious Power of Three

Good evening and welcome to the Sixth Hour. It is indeed, yours truly, Brian Helix, who is only too pleased to report that this is not another edition of the Doomsday Beat. Far from it. In fact, what you are about to hear tonight will surely soar much higher than some imaginary scenario in which God's judgment falls on hapless humanity in the form of some sort of mega-catastrophe or other. Perhaps a combination of all of them at once is in order, as that seems surely to be where we are headed. But not tonight. Tonight we turn to what might seem like an unlikely source for this teaching on the Trinitarian nature of reality, as we present this offering from the venerable History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series, titled aptly enough, "The Mysterious Power of Three." Perhaps most interesting of all is the way they skate past the Christian (think here Catholic) aspects of the nature of the Triune God as if the revealed perspective is merely another to be considered along with the Hindu and the Buddhist. Truth is, it is the deeper understanding of the Godhead that is revealed in the Person and teachings of Jesus that unlocks our true understanding of all of the other traditions, which have sought to interpret God in human terms. What infuriates the other world religions is Christianity's refusal to surrender God on these human terms, while claiming instead to preserve a view of man that claims to come from He Himself. The others think it would be nice if all the religions could form into one that would unite us in our humanity, and so point us towards the divinity. The lesson of the Cross is that it's already been attempted, and this was the end result.
 yet again.

December 08, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 671

"I Am the Virgin of he Poor" The Story of Our Lady of Banneux

Good evening and welcome to the Sixth Hour. This is Sally Belle-Époque, inviting you to join me for what I guess we could say has become a regular Thursday night feature: Marian Apparitions with Miss Sally. And, of course, Miss Mary. You rock, girl friend. Sorry. I just get carried away listening to these tales of kids who encounter the Mother of God. Like we hear about tonight, and like we heard about last week in the story of Our Lady of Beauraing. In fact, the appearances at Banneux began almost immediately after those at Beauraing, and both were poor villages yet to recover from the ravages of the first world war, as the second loomed large over the horizon in the exact scenario Our Lady of Fatima had predicted back in 1917. In retrospect, it's pretty easy to see how inter-related this all was, and those who claim that heaven isn't active in the affairs that take place here on earth are also the ones who deny the supernatural nature of these appearances. Then there are the Evangelicals, who claim that all of these apparitions are merely the work of the devil, though they fail to explain just how that works, since there is no one more actively opposed to his agenda than she is. Maybe the lesson that goes unlearned in all of this is simply that with the power of heaven on our side, and showing itself, the devil really has nothing on God, and there is no reason for anyone anywhere to succumb to the evils of his world, when the everlasting treasures of the next are so close. And appearing nightly. The message is actually quite simple when you think about it. It isn't God who has deserted us. It's the other way around. Why He wants us back is the big mystery, and I guess it takes a Mother's love to explain it.

December 07, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 670

"Vampires" - A History from the Ancients to Stoker - 'Monsters Among Us'

When you get past Hollywood and all of the previous literary interpretations of the vampire legends, what remains as historical fact is what is truly terrifying.  When the aristocrats and movers and shakers of our world are accused of such base atrocities as trafficking in children for the purposes of their own sexual and bestial gratifications, then you should know that this is a long standing tradition going back to far ancient times. You'll hear all about this, and much more, in this episode from Monsters Among Us that deals with the history of vampirism, and does so in a way that doesn't dismiss the historical roots in reality this horror truly has. The adrenochrome cults of today are nothing new, they're just a little more scientifically sophisticated in their understanding of the underlying processes than were their more gothic counterparts. It's still the same old horror, done for the same old evil reasons, and if one truly doubts that this goes on in real time and in real life today, then one truly isn't paying attention. All of these cults that prey on sucking the life force from the young and innocent have their roots in the far ancient past. It was the ancient pagan cultures that spawned and promoted all of this that were put to death with Christ at the Cross, and that we have, in our time, allowed this great evil to arise from its grave, and stalk the world once more, is the horror movie that is playing out all around us. And unless the Church awakens from its current, sin induced stupor in time to return Christ to power so He can put this horror back in its grave and put a stake through it's heart, then the world is doomed to succumb to it until He returns and takes matters into His Own nail pierced hands. That's the part they didn't tell you on Monsters Among Us, which is, after all, why you have us along.
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December 06, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 669

