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April, 2022

April 29, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 515

War of the Worlds - The Mercury Theater on the Air - October 30, 1938

Well, this is it! The mother load when it comes to "Theater of the Mind," for this is the one that proved it's true potential. So much so that new rules went into effect shortly after the broadcast, essentially forbidding Orson Welles from ever pulling such a stunt again. Of course everybody knows the old story of Orson Welles "punking" America with this broadcast back on the night before All Hallow's Eve in the year 1938. Tonight you will hear how it was done, as our own Brian Helix and Sally Belle-Époque present The Mercury Theater on the Air and their historic, for all the wrong reasons, presentation of H.G. Wells War of the Worlds. Orson Welles always gave credit to his good friend, the character actor Ray Collins, for putting it over. He played three key roles, including the radio announcer who apes the tone of the crash of the Hindenburg broadcast from just the year before. Sure it sounds dated today because it is vintage radio 1938 style, but that's just what made it work back then. Imitating the regular, mediocre fare that comprised much of the commercial radio diet was child's play for the Mercury Theater gang, and that set Mr. Collins up to break in and make history. Most remember him as Lt. Arthur Tragg on the old Perry Mason show. Tonight we learn he was much more the troublemaker as a younger man, and, of course, this was before he joined the LAPD.

April 28, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 514

Can We Disappear Without a Trace? - Weird or What? With William Shatner

Miss Sally is back and tonight she has brought William Shatner with her, just in case Brian (or even Chaplain Phil) wants to give her any grief about it. Not that either would. Perish the thought! Though Sally herself admits that she found the old Star Trek reruns she watched as research more, shall we say, "interesting" than she expected. Still, after all of the Captain Kirk and TJ Hooker jibes have come to quiet, this is a rather intriguing program, and while people merely vanishing into thin air is rather light fare compared to some of the demonic darkness and horror we cover, it is, nonetheless, unnerving all the same. Politically, a drastic increase in this sort of thing is common when tyranny takes over, you know. People disappear in Communist China without a trace all the time, and it's such a common thing there that you never hear anybody even talk about it. Of course, those who do tend to join the crowd that keeps growing more increasingly conspicuous by its absence. It's a flash mob that's going to be gathering in your town for sure if we don't do something about it. This has nothing to do with tonight's program, of course. It's just a brief public service reminder from your friends here at RNJ.

April 27, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 513

Elves, Dwarves, Fairies, and Goblins in Canadian Settler Folklore

If you've any doubts as to why we call her the lovely and enchanting Sally Belle-Époque, those doubts will be dispelled tonight, as she hosts this lovely and enchanting documentary by Hammerson Peters on the so-called "Little People" of Canadian folklore.   From "Skraelingjar and the One-Footer of the Viking Sagas," to the "The Irish-English Fairies of Newfoundland Folklore," you won't want to miss a minute of this fascinating adventure. Beings that are not us, and, at the same time, provide such a much needed break from the alien encounters that have comprised so much of our fare of late. Of course that doesn't mean that Canadian Fairyland is all unicorns and cotton candy either. Far from it. Here is another topic that we recommend you keep the Crucifix and Holy Water handy for, and it should be fair warning that those things that seem so cute and cuddly at the outset often morph into something far more sinister. And perhaps most fascinating of all is the fact that such encounters as these, once dismissed as products of an over active and primitive imagination, are being reexamined and reassessed as factual. 

April 26, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 512

Baffling Discoveries in South America: Science Has Not Solved the Riddles of Our Past

Everything You Know Is Wrong is an old Firesign Theater album, yet the more one takes an honest look at some of the anomalies in this world, the more one realizes the truth of it. There is perhaps no better evidence of this phenomenon than that cited in this dynamite documentary about South America from DTTV Documentaries. The more we learn the less we know is how we got to this point, and it is progressing exponentially to reveal that we humans are a pretty ignorant lot after all, regardless of how enlightened we've told each other we are. And, at the same time, we have drastically underestimated the knowledge and talents of our forebears, who were not only way smarter than we have given them credit for, but were smarter by far then we are in this degenerative state in which we find ourselves. South America has always been a fascinating place, and these latest discoveries certainly make it no less so. Join Brian Helix for this exotic journey into another world that you never knew existed, and prepare to be amazed at the fantastic things contained therein!

