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Radio New Jerusalem Presents The Sixth Hour:
Hidden History
To Claim Your Future, You have to Reclaim Your Past

It is the Sixth Hour! And all Truth is Revealed in the Light of Christ!

Join RNJ's Chaplain Phil on this quest for historical truth and the Ark of the Covenant, as he takes his listeners on a radio excursion through ancient history and back to the very dawn of civilization.  From the Inner Earth to the Outer Limits of man's comprehension, from Ancient Egypt to Sodom and Gomorrah, through the Far East and to the Shores of Gitchegumee, Chaplain Phil solves history's deepest mysteries, follows Jesus around the Ancient Americas, heads off to Golgotha for
the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant, and victoriously concludes this crusade through time with the finding of the Holy Grail, just as he promised.  And more than that, you will hear archaeological evidence that bears awesome testimony to the Victory of Jesus at the Cross -- a victory that's yours to claim!

If You Sense Everything You Know is Wrong, Tune in to this Series of Broadcasts!



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September 08, 2021 Sugar Chile Robinson - Numbers Boogie
September 02, 2021 The Enoch Song - Donna Shaw
September 01, 2021 Lost 12 Tribes of Israel(Hebrew Israelite Song)
August 06, 2021 Charles Bernstein - White Lightning
August 05, 2021   Charles Bernstein - A Nightmare on Elm Street
July 16, 2021 Harry Chapin - The Rock
July 14, 2021 Lindsey Stirling - Senbonzakura
July 09, 2021 John Prine - Fish and Whistle
July 08, 2021 John Prine - Jesus, The Missing Years
July 07, 2021 Lindsey Stirling - League of Legends
July 06, 2021 Lindsey Stirling - Night Vision
July 05, 2021 Lindsey Stirling - Masquerade
June 23, 2021 Daniel Pemberton - Seasoned Oak
June 21, 2021 Linsey Stirling - Guardian
June 18, 2021  
John Williams - Raider's March
June 17, 2021 Cusco - Atahualpa (The Last Inca)
June 16, 2021 Cusco - Tupac Amaru
June 15, 2021 Cusco - Conquistadores
June 14, 2021
Lindsey Stirling - Artemis
June 11, 2021
Lindsey Stirling - Sleepwalking
June 10, 2021
Lindsey Stirling - Stars Align
June 09, 2021
Lindsey Stirling - Shadows
June 08, 2021
Lindsey Stirling - Til The Light Goes Out
June 07, 2021 Lindsey Stirling - Underground

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Research and Independent Study

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The Sixth Hour: Hidden History

FACT 2003 - Cosmic Codes - Part 1 - Chuck Missler

Koinonia House

In 2003 Koinonia House sponsored a conference in Portsmouth, England, called the ‘Fellowship of Active Christian Thinkers’ (FACT) Conference. The conference's goal was to bring speakers from several backgrounds to challenge people on their beliefs and find out for themselves what's really going on.

Chuck Missler presented his work on the Cosmic Codes contained in the Bible at this FACT 2003 Conference.  This is Part 1 of 3 on this fascinating subject.


Hidden History - Chuck Misler: Cosmic Codes

 September 08, 2021
Program No. 378

The Vengeance of the Archangels (Book of Enoch Explained) [Chapters 9-11]

The Legends of History

From the distant horizon of the human experience upon the earth come fantastic tales of angels fallen from heaven and menacing our early ancestors.  The stuff of myth and legend, or historical fact coming into a new focus through modern study?  The Book of Enoch has intrigued all who have dared to crack its dusty cover for over two millennia, and the deeper prophetic truths that it contain -- truths that seem to be speaking directly to our day -- just serve to make it all the more intriguing.   


Hidden History - The Vengeance of the Archangels

 September 02, 2021
Program No. 374

Lost Tribes Of Israel - Why They Matter!

Verity Weekly News

A documentary that shows from both the Bible and history, where the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" were taken during their Assyrian captivity, and where they migrated to after the fall of Assyria, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy.