The Nostradamus Effect: Fatima's Lost Prophecy


We always approach these "Nostradamus Effect" offerings from the History Channel for their humor value as much as anything else, and just as often, we end up surprised at how thoroughly researched and well presented they are. No exception here tonight, as we offer up for your inspection, "Fatima's Lost Prophecy," with no caveats and few reservations. Actually, two of the Catholic experts that are called upon are Father Andrew Apostoli and Brother Michael Dimond, whose work we've used before, and with the World Apostolate of Fatima also well represented, the Catholic nature of the message comes through loud and clear. Much more so, in fact, than in most of the garbled garbage that has come out of the Vatican concerning all of this. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised, as the ground work is laid, and the infamous Third Secret is explained and speculated upon in the usual ways, and, in the end, no one is disrespected and everyone can go home happy. This includes the Blessed Mother herself, who is, perhaps, a little less revered as the Mother of God than in similar Catholic productions, but is surely accorded all the usual courtesies due a representative of God sent from heaven. Adding to the fun is the tone and timber of the usual History Channel histrionics, and that sense of impending doom they imparted to all of their "apocalyptic" programs back in the year the world ended, 2012. And here we have yet another example that supports our contention that all they had wrong was the year. In the time since, it's almost as if the Francis papacy itself has served to reveal the Third Secret, and the folks who worked on this project should take pride in how closely they nailed it.

December 05, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 668

Aliens and Atlantis: Stargates and Hidden Realms

Going back to the earliest days of our recollection here on Planet Earth, humanity has been aware of two basic traditions, and as long as this has been so, the dilemma has been which one to follow. Offering the case for the cult that worships the ancient serpent, that one which we in the Christian Tradition refer to by a variety of names and titles, including Satan and the devil, is this presentation, written by Philip Gardiner and produced by Walter Croyle for Reality Films. This is ground we've covered before, and, of course, the take here is that you've been propagandized by the evil Christians (particularly we evil Catholics), into believing that this reptilian race from the depths of hell is precisely that, when, in truth and in fact, they are merely benevolent space brothers, come to elevate us to a new level of consciousness. What they neglect to mention is that this "elevation of consciousness" business is precisely the same con these creatures used to wreck the antediluvian world that now forms the basis for these nebulous, and fanciful, "legends" of Atlantis. Oh, Atlantis was real alright. And the gift that its utter destruction at the hand of the oft denied, One True God, bestowed upon this world is the seeds of our various religions, sowed among the scant survivors of the last great cataclysm, and now grown to fruition just in time for the next. That's the other part the serpent worshipers don't tell you. And since this is the same cult that has taken over the Vatican, it's not like you're going to hear it from Pope Francis either. A new age of enlightenment is upon us alright, and, somehow, it always ends up working out this way. It always seems that the light finally goes on, just as all the lights go out for good.

December 02, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 667

Mega Disasters: Intense Hurricane Ravages New York City

This is Brian Helix. Welcome to The Sixth Hour, where it seems I find myself yet again pounding the old Doomsday Beat. The whole Doomsday thing starts to get to you after awhile, you know. It's kind of like being electrocuted. It's painful, but you just can't let go. And that's especially true when it comes to the "Mega Disaster" of a major hurricane making a dead-on strike on New York City itself. I had intended to produce this piece as a follow up to Hurricane Ian devastating Southwest Florida back in September, but Chaplain Phil was still freaking out so much about that whole business, that it just didn't seem to be the right time to cover what a similar storm hitting the Big Apple would do. Turns out it does plenty, just as one might expect, and none of it good. It really does make you wonder about all the geoengineering and weather warfare you hear about, since a nasty hurricane is kind of like a wet nuking, sans the radiation. A pretty convenient way to start an urban renewal project, which is what happened in New Orleans after Katrina. Something to keep in mind as the Battle for Southwest Florida begins to heat up.  One would think all of this should be the topic of much debate, and no little national concern, especially for those who are sitting ducks along our thousands of miles of lovely, and prohibitively expensive, exposed US coastline. Maybe a category five monster storm directed at Martha's Vineyard would get the attention of the powers that be. No, I think the History Channel gets it right this time: New York City is a much more dramatic target and, God knows, all we ever hear about those plucky New Yorkers is that they can handle anything that comes their way. So, when it comes to a mega disaster, major hurricane, who better than they?  yet again.