April 25, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 511

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment

Chaplain Phil takes the week off, and Brian and Sally takeover the studio to produce some of the projects they've been working on of late. Leading it off tonight, is Brian with this entry in the continuing saga of the ever mysterious Philadelphia Experiment, which we last visited on April 13, when Chaplain Phil presented, "Nikola Tesla’s Involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment & Time Travel." Consider this a compliment to that program, and you'll get what it is we're trying to accomplish. This is the straight tale of the Philadelphia Experiment, told in an effort to debunk it, yet eventually recognizing the impossibility of trying to do so. It's grudgingly called a draw, which settles nothing to be sure, except that it explains just why it is this story won't ever go away. Along the way it's always fun to run into the likes of Morris K. Jessup and Carlos Allende, aka, Carl Allen. One reason you can't make this story go away is because it connects to so many different people. Chaplain Phil even claims that Carl Allen was his great uncle, which seems ridiculous but he swears it's true. So, it's all aboard the USS Eldrige, as we depart for The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment. Keep your hands inside the ship. It's an inside joke. You'll see.      

April 22, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 510

The Day the Earth Stood Still - Lux Radio Theater - January 04, 1954

It's been a while, but Brian and Sally are back with a new entry in their "Theater of the Mind" series, and when you hear The Day the Earth Stood Still as presented by the Lux Radio Theater, you'll realize that it was well worth the wait. In this early 1954 adaptation of the highly acclaimed 1951 film, Michael Rennie returns to the role of Clatu, the man from space who has all the answers for a world that doesn't even know how to ask the right questions. Or behave hospitably to strangers for that matter. For some reason, nothing ever upsets the powers that be like someone who shows up unexpectedly from the outside, preaching peace on earth, and pointing out the myriad of human flaws that keep us from ever achieving it. If humanity behaves like a bunch of brutish louts when someone calls humanity out for behaving like a bunch of brutish louts, then you'd think humanity would eventually realize that it proves the other's point not theirs. But, alas, it never happens. That was Clatu's point after all. Humanity isn't smart enough to even know there is a galactic shed, let alone that we're not the sharpest tools in it. As for our latent virtues, they're not all they're cracked up to be either, and that's the little subplot that makes this story so disturbing and, at the same time, so utterly compelling.

April 21, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 509

Jordon Maxwell & Extraterrestrials - Final Presentation

Jordan Maxwell is (or was) another individual who was around a long time, and certainly left an indelible mark on the lives of those he touched. We have come neither to bury Jordan nor to praise him, but merely to recognize his passing and the role he has played in awakening people to deeper realities and more profound states of consciousness. It is a two edged sword, however. Keep God in the picture, and Christ at the forefront, and this sort of thing becomes good, healthy Christian meditation. Fail to do this and one can get led far astray rather quickly. Just a word of caution to those who would go off chasing similar rainbows, and the strange beings who fly around in them. Keeping one's feet on solid ground never seems very romantic, and the urge to go soaring off into alternative realities can seem both harmless and exciting. By now, Jordan Maxwell has learned of the deeper truth of eternal life in Christ; a lesson left untaught by his alien masters, but one we make sure you hear from us. In the end, I guess that's what we've come for, and it's plenty reason enough.

April 20, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 508

Nikola Tesla: The Greatest Genius Who Ever Lived

There is no shortage of praise for Nikola Tesla in this documentary from Lisa Firestone at Universe Inside You. Oh, it is surely up to her high standards, and you will certainly find this presentation tonight both informative and entertaining. But if you're looking for a more critical approach, this isn't it. It's actually hard to argue that Tesla was the greatest genius who ever lived either pro or con, since "ever" is a long time, and our perception is rather limited at best. As for his reputed altruism, it seems more that he understood that the making of the megabucks was the one gift he neither had nor wanted. And, thanks to his Orthodox upbringing, he assumed that it was the norm to want to do unto others as one would have them do unto you. In contrast to the unbridled greed and hubris of robber barons like Westinghouse, Morgan and Edison, that looks pretty Christlike. However, on balance, Tesla gave us electronics and Christ eternal life. And that makes the vote for greatest genius both obvious and simple if you ask me.

