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Since going on line for the first time in 1998, the Radio New Jerusalem web site has gone through many phases, incarnations and reincarnations.  We began life on the web as "seriousradio.com" for the purpose of promoting our antique radio rebuilding business of the same name.  This proved to be short lived as the then fledgling Sirius Radio approached our web master, Andy McFarlane, with the proverbial "offer we couldn't refuse" if we would agree to stop using this name so as to not create confusion and conflict with their business enterprise.  We agreed, and profited sufficiently to take our business to the next level with the idea in mind that we would fulfill our dream of developing and broadcasting our own radio program on one or more of the Christian shortwave broadcasting services. 

For various reasons summed up best as "life happens" the radio program itself never became a reality.  The name of the new web site, radionewjerusalem.com, was registered with the hope that it would eventually come to represent the web presence of a daily news program, or perhaps even an entire broadcast service.  Towards this end, we began linking news sites and featuring items daily that we thought might make interesting topics for discussion, and I have also used the site as a means of publishing articles I have written, as well as producing a journal of my own writings going back over 40 years.  When our domain was allowed to expire, we decided to temporarily move to radionewjerusalem.net, and, at least so far, it is here we remain.  

As the overall Catholic web presence has grown, so RNJ has evolved more and more towards a role as a legitimate and comprehensive daily news portal and digest.  And as recent events in the United States, particularly the presidential election in 2016, brought to light the widespread reality of "fake news," and the emergence of the mainstream media as a leftist propaganda tool promulgating an anti-Christian globalist agenda, a conscious decision was made to counter this by drawing upon a combination of Catholic, select and sympathetic non-Catholic Christian, and known (and usually reliable) secular alternative online news sources, in an attempt to provide a more accurate (and truthful) faith based view of current affairs.  In addition to this objective, the greater goal was to promote a Christian worldview, from a prophetic perspective, that is lacking in the major media outlets, and which is desperately needed if believing Christians of all stripe are to understand, participate, and have their voices heard, in the antagonistic public square of 21st century America and the world. 

Adding to this sense of urgency concerning the current state of world affairs is the evermore apparent, and increasingly bold, counter-Catholic leadership the Church is experiencing under the pontificate of Pope Francis --  a leadership that seems bent upon the suppression of two thousand years of the true Catholic faith, and which does so in favor of the same leftist, secular and diabolic agenda that is plunging the nations into sin, ruin and moral turpitude.  It is a leadership descended from the Apostles of Christ, and commissioned by Jesus Himself, to "go and make disciples of all nations." It has instead been infiltrated by Luciferian Freemasonry, perverted and co-opted by the false religion of scientism, and has led the masses astray through the malformation of liberalism.  In doing so, it has led the Church, and the world, ever deeper down the rabbit hole of neo-pagan modernism, and so ever closer to a looming, and horrific, divine chastisement directly resulting from this fall into heresy, nihilism, and apostasy. 

These are the very times in which we live, as foretold in Scripture, and of which we have been warned by the seers, saints and mystics of the Church: those who have served faithfully in relaying the message of Almighty God as revealed in the ancient prophets, as fulfilled in Christ at the Cross, and as transmitted to us through history by the mandate given the Catholic Church at Pentecost.  These warnings have been provided through time, and by supernatural means, through the holiest of persons, and through such unimpeachable sources as the Blessed Virgin Mary, and even Christ Himself.  The importance of these voices from heaven being heard and heeded in these last days cannot be overstated, for the hope of our beloved Catholic Church, the temporal world, and the eternal salvation of souls, depends upon precisely this.  Because the holy and ancient Church has fallen into error and decline, and has ceased to proclaim the true Gospel of Christ and the revealed truth of God to the world, these voices must be heard now, and their deeper truths related reliably, realistically and accurately to the flow and interpretation of current affairs.  It is a divine imperative, and it is with this in mind, that this humble effort is dedicated towards this end.  And it is our hope and prayer that in doing so we may, in our own small way, help to inspire and sustain many others more qualified in doing likewise.             