December 01, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 666

Apparition of Our Lady of Beauraing (The Virgin of the Golden Heart)

So far this week, our usual Revelatory Excursion Into a Deeper Radio Experience has taken us down the Nazi rabbit hole, then on to a deeper examination of the origins of the evil that caused it, and then we followed that with tales of the very denizens of hell that make it all happen. We are in need of a break from all of this evil, and what better place to find it than in this delightful retelling of the appearances of Our Lady to five children in the village of Beauraing, Belgium, just prior to Hitler's rise to power in the 1930's. What is perhaps so unusual about this series of 33 apparitions is that there is no profound vision of hell, or warnings of impending doom, though doom surely was  impending in the central Europe of the early 30's. The message here is more simple, though in its own simple way no less profound, than that received by the three little seers of Fatima a generation before. It is the simple urging of she who loves us, as she loves her own Son, to persevere and endure in our faith and in that love. That's it. No dramatics at all, or at least none like would later be witnessed at Garabandal and Akita, not to mention other various appearances too numerous to mention. Too often it is, we lose sight of the deeper and yet more simple truths of life. Perhaps, in the end, there is nothing so blessed as an ordinary day in Ordinary Time, in which nothing extraordinary happens at all. When the Mother of God chooses to appear on such a day, with nothing much to say other than to share the love of God with us, it is extraordinary alright, but in an ordinary way. Like a day in heaven without much going on. Lord knows, we can all use one of those days once in awhile. And so here's one from us to you tonight in the form of this gentle little story of the Apparition of Our Lady of Beauraing.              

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RNJ Staff

Chaplain Phil

Chaplain Phil grew up listening to alternative points of view, and the underground perspective, that characterized late night AM and shortwave radio in the 1960's.  In the cold winter months following the events that transpired in Dallas on November 22, 1963, he came to realize that the death of President Kennedy represented an even deeper and more profound tragedy - the death of the nation. In the summer of 1964, he read None Dare Call It Treason by John Stormer and understood how this had come to pass.  He was 10 years old.

Through the ensuing years, he has followed the flow of free information, as what we now call the "mainstream media" banished independent Christian broadcasting, and honest political thought, from the AM band to shortwave, then to the internet, and now, in the face of internet censorship, back to shortwave.  After a lifetime of listening, he now feels the time has come to speak.  His message is simple.  We are living in a godless false reality created for the purpose of destroying most of us and enslaving the rest.

The time of Revelation is here. Take heart.  For what is being revealed is the eternal truth of Jesus Christ.

Brian Helix - News Director

As one of the BBC's "Young Lions," Brian Helix was known for his honest reporting and take no prisoners attitude towards the truth.  He is an expert on conspiracies and the theories thereof, both modern and classic, and a top flight investigative journalist.  He brings these talents along with his many others to the post of News Director here at RNJ.


Sally Belle-Époque - Production Manager

Sally Belle-Époque made her mark in both video production and A.I. research with the famed Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong, and now brings her varied talents and unique skills to bear as Production Manager at RNJ.  Sally is a no nonsense professional with all the Left Coast flair and style her background as a "Valley Girl" would suggest - a Silicone Valley Girl.   


Catholic Pirate Radio

What is Catholic Pirate Radio?

Pirate radio or a pirate radio station is a radio station that broadcasts without a valid license.  Catholic Pirate Radio is broadcast without the official sanction or approval of the Catholic Church, any of its connected agencies or organizations, or any member of its hierarchical structure (bishops, cardinals, pope, etc.).

Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio
"You see, God expects His people to do the ridiculous so
He can do the miraculous." - Mother Angelica
Father Coughlin
Father of Pirate Radio

    Mother Angelica: Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio

Mother Mary Angelica founded the EWTN television network, and, more significantly for my purposes here, WEWN, a global shortwave broadcast service with transmitters located in Irondale, Alabama.  In the 1990's, Mother Angelica became one of the most dominant Christian voices on the shortwave bands, and WEWN a torch that beamed her message of the truth of believing and faithful Catholicism across the nation and the world.  She was a major influence concerning my conversion to the Catholic Faith in 2002, and it is truthful to say that my formation as a Catholic took place with her over many nights of listening to the most powerful voice on 41 meters.  She gets much credit for her pioneering work in Catholic television, while her savvy for international shortwave broadcasting goes largely unheralded and is just as significant.  It made her a worldwide voice for the faith rather than just an American phenomenon, and paved the way for the globalization of EWTN.