April 19, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 507

The Coming Temple

The Coming Temple adds a new wrinkle to the old fabric of controversy concerning the building of the so called "Third Temple" in the Old City of Jerusalem. This documentary by Christopher Glyn, and featuring such noted archaeologists and scholars as Bob Cornuke, David Sielaff and Earnest L. Martin, makes the startling claim that the original Temple of Solomon, and later Herod's Temple, never stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as has been traditionally supposed. That means there should be no conflict with the Muslims, or anyone else, concerning the building of a third temple on this new spot -- a site that actually turns out to be the old original one. And while there is an ironic dark humor latent in the fact that centuries of heated controversy concerning this were apparently for naught, it may also be noted that only in the Old City of Jerusalem could such a discovery, one that should serve to defuse such controversy, actually add to it. It seems as though Holy Sites end up being way more important to humans than to God, Who is adamant that His priority is that we all simply take care of each other and learn to get along. And since He feels that way, the violent nature of the controversy itself makes one wonder just who it is these Temples might actually have been built for in the first place.

April 18, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 506

Freedom From Choice

Freedom of choice is an illusion and always has been. It's the oldest and most obvious con game that there is, yet the suckers keep on falling for it. Pick your poison is no joke, and lots of folks succumb to doing just that every day. What this dynamite documentary from director Tim Delmastro demonstrates is that freedom from choice is much more the reality of it, and the con comes in making you believe it was your own rational decision to buy something you didn't need or want with money you didn't have. Bait and switch is child's play. The real art is found in baiting then offering nothing in return, while making the mark believe he got the best of it. You'll hear bonafide experts like Gerald Celente and G. Edward Griffin explain to you how it's done, and done to you, and, in the end, it boils down to your two basic human subspecies: those being took and those doing the taking. The difficulty comes in trying to avoid becoming the former when the later are so prevalent, persistent and in charge.    

April 15, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 505

Extraordinary: The Seeding - Part Two

Tonight we conclude Extraordinary: The Seeding and extraordinary it is! And while it is easy to get lost in the emotions and heartache of the victims, it is the far-ranging implications of all of this that are the most frightening of all, and it is this aspect which always ends up the least explored. It is one thing to be probed, prodded and exploited sexually, and that surely is quite bad enough all by itself, but add in this higher dimension of hybrid reproduction for what remain at best nebulous, and are at worst nefarious purposes, and the true horror inherent in this becomes all the more apparent. It's easy to understand why humanity just might be in denial about all of this even happening, although disclosure won't solve the problem anymore than it releases the fly from the web to become aware of the spider. It is that futile struggle against the inevitable that produces the "high" sought by all predators, be it chemical or spiritual, be they human or otherwise. There is no higher purpose and there is no nobler cause to the seeding of humanity. And the harvest is upon us unless the crop wakes up and cries out to God to stop it. So it is that our salvation is at once that near and, at the same time, that desperately far away. 

April 14, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 504

Extraordinary: The Seeding - Part One

Once again the theme is, "We Are Not Alone," and if you think it can't get any creepier than some of the past treatments of this topic we've explored, you may want to reserve judgment until you hear Extraordinary: The Seeding. And you'll have the chance to do just that over the next two nights, as we present this riveting Jon Sumple documentary in its entirety for you. By now, the sheer volume of this kind of first hand testimony must be suggesting to even those most ardent skeptics among us that someone must have his three fingered hands down the pants of an unwitting humanity. And passing these poor souls off as insane over the past 70 years or so has been a grave injustice to them and to all the rest of us who simply want to know the truth, no matter how awful or embarrassing it is. It's not 1952 anymore, and it will certainly take more than a few flying saucers over DC to spook folks these days. And just take a look around if you doubt there are aliens and hybrids walking among us. So if "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 2022" plays out at your house when your daughter brings her shape-shifting, reptilian boyfriend home to meet the folks, then grow up and be big about it. That "more human than thou" attitude is just so mid-20th century!       