Hidden History: The Lost Tribes of Israel and Why It Matters

 September 01, 2021
Program No. 373

Mystery of the Serpent - Episode 1

Mystery of the Serpent - Episode 2


Join Professor Truth as he teaches the deep dark history of the "Mystery of the Serpent," based upon the book of the same title by B.F. Jackson.  This is the introductory piece that was done for mass consumption via Youtube, while Episode 2 is from Brighteon and has the more sensitive material so often banned from so many platforms in these days of growing anxiety and unrest. 

Where does it all come from? Tune in and find out!

Truth that Matters

Spawn of Satan, Planet X, and Black "Alien" Goo are only some of the forbidden keywords mentioned in this discussion of the "Mystery of the Serpent," the classic work by B.F. Jackson that perhaps got he and his entire family murdered!  Yikes! No wonder this was too hot for Youtube!

Professor Truth pulls no punches and no holds are barred as he probes the depths of history's greatest mystery - the Mystery of the Serpent!


Hidden History - Mystery of the Serpent - Part 1

 August 05, 2021
Program No. 354


Hidden History - Mystery of the Serpent - Part 2  

August 06, 2021
Program No. 355

Sodom & Gomorrah Location, New Archaeological Discoveries, Example of Coming Judgement


See a powerful video about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and witness amazing new discoveries that confirm their existence and location. God chose to destroy these wicked cities, and all throughout the Bible He speaks of Sodom and Gomorrah as an example of judgment to come for those who reject Him. Prepare yourself to be touched as you watch this unique video!

Join Pastor Dr. Todd M. Fink for this guided tour of one of histories most notorious events, and marvel with him as God speaks from the ruins of a long ago ancient culture to warn this current world of a similar fate, brought about for the same reasons!


Hidden History - The Impending Doom of Sodom and Gomorrah

  July 16, 2021
Program No. 340

Human Creation Story They DON'T Want You To Know: Anunnaki Gods

Universe Inside You
Custodians of ancient knowledge have long known that the mystery of humanity’s origins is far more complicated than widely accepted notions of natural evolution. They tell us that the gods of Eden, the Anunnaki, planned a destiny for us which is still being played out through our ongoing obsession with gold. Evidence of this can be discerned from ancient temples, which once stood as places for the human elite to commune with these extraterrestrial gods and bring them the gold that their servants mined for them. Once we come to terms with this and realize that we are not alone, then we can rise up and take our place among the many groups that occupy the celestial realms.

Featuring: Erich von Däiniken, Michael Tellinger, William Bramley


The Great Deception and the Return of the Anunnaki Gods

  July 14, 2021
Program No. 338

Jesus in India, Tibet and Persia - An Account Missing from the Bible

Almost everything we know about Jesus is from the Bible.  The four new testament gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us a great deal about the events surrounding His conception and birth.  They also provide a lot of details about His ministry in Palestine, and His trial, crucifixion and resurrection, all of which occurred during the last three years of His life.   However, they tell us very little about the years in between.

In 1894, a Russian explorer named Nicholas Notovich published a controversial book which claimed that during a journey through the Himalayas, he had visited a Buddhist monastery where he had been shown sacred manuscripts which revealed that Jesus had travelled and preached in India, Tibet and Persia before his ministry in Palestine.  This film tells that story of that extraordinary discovery and gives an account of what those manuscripts revealed about Jesus’ journey through those countries.


Hidden History - Jesus in India, Tibet and Persia

  July 09, 2021
Program No. 335

Vatican Secrets... Lost/Missing Years of Jesus Christ!

Want your mind blown? - The Missing Years of Jesus

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

The New Testament has a Black Hole from the ages 12 to 30 of Jesus’ life.  In the world of film we call that sort of omission a “jump cut.”  In Fundamentalism, they call it a part of Jesus’ life that God doesn’t think you need to know about, or God would have made sure it was included in the Bible. It is rumoured that deep within the Vatican vaults are documents pertaining to those missing years of Jesus and what he had done or where he may have traveled. What mysteries lie within the life of the son of God that may be being kept secret?