Mother Angelica earned the title of Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio when she publicly took on and disputed the apostate Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Cardinal Mahony, concerning the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  While Mahony was unleashing his wrath upon Mother all the way to Rome, it should also be noted that he retreated quickly and issued a statement taking offense at her for daring to question his belief in the Real Presence.  Thanks to Mother's widespread and profound media influence, I'm sure a lot of bishops, cut from the same cloth as Mahoney, also thought twice about peddling the "Spirit of Vatican II" nonsense in an overt way that might end up on TV.         

Here's some vintage Mother for you: 
I’m so tired of you liberal Church in America! And everything you’ve ever done has gone in silence. Nothing, nothing you’ve done – from your witchcraft to your enneagrams to your centering prayer to all this ‘earth spirituality’ to replacing holy water with sand to destroying our churches and closing churches that are viable and ready to go…no, this is not an accident. We’ve swallowed this now for thirty years. I’m tired of it. We have swallowed enough of your idea of God! You have, really, no God, no dogma, no doctrine, and no authority, because the only authority in the Catholic Church is our Holy Father and the Magisterium, and you have disclaimed that. You don’t believe in the Eucharist, you don’t believe in the Immaculate Conception, you don’t believe in the Virgin Birth, you don’t believe in Mary’s power of intercession, you don’t believe in religious life, you don’t believe in being a spouse of Christ! You do believe in teaching to little children in the third grade sex education, you do believe in forcing centering prayer and forcing inclusive language upon us, and now you depict Jesus as a woman?!  You’re sick!
Nothing to add to that.  As a layman, my duty as a Catholic is to point out these things just as it was Mother's duty as a religious - a Carmelite nun.  She taught me well.  It's time for Catholic Pirate Radio, the next generation.

    Father Charles Coughlin: Father of Pirate Radio

In 1926, Father Charles Coughlin first took to the airwaves on WJR radio in Detroit to denounce the Ku Klux Klan, which had recently burned crosses on the grounds of his parish.  Turning to politics in 1929, Father Coughlin quickly became a dominant and highly influential radio voice on the CBS network, with a weekly listening audience estimated at 30,000,000 during the peak of his popularity in the early 1930's.  While at first a fervent supporter of the policies and person of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, his views became more controversial and his rhetoric more strident as the Great Depression lingered on.  By 1936, he was expressing a viewpoint that was anti-capitalist and anti-socialist, and invoked no little controversy by expressing a certain sympathy concerning the fascism of Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler.  He was accused of anti-Semitism based upon this and his searing critique of the European Jewish banking establishment, which he sought to qualify as follows: 

My purpose is to help eradicate from the world its mania for persecution, to help align all good men, Catholic and Protestant, Jew and Gentile, Christian and non-Christian, in a battle to stamp out the ferocity, the barbarism and the hate of this bloody era. I want the good Jews with me, and I'm called a Jew baiter, an anti-Semite.

My point here is not to speak out for or against Father Coughlin and his political opinions, but merely to point to him as an early example of the efforts to censor and silence unpopular viewpoints.  He remains the textbook example of church and state teaming up to remove from public influence someone deemed too controversial to have his views heard by the great unwashed masses of the general public.  The Roosevelt Administration determined a priori that the First Amendment did not apply to radio broadcasting, and new regulations and restrictions were created specifically to remove Father Coughlin from the airwaves.  For the first time, public broadcasters had to obtain a permit and seek approval to speak on the air, and this was the impetus for those who refused to do so taking to the airwaves in protest: the birth of pirate radio.  While Father Coughlin was able to circumvent his banishment from network broadcasting by buying airtime on local stations, his reach and influence were drastically reduced.  In 1942 he was ordered to remove himself from public life by Bishop Edward Aloysius Mooney.  He complied without complaint and spent the remainder of his career as parish priest at the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan.  He retired from active ministry in 1966.


Welcome to our broadcast facilities here at RNJ.  This is where Chaplain Phil and our crew make the magic happen.  Stars of the Show are a Sweetwater Studio Computer powering Jean and Ginger, two 1950 Canadian Philips Table Radios that serve as broadcast monitors. That's Ginger on the right channel, and Jean on the left. Auxilliary Computer is "Old Faithful," a 2009 Hewlett Packard (that's like about a 1930 model in American Tube Radio Years (ATRY). You'll also notice three communication receivers, two 1959 Hallicrafters S-108's and a 1947 National NC 57. Standby monitors include a 1937 Coronado 725 and 1953 Philco 53-960. It's all sorted out through a Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer.  Our antenna array (not shown) is an 80 foot sloping copper long wire antenna, fastened to a Royal Palm and running from there to the studio.