April 13, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 503

Nikola Tesla’s Involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment & Time Travel

We've gone back to the well at Universe Inside You for another piece on Nikola Tesla. We probably don't agree on much with the young lady who voices these terrific videos, but we do agree that her work is first rate: always well researched and very professionally presented, and most often with insights lacking in other resources. Besides, who can resist a title that connects Telsa, time travel, and the notorious Philadelphia Experiment? Things you need to know, whether you know it or not. As usual, what you get isn't flash and dazzle just good, solid reporting, and facts are facts regardless of who it is that is reporting them. And that's not to say that there isn't an entertainment factor to consider, because there is. So why not splurge and pile the whole gang into the '67 Ford Country Sedan wagon and head out to the RNJ Drive-In? You thought spring was in the air and this proves it. As for "NIkola Tesla's Involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment & Time Travel," you'll have to decide about that for yourself.  

April 12, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 502

Edge of Wonder: Tartaria, The Secret Civilization of Ukraine?

Well, what do you know? Edge of Wonder is back, and with it erstwhile hosts Ben and Rob, and it seems they're none the worse for wear after all of their intrigues concerning getting kicked off of Youtube. It's actually become a badge of honor to get banished from Youtube and some of these other giant media platforms, and it looks as though the boys have landed on their feet over at Rumble. Good for them! They're still the same intrepid reporters they've always been, and this report on Tartaria fills in some important gaps, as it helps complete the picture you've already formed in your mind thanks to our earlier programs on this subject. So head off to the snack bar and get ready for a fun evening, as Edge of Wonder visits the RNJ Drive-In, and we gain yet another perspective on the fascinating subject of the "now you see it, now you don't" Empire of Greater Tartaria. And Chaplain Phil promises Tartarian folk music at Intermission. Surely a treat no one will want to miss!      

April 11, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 501

Who Are These Time Travelers From the Future?

Dr. Bruce Goldberg has been around a long time now, and has the "I was on Art Bell" stories to prove it. Always at the forefront of new age hucksterism, this time it's with his claim that the UFO's and their occupants are really us, time traveling back into the past to save ourselves from the near future, so in the distant future we can time travel back into... Well, you get the idea. It's like holding two mirrors up to one another and watching the dual images descend down into a theoretic infinity. What the good doctor is selling is hypnosis, and the ability to use it to make one's own house of mirrors that one can shape to one's own liking. At no additional charge, he'll throw in an introduction to the future time travelers, and a set of Samsonite luggage, and you can learn to time travel with the best of them. Keep in mind that encounters with unknown entities are not something to enter into lightly, nor do we recommend it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, not to mention heavily traversed by blind spiritual guides leading others merrily along behind them.

April 08, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 500

Alien Contact: Outer Space

If you still think waiting for alien contact is like Waiting for Godot then you need to delve into Alien Contact: Outer Space. In this J. Michael Long documentary from 2017, you'll hear the evidence of past contact going back to Nikola Tesla, and progressing to this time in the 21st century when full disclosure is imminent, if not already here. Like the perfect storm that it is, the phenomenon itself seems to be inserting itself into our consciousness in more numerous and different ways; ways that become more undeniable every day. The "layers of the onion" are being peeled back and revealed, and it seems each is weirder than the one preceding it. Reality itself appears up for grabs, as the universe before us is transformed by our changing perceptions of it, only to reveal itself as an awesome and mysterious fantasy-land teeming with exotic and heretofore unimagined higher life forms. Are those who have worked so hard for this disclosure about to be rewarded? Or perhaps they will soon discover that, when you get what you want, you don't always want what you get.        