In this remarkable video, we learn that Jesus and Mary Magdalene are half brother and sister and both are the children of none other than Cleopatra.  In fact, Mary Magdalene actually ends up being the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty.  Can't make it up? Well, actually you can. 

Still, there is much here that's worth a listen and we do see first hand just how far out there some theories of the missing years can be.  


Hidden History - Jesus, the Missing Years 

   July 08, 2021
Program No. 334

The Rise and Fall of Satan ~ Dr. Myles Munroe

Baptized With Fire
We are dealing with the rise and fall of Satan because he is a very important person in the experience of a human. Whether you are a Christian or not, you have to understand and deal with the devil. In our earlier session we talked about the fact that many people don't believe in a devil.

Well, I guess that means the devil has been very successful because one of his major weapons, is to make you not believe in him.

As matter of fact, his number one weapon is ignorance. He is called the Prince of Ignorance, which is the word in the Hebrew for darkness. And we're going to talk about tonight, the nature and the character of Satan. We're going to talk about how he got his names and what they mean. Because his name reveals his character.


Hidden History - The Rise and Fall of Satan ~ Dr. Myles Munroe

  July 07, 2021
Program No. 333

Cosmic War, Cosmic Versailles - Joseph Farrell


Is human civilization the result of an ancient cosmic "Versailles" treaty between alien forces, locked in mortal combat throughout the solar system before the dawn of time?  According to Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, Star Wars might be a lot closer to fact than the fiction we have so long supposed!  Beyond and behind this bold assertion is, of course, the work of Zecharia Sitchin, the little professor who learned to mine gold in the pockets of the gullible, as he spun a tale of ancient Sumerian and Babylonian history that puts Stan Lee and the folks at Marvel to shame for sheer incredibility. 

In this same vein, and with a straight face, Dr. Farrell continues on in this tradition, as students flock to these UFO/Secret Space Program conferences, while the academic classrooms grow increasingly empty.  Small wonder!  If you're going to teach history, you've got to be able to sell it, and while the nonsense that gets the stamp of approval at university is just as ludicrous, it lacks the sci-fi pizazz of Space Nazis and the Anunnaki!

In the end, Dr. Farrell proves once again that the old Sitchin adage still holds true: never let a lack of evidence stand in the way of spinning of a good tale and calling it history.        


Hidden History - Joseph Farrell's Cosmic War - Part 1

  July 05, 2021
Program No. 331


Hidden History - Joseph Farrell's Cosmic War - Part 2

  July 06, 2021
Program No. 332

The Quest for the Holy Grail

Grail Kings and Their Connection with Mythical Beings

Mythos & Logos – World Mythology and Religions

The stories of the Quest for the Holy Grail, the ancient chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper, offer a fascinating insight into the Christian message of salvation at the Cross of Christ and the lost art of proclaiming the Gospel.  This Symbolic reading and summary of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and the Holy Grail, with connections to Christian sacraments, mysticism, and personal psychology is where we begin our Quest.

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

Details of the supposed bloodline of Jesus seemingly has some uncanny connections to the grail kings of old and myths are based on no mere fantasy, but on an engaging and continual history of real characters and events. Time-honoured tales of fairies, elves and dragons have long carried a particular fascination which lingers in our collective psyche - a familiar but historical allure which is rooted in the far-distant realm of the Scythian Ring Lords. There's far more to these tales than just stories.


Hidden History: The Quest for the Holy Grail - Grail Kings and Mythical Beings 

   June 23, 2021
Program No. 323

The Mysterious Ancient Powder of White

Now We Know Why Gold Was So Special

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

Throughout ancient history lies a secret to conversing with the gods, of eliminating disease and illness, and allegedly give godly power and levitation. This has been refereed to as the philosophers stone, the ancient cone shaped bread, the dust of the ark and of course monatomic powder. What has been discovered and learnt since the 1930s is that an ancient knowledge of smelting gold and strange alchemy has serious implications to consciousness and in more modern times even advanced technology. What secrets did our ancestors really hold?