The name Radio New Jerusalem was originally chosen as a play on the common practice of international broadcasters to name stations in this way: Radio Free Europe, Radio Moscow, Radio Bulgaria, Radio Canada International, Radio Havana Cuba, and so on and so forth. It hearkens back to a simpler time in which the night time shortwave meter bands teamed with broadcasters dedicated to proclaiming, and promoting, the various nationalist and political agendas of the day, and this was endlessly commented upon and enlightened by Christian religious broadcasters, independent broadcasters selling cheap airtime to all comers, and amateurs ("hams") expressing their God given right to freedom of speech over American airwaves that belonged freely to the public, and which existed in an atmosphere without fear of repercussion.

This is the world of radio I grew up in, and I spent many a late night, into the wee morning hours, listening to the free flow of information and opinion on the international shortwave and domestic medium wave bands, and, over several decades, and into these latter days, I have followed this flow of information as it has moved to a large extent from the airwaves and onto the internet.  As the shortwave bands grew increasingly silent, and as the medium wave band became increasingly inane and commercial, the internet emerged as the last mass media bastion of true freedom of expression -- including and especially religious freedom of expression.  In response to the age of President Donald Trump, the content monitoring, censorship and biases of social media, and the increasing reach of Big Brother surveillance government, has resulted in a world wide web that is quickly morphing into merely another wing of the "Mockingbird" media.  In response to this, I have returned to my roots as a shortwave listener, and now, finally, as a shortwave broadcaster.  Twenty years ago it was my intention to present the story of these times on the radio, and so as the age darkens and time grows short, the question I posed to myself was, "If not now, when?"  The answer is shortwave radio programming now in production, filtered through a lens shaped by many years of following a deeper flow of information and ideas over the road of a free media less traveled.  I pray it is informative.  

Many years ago, when late night radio was obsessed with the "Planet X" theory, and Zecharia Sitchin was at the peak of his popularity as the Erich von Daniken of the Sumerian Empire, it occurred to me that a "Planet X" would be more likely to be the descending New Jerusalem of Revelation 20 than the NIbiru of Sitchin bringing back the gods of ancient Sumer.  It would certainly be the best option of the two for planet Earth.  Anyway, it occurred to me that Radio New Jerusalem is what the Celestial City's shortwave radio service would obviously be called, and the message would be announcing the soon and triumphant return to earth of Jesus Christ.  The approach of the New Jerusalem would signal the time of the end as recorded in the Book of Revelation, and so the message would be prophetic, and the prophecy apocalyptic.  Given the crisis in the Catholic Church, and a lesser publicized crisis of faith engulfing the other churches, publicly proclaiming the True Gospel of Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ at the Cross is now considered counter-cultural in a post-Christian society, and the silence in the mainstream media is deafening. 

The message of Radio New Jerusalem is the Gospel, and is, therefore, also counter-cultural.  It is pirate radio.  And since it contains much lost spiritual knowledge contained only in the ancient Catholic Faith, and necessary for all Christians in these last days, it is catholic in the greater sense, and its message universal to all.  It is Catholic Pirate Radio, and its time has come.  Beyond this time is that time in which God will make all things new, so take heart and continue in the peace of Christ: take strength and comfort in His words in John 14:27, "Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid."  The message of the New Jerusalem, at the end of the Book of Revelation, is simply, "we win."  We do! 

While these days of sin upon the earth may lead us through times of sorrow, darkness and tribulation in this world, we would do well to always remember that it is this same world that crucified our Lord.  Through Lucifer's deceits, the multitudes are led astray into the belief that this fallen planet is our final home and destiny, and it is those of this world and worldview who believe it is we, the believing disciples of Jesus, who are delusional, and who must be converted to their inverted and perverted way of thinking -- or perish as did the Master.  This is the Great Deception, and, like the martyrs of old, we must hold fast and know in our hearts that though they may put us to death, they cannot kill us, and we must hold true to Christ and know that as so our Master, so our kingdom is not of this world!

As we wait in joyful anticipation of His impending return and victory, we should be sustained in knowing that a Catholic Church turned secular, and lost, and embracing the worldly ways of her false sons, cannot and will not triumph -- but our Lord can and will.  There is no greater witness to this truth than Christ Himself, who remains with us, "Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity" in the Holy Eucharist, and Who does so, as He promised, until the end of this age of apostasy.  It is at this rapidly approaching time that He will remove all imposters from the See of St. Peter, and take His rightful place upon the throne of His Church.  And, at the head of His people, as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, He will reign in glory upon the earth as He does in heaven.

It is in the light of this greater good news that the lesser bad news should be viewed.  Jesus is coming!  He's here already!

Chaplain Phil