April 07, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 499

UFO Secret - The Friendship Case

Chaplain Phil thought he had heard of all of these old timey contactee stories, but this one from Italy is new to him. And, due to it's scope, and the fact that it involved 120 people or more, it may just be the most interesting one of them all! Who were the mysterious W56, and why did they conduct all of this weirdness? The physical evidence is certainly compelling for a case from the 50's: hundreds of photographs and even audio recordings, to go along with eye witness testimony. The photos rival Billy Meier's and look much the same, and, once again, we encounter beings so much like us they pass for us. Human encounters with nonhuman, intelligent entities has got to be the worst kept secret in history, yet the sheer strangeness of it all, as well as the desire of the perpetrators to always remain hidden, serves to keep this out of the mainstream and just below the consciousness level of the culture involved. In our culture, this has created a misplaced arrogance that has grown into a dangerous misconception about spiritual realities, and the result is the greatest con game in history being worked on mankind, with most totally oblivious to it. That's the real lesson here, and the contactees are always the most oblivious of all.       

April 06, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 498

Spooky Rituals of the Freemasons

Consider this your basic primer course in Freemasonry, and Robert B. Spence your erstwhile instructor, and you will glean from this program what it is we intend for you: a basic working knowledge of the Craft, with a minimal amount of added interpretation. Form your own opinions, and if that should lead you to want to apprentice yourself to these dark arts at your local lodge, then that's up to you. But don't say Chaplain Phil didn't warn you, because that's what he adds to the mix. Still, there is so much conflicting information out there on this arcane subject that you really do have no choice but to think it through on your own. Dangerous territory to be sure for some, which is how this evil empire keeps luring in the willing suckers. Souls sell for cheap in the post-modern world, and the Masons want you to offer yours up for a few lucrative business connections and some watered down pagan rituals. Watered down until you get to the upper degrees, then it's too late. Like Pope Leo XIII wrote, "In this insane and wicked endeavor we can see the implacable hatred and spirit of revenge with which Satan himself is inflamed against Jesus Christ." No need to add anything to that. 

April 05, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 497

Nag Hammadi Scrolls Tell a Story of These Strange Beings Known as ARCHONS

The Nag Hammadi Scrolls have become the epitome of New Age chic, as they tell awesome tales of these strange ethereal beings known as Archons. Discovered in Egypt in 1945, then upstaged by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, these Gnostic texts were somehow overlooked by the Church back when they were summarily seeking out heretical writings such as these and burning them. And with good reason it turns out, since life was tough enough in the Dark Ages without conjuring these bastards back up out of hell. Revisionist history means no one has much to say about all the good the Church has done over the past two millennia, like putting spiritual evil in its place and keeping it there through the power of Jesus Christ. As Pope Francis and the Lavender Mafia redefine the Church for a post modern age, they must consider this an embarrassing chapter in Church history. Surely, the Archons were merely different, misunderstood and in need of accompaniment. Release them from the bottomless pit, and accompany them we shall! David Icke features prominently in this presentation, and there's a bonus feature called DAVID ICKE talks about Archons at the end. Somehow, moving past the David Icke interview has become like getting gum off of your shoe.    

April 04, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 496

RNJ Exclusive!  Brian Helix Interviews David Icke!  Agenda 21 Is Here!

Before Brian Helix achieved the current success he enjoys as RNJ News Director, he had an earlier career "across the pond" that proved to be not that enjoyable at all. A long story told elsewhere, and, if you are so inclined, you can check it out at Red Pills For Jesus in the RNJ Program Archives. The untold story was that of the way David Icke and his family stepped up and were "there" for a struggling young reporter who was in need, and it's like coming full circle; maybe even more like coming home, that this reporter finally has the opportunity to acknowledge the debt, and say his thanks in public. Then, after such a moving start, it's time to share the microphone with the one and only, the legendary Mr. David Icke, as he in turn does that which he does best, and talks about the current state of affairs in our world in that direct, open and honest way that has made him the legend that he is. You'll also hear David as you've rarely heard him before, at home and at ease, as he gets up close and personal with Brian concerning similar struggles in his own career. It is the sharing of the insights and wisdom gained over a lifetime of investigation and research, and you won't want to miss it!  And only on RNJ!    