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

New studies carried out in Switzerland and in Russia in regards to monatomic gold, an incredible white powder substance created from vapourized gold has left scientists shocked. Not only does it act as a superconductor with antigravity properties, but its ingestion alters the human biological system and increases psychological capabilities. The most significant discover is its connection to ancient times and the possibility of it being utilized to assist with communication between one reality and another. Was it really the Food of the Gods?


Hidden History: The Ark of the Covenant and White Powder Gold 

   June 21, 2021
Program No. 321

The Ark and the Blood - The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

Ark Files
Ron Wyatt was one of a kind.  Often referred to as "The Real Life Indiana Jones," his discovery of the Ark of the Covenant is a stunning story that will leave believers chastened and humbled, while bringing the exalted, and those who scoff with an open mind, to their knees.  This is a tale of faith, perseverance, and of what is possible when Christ touches the lives of those who earnestly seek Him.

That the Ark of the Covenant and Jesus of Nazareth would end up in the same place at the same time seems totally obvious and natural in retrospect.  If the Most Precious Blood of Christ had to be sprinkled upon the Mercy Seat to secure the salvation of humanity, then here is all the witness you need to believe it. 

If your heart belongs to Jesus you'll know it after this presentation.  If it doesn't, try harder.  What could be more worth the effort?


Hidden History - The Ark and the Blood - The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

  June 18, 2021
Program No. 320

He Walked the Americas

Stephen Sindoni

These are the legends of The Healer.  This is the drama of Mahnt-Azoma, or Ti-Acoma, The Mighty, sometimes called Kate-Zahl, The Prophet.  The backdrop is not the land as we know it, for the action moves through many climates changed by the passage of two millenia; through mines long buried under a forest cover; through valleys once fertile and rich in commerce which have long returned to barren desert; down highways now covered by the strangling jungle or lost in the silt of other ages; through cities whose legendary beauty is still whispered by the story tellers of a hundred nations.

The sequence of these fire-light legends, particularly vivid among the wild tribes, form one by one a curious pattern.  It is the story of the saintly white teacher, whose hands performed miracles of healing, and whose strange eyes, grey-green as the ocean, looked down the vistas of the future.

Stephen Sindoni spins these tales from the L. Taylor Hansen book "He Walked The Americas." Did Jesus visit North and South America? Many Native American legends say that he did...


Hidden History - He Walked the Americas - Part 1  

   June 15, 2021
Program No. 317


Hidden History - He Walked the Americas - Part 2 

   June 16, 2021
Program No. 318


Hidden History - He Walked the Americas - Part 3

   June 17, 2021
Program No. 319

Deep Truths of Our Origin

Universe Inside You
For more than 30 years New York Times best-selling author Gregg Braden has traveled the world, scouring forgotten texts and peer-reviewed scientific research to find real answers about the nature of our reality, where we came from, and why were are here. With a background in Lockheed Martin and Cisco Systems, he presents peer-reviewed research to bridge science and spirituality and reveal the missing links in the human experience.


Hidden History: Deep Truths of Our Origin 

  June 14, 2021
Program No. 316

From Atlantis to Aztlan - Ancient Gods Guiding Humanity

Universe Inside You

Could the legendary Aztlan be a missing link that connects the Anunnaki with the post-deluge Atlantean migration and ancient American civilizations? Explore the origin and demise of the Aztecs that indicate greater forces battling behind the scenes, influencing human culture and beliefs. The similarity found within the accounts of the ancient gods of the Aztec, Sumerian and Christian beliefs may suggest that these cultures were influenced by the same beings in the ancient world. As our panel of experts dig into the commonalities of these legends, we begin to see a clearer picture of the origins of the Aztec people and their belief of extraterrestrial beings as their gods, which may have enabled their eventual demise.


Hidden History: From Atlantis to Aztlan - Ancient Gods Guiding Humanity 

   June 11, 2021
Program No. 315

The Sphinx Built Before Egypt Was a Desert & Before Humans Existed?