April 01, 2022 The Sixth Hour Program No. 495

The New Deadly Meth Epidemic

With so many other horrific things to keep track of, it's been easy to lose sight of the disturbing truth that the drug epidemic in the United States has reached critical mass, and it's a major reason why the homeless in our cities have become such a problem. The new meth, reformulated as a public service by the humanitarians and solid citizens in the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club, is filling not only the streets and the jails, but the hospitals and morgues, with literal drug zombies who are too messed up to function in society, and then turn violent at the drop of a hat to boot. If that meth-head taking a crap at the corner offends you, don't say anything. You might just offend him enough to cut your guts out right there and leave them on the street, which would likely get you a ticket for littering in the new American dystopia. And don't pester the Fentanyl junkies either, as they have their own drug induced psychoses to deal with, not to mention that constant, gnawing urge to find that perfect last shot of poison; the one that will end it all in one final ecstasy of ignorant bliss. This terrific documentary based on the work of Sam Quinones pulls no punches and simply tells it like it is, and, as you'll see, that's plenty disturbing enough.

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RNJ Staff

Chaplain Phil

Chaplain Phil grew up listening to alternative points of view, and the underground perspective, that characterized late night AM and shortwave radio in the 1960's.  In the cold winter months following the events that transpired in Dallas on November 22, 1963, he came to realize that the death of President Kennedy represented an even deeper and more profound tragedy - the death of the nation. In the summer of 1964, he read None Dare Call It Treason by John Stormer and understood how this had come to pass.  He was 10 years old.

Through the ensuing years, he has followed the flow of free information, as what we now call the "mainstream media" banished independent Christian broadcasting, and honest political thought, from the AM band to shortwave, then to the internet, and now, in the face of internet censorship, back to shortwave.  After a lifetime of listening, he now feels the time has come to speak.  His message is simple.  We are living in a godless false reality created for the purpose of destroying most of us and enslaving the rest.

The time of Revelation is here. Take heart.  For what is being revealed is the eternal truth of Jesus Christ.

Brian Helix - News Director

As one of the BBC's "Young Lions," Brian Helix was known for his honest reporting and take no prisoners attitude towards the truth.  He is an expert on conspiracies and the theories thereof, both modern and classic, and a top flight investigative journalist.  He brings these talents along with his many others to the post of News Director here at RNJ.


Sally Belle-Époque - Production Manager

Sally Belle-Époque made her mark in both video production and A.I. research with the famed Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong, and now brings her varied talents and unique skills to bear as Production Manager at RNJ.  Sally is a no nonsense professional with all the Left Coast flair and style her background as a "Valley Girl" would suggest - a Silicone Valley Girl.   


Catholic Pirate Radio

What is Catholic Pirate Radio?

Pirate radio or a pirate radio station is a radio station that broadcasts without a valid license.  Catholic Pirate Radio is broadcast without the official sanction or approval of the Catholic Church, any of its connected agencies or organizations, or any member of its hierarchical structure (bishops, cardinals, pope, etc.).

Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio
"You see, God expects His people to do the ridiculous so
He can do the miraculous." - Mother Angelica
Father Coughlin
Father of Pirate Radio

    Mother Angelica: Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio

Mother Mary Angelica founded the EWTN television network, and, more significantly for my purposes here, WEWN, a global shortwave broadcast service with transmitters located in Irondale, Alabama.  In the 1990's, Mother Angelica became one of the most dominant Christian voices on the shortwave bands, and WEWN a torch that beamed her message of the truth of believing and faithful Catholicism across the nation and the world.  She was a major influence concerning my conversion to the Catholic Faith in 2002, and it is truthful to say that my formation as a Catholic took place with her over many nights of listening to the most powerful voice on 41 meters.  She gets much credit for her pioneering work in Catholic television, while her savvy for international shortwave broadcasting goes largely unheralded and is just as significant.  It made her a worldwide voice for the faith rather than just an American phenomenon, and paved the way for the globalization of EWTN.

Mother Angelica earned the title of Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio when she publicly took on and disputed the apostate Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Cardinal Mahony, concerning the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  While Mahony was unleashing his wrath upon Mother all the way to Rome, it should also be noted that he retreated quickly and issued a statement taking offense at her for daring to question his belief in the Real Presence.  Thanks to Mother's widespread and profound media influence, I'm sure a lot of bishops, cut from the same cloth as Mahoney, also thought twice about peddling the "Spirit of Vatican II" nonsense in an overt way that might end up on TV.         

Here's some vintage Mother for you: 
I’m so tired of you liberal Church in America! And everything you’ve ever done has gone in silence. Nothing, nothing you’ve done – from your witchcraft to your enneagrams to your centering prayer to all this ‘earth spirituality’ to replacing holy water with sand to destroying our churches and closing churches that are viable and ready to go…no, this is not an accident. We’ve swallowed this now for thirty years. I’m tired of it. We have swallowed enough of your idea of God! You have, really, no God, no dogma, no doctrine, and no authority, because the only authority in the Catholic Church is our Holy Father and the Magisterium, and you have disclaimed that. You don’t believe in the Eucharist, you don’t believe in the Immaculate Conception, you don’t believe in the Virgin Birth, you don’t believe in Mary’s power of intercession, you don’t believe in religious life, you don’t believe in being a spouse of Christ! You do believe in teaching to little children in the third grade sex education, you do believe in forcing centering prayer and forcing inclusive language upon us, and now you depict Jesus as a woman?!  You’re sick!
Nothing to add to that.  As a layman, my duty as a Catholic is to point out these things just as it was Mother's duty as a religious - a Carmelite nun.  She taught me well.  It's time for Catholic Pirate Radio, the next generation.

    Father Charles Coughlin: Father of Pirate Radio

In 1926, Father Charles Coughlin first took to the airwaves on WJR radio in Detroit to denounce the Ku Klux Klan, which had recently burned crosses on the grounds of his parish.  Turning to politics in 1929, Father Coughlin quickly became a dominant and highly influential radio voice on the CBS network, with a weekly listening audience estimated at 30,000,000 during the peak of his popularity in the early 1930's.  While at first a fervent supporter of the policies and person of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, his views became more controversial and his rhetoric more strident as the Great Depression lingered on.  By 1936, he was expressing a viewpoint that was anti-capitalist and anti-socialist, and invoked no little controversy by expressing a certain sympathy concerning the fascism of Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler.  He was accused of anti-Semitism based upon this and his searing critique of the European Jewish banking establishment, which he sought to qualify as follows: 

My purpose is to help eradicate from the world its mania for persecution, to help align all good men, Catholic and Protestant, Jew and Gentile, Christian and non-Christian, in a battle to stamp out the ferocity, the barbarism and the hate of this bloody era. I want the good Jews with me, and I'm called a Jew baiter, an anti-Semite.

My point here is not to speak out for or against Father Coughlin and his political opinions, but merely to point to him as an early example of the efforts to censor and silence unpopular viewpoints.  He remains the textbook example of church and state teaming up to remove from public influence someone deemed too controversial to have his views heard by the great unwashed masses of the general public.  The Roosevelt Administration determined a priori that the First Amendment did not apply to radio broadcasting, and new regulations and restrictions were created specifically to remove Father Coughlin from the airwaves.  For the first time, public broadcasters had to obtain a permit and seek approval to speak on the air, and this was the impetus for those who refused to do so taking to the airwaves in protest: the birth of pirate radio.  While Father Coughlin was able to circumvent his banishment from network broadcasting by buying airtime on local stations, his reach and influence were drastically reduced.  In 1942 he was ordered to remove himself from public life by Bishop Edward Aloysius Mooney.  He complied without complaint and spent the remainder of his career as parish priest at the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan.  He retired from active ministry in 1966.


Welcome to our broadcast facilities here at RNJ.  This is where Chaplain Phil and our crew make the magic happen.  Stars of the Show are a Sweetwater Studio Computer powering Jean and Ginger, two 1950 Canadian Philips Table Radios that serve as broadcast monitors. That's Ginger on the right channel, and Jean on the left. Auxilliary Computer is "Old Faithful," a 2009 Hewlett Packard (that's like about a 1930 model in American Tube Radio Years (ATRY). You'll also notice three communication receivers, two 1959 Hallicrafters S-108's and a 1947 National NC 57. Standby monitors include a 1937 Coronado 725 and 1953 Philco 53-960. It's all sorted out through a Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer.  Our antenna array (not shown) is an 80 foot sloping copper long wire antenna, fastened to a Royal Palm and running from there to the studio.