Universe Inside You

The great sphinx of Giza, the oldest known monument from the ancient Egyptian world, stands as a symbol of the arcane mysteries still waiting to be unearthed. Could the truth about our past, and Enki’s knowledge given to humanity, be locked in an ancient chamber situated below the great beast’s paw? We examine mounds of evidence, in the face of contradictory conclusions, to try and determine its age and decode its original purpose.


Hidden History: Riddle of the Sphinx Unraveled at the Cross 

   June 10, 2021
Program No. 314

Alchemical Document Reveals the Armageddon Date

Pyramids True Purpose FINALLY DISCOVERED

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

Unpublished 17th-century AD alchemical documents reveal Sir Isaac Newton’s private Egyptian pyramid studies, in his quest to calculate a date for the End of Days. In July 1936 AD, a metal chest surfaced at Sotheby’s auction house in London filled with Isaac Newton’s unpublished, private, hand-written papers and lab books. After economist John Maynard Keynes bought the treasure chest he was shocked to find Newton was not only a force in mathematical theory, astronomy and optics, but that he was also a clandestine esoteric theologist, and an alchemist , questing otherworldly realms beyond physics with the assistance of supernatural forces.

Yoav Brener

Mainstream historians will tell you that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a glorified tomb for the Egyptian pharaohs.  There’s only one problem:  the Great Pyramid has none of the characteristics of tombs.  It was, however, built with the same materials that are used for electrical conductivity today.  These facts are leading more and more historians to believe the pyramids may have had a far more useful purpose. Perhaps the Great Pyramid was not at all a tomb, but a power plant:   generating and transmitting electricity to the civilization surrounding it.  Sound impossible? Join us for a closer look!


Hidden History: The Alchemical Sorcerer and the Electric Pyramid 

   June 09, 2021
Program No. 313

Hidden History: Anunnaki: The Seeds of Re-Civilization

Universe Inside You
Gobekli Tepe, an archaeological site in present day Turkey, offers a fascinating glimpse into the antediluvian world, and offers some intriguing possibilities concerning the origins of our current civilization.  Agriculture and civilization spring forth seemingly out of nowhere here, and for the likes of Graham Hancock, Corey Goode, Jack Cary, Freddy Silva, Chris Hardy and others, it provides a field day of speculation that sounds more like scientific fact than the musings of the fringe.  Also passing for science in this history more improbable than Peabody's is the work of the ubiquitous Zechariah Sitchin, whose tales of the Anunnaki have taken on a life of their own that seems far removed, though certainly more glamorous, than the real Epic of Gilgamesh that comes from those boring old clay tablets.  Many would do well to read the original translations.

While the Anunnaki best represent evidence that they must throw some wicked costume parties in hell, it is also sobering to note how an increasing number of folks who should know better are taking this stuff seriously, and should the ancient gods reappear they will have followers too numerous to mention -- just like in Ancient Sumer.  Fool us once shame on you.  Fool us twice...


Hidden History: Anunnaki: The Seeds of Re-Civilization 

 June 08, 2021
Program No. 312

They Found Entrances to Inner Earth & Agartha

Universe Inside You

From the most ancient times until the present, surface dwellers have been fascinated with the tales and legends of a world that exists within the very earth itself.  The Inner Earth and Agartha, Shangri La and Shambhala, lit by a central sun, protected by the very rock beneath our feet, this land of mystery remains always autonomous and anonymous, inhabited by fantastic creatures and beings both great and small, free and slave, reptilian and humanoid. 

Has our outer rage disturbed their inner peace?

The land below is of special interest to those who fancy themselves about the task of ushering in a new age of human enlightenment; that New Age that transcends the cares and woes of this outer veil of tears, and so turns inward and embraces the ancient gods who lurk below. 

Heaven perceived beneath our feet, yet the lava speaks to hell's reality.


Hidden History: They Found Entrances to Inner Earth & Agartha
June 07, 2021
Program No. 311

Research and Independent Study

Alien Reptilian Legacy | Reptilians Living On Earth Documentary

Atahualpa (The Last Inca)

THE ARK AND THE BLOOD - The discovery of the Ark of the Covenant