Q: America's 21st Century Political Folklore

Phil Ropp
By Philip D. Ropp

For Radio New Jerusalem

March 15, 2019

It was midnight in America: her darkest hour. 

On the left, the rising socialist deep state of the Obama years had made tremendous progress in reshaping the United States in the godless image of the globalist, communist United Nations cabal.  Abortion on demand, repackaged and sold as “reproductive rights” for women, the organization and subsequent metamorphosis of the so called “LGBTQ community” from the symbol of underground, countercultural perversion to iconic representative of a new and broader mainstream definition of “family,” and the flooding of the U.S. heartland with unvetted foreign nationals, mostly Muslim and virtually all anti-white and anti-Christian establishment, had seemingly overnight transformed the America envisioned by the founders into a new vision more compatible to the far left agenda of George Soros, and the most progressive states of the European Union.             

On the right, the neocons had promoted to near perfection the wars and rumors of wars that had taken America from world policeman into the deeper role of builder of police surveillance states in the guise of “nation building” for the U.N.  In answer to the 9/11 false flag event in New York, Osama bin Laden was demonized as America’s public enemy number one, and this somehow led to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocents in Iraq, as the Bush regime systematically destroyed the infrastructure of the nation and brought down the government of Saddam Hussein; justified under the urgent need to search out and destroy imaginary “weapons of mass destruction.”  The blood of American soldiers was shed on the rugged terrain of Afghanistan in a contrived “War Against Terrorism,” and the American public was cautioned that this was to be an ongoing reality and not something that would end anytime soon.  It still goes on.             

Through draconian misuse, politicization and weaponization of intelligence and law enforcement, and the internal corruption of such vaunted and respected government agencies as the FBI and the Department of Justice; through the propaganda of a CIA infiltrated, co-opted mainstream news media; through domestic spying and the surveillance of virtually every citizen; through false flags, pseudo operations, espionage and subterfuge both at home and abroad, and through a government and popular culture compromised to its very core by a vast conspiracy of pedophilia, human trafficking and openly practiced satanism, the United States of America had been transformed from the land of the free and the home of the brave into an Orwellian nightmare in which government of the people, by the people, and for the people had, for all intents and purposes, perished from the earth.  What had been the shining “City on the Hill” of presidents Kennedy and Reagan now saw her lights flicker and go out, and the torch of Lady Liberty herself was now nearly extinguished, not by the rising sea of the pseudo-global warming hysteria, but by the sins and misdeeds of the leftists, socialists, globalists and outright communists in our midst.  Together, they forged an anti-American coalition of useful idiots: an irresistible force that had, not overnight but through decades of calculated effort, poisoned the tree of American exceptionalism, and who were now poised, in the all but assured election of Hillary Clinton as president, to commence the final harvesting of the rotting fruit of the American Dream.

Then a miracle happened.  The good people of the United States, the remaining true patriots, sensed in the unlikely person of Donald Trump the savior of the nation.  If not her favorite son, he was at least her last best hope, and on November 8, 2016, they went to the polls in droves, and despite the rigging of the system by the Democratic National Committee, the vast efforts of “community organizers” to haul illegal and ineligible aliens to the polls to vote for Hillary, and the all-out assault on the character, qualifications and person of Mr. Trump, it was he who emerged as the victorious president elect.  And it became quickly obvious that the road that lie ahead was to be a rocky one for President Trump. 

Seeking to halt the inauguration and the Trump Administration before it even started, there were the immediate tantrums and shrieking of Hillary Clinton and her minions, claiming, essentially, that Trump couldn’t have possibly won the election because she and her cohorts at the DNC had it cheated in her favor fair and square -- just like they had done to Bernie Sanders in the primaries.   

Once in office, this would inspire the “Russia Probe” of Robert Mueller, seeking nonexistent (except for Hillary and the Democrats) collusion, while supporters claimed with false bravado and confidence that it would show Donald Trump to be nothing more than a puppet of the evil Vladimir Putin, a Svengali who had fixed the election in favor of Trump, his hapless and willing stooge. 

As the new administration took up the reins of power, it was met by the protests of the shattered and deeply offended pussy hatted women, scandalized by threats, both real and imagined, that a Trump Administration might end the legalized infanticide of abortion, and reestablish the traditionally Christian definition of family as one heterosexual man and one heterosexual woman, raising heterosexual children together within the outdated bonds of holy matrimony (we should be so lucky). 

Then there arose the bloody demonstrations against everything pro-Trump, and conservative in general, by the hooded “underground” mobs of fatherless, lost boys living in their divorced mothers’ basements, who took this opportunity to step away from their video games and social media and take to the streets as one, expressing themselves in support of the idea that, while they were certainly glad a jerk like Donald Trump wasn’t their dad, they sure as hell didn’t need him as president either. 

Through it all could be seen and heard the hand wringing and shrill and vicious attacks of the leftist elite celebrity crowd, as the brittle and sensitive “comedienne,” Kathy Griffin, inspired all in her role as the modern-day Salome, thankfully sparing us the dance of the seven veils, but proudly producing a facsimile of the severed and bloody head of the president, sans the charger.  The dark stars present for the "Spirit Cooking" at Marina Abramovic’s Hollywood Gala must have found this so amusing and such good, clean fun!  Hooray for [satanic] Hollywood!       

On a more serious note, the intellectualizing and posturing of the university intelligentsia, as they sternly and expertly “warned of the inherent dangers of a Trump Administration” lent an air of gravitas in a new political environment in which the funding of such culturally and scientifically significant programs as dogs performing Hamlet, a study of duck reproductive organs,  and a study of the sex habits of Japanese quail on cocaine might just be curtailed.  They vociferously decried the ignorance of the new Trump Administration, and the backwoods inbreeding of the Trump supporters.    

Stirring up this entire steaming cauldron of witch’s brew was none other than Rothschild toady George Soros and his myriad of leftist puppet organizations as they formed, funded and amplified the cacophony of dissent against what would, against these odds, become arguably one of the most successful presidential administrations in American history.  And this made all the more remarkable by the truth of a mainstream media that not only jumped upon, but pulled, the anti-Trump bandwagon, spinning all of this nonsense to a hapless public as if it were actually meaningful and so.

Throughout the campaign, and in the aftermath of the election, the establishment’s conservative news outlet, FOX, and the conservative talk radio crowd led by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, Mike Gallagher and many others, offered a mostly sympathetic, but somewhat sanitized and limited, counterbalance to the more strident “fake news” of the mainstream voices at CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, et al.  And the more “underground” alternative media that had paved the way for the presidency of Donald Trump suddenly found itself overwhelmed by phony conspiracy theories, misinformation, disinformation, and the force-fed lies of the leftists, as a rising threat of censorship on the part of such establishment controlled social media giants as Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter threatened to end freedom of expression in the United States, and the world, once and for all.

It quickly became obvious that if the new Trump Administration was to succeed, there needed to be an organized, systematic, and accurate portrayal of the Trump agenda provided by a person or persons with direct and reliable connections inside the White House, and unintimidated by the rogue elements of the deep state in the CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA and other government agencies.  It would have to be someone aware of, but outside of, the fake news and spin of the leftist media, the apathy and antipathy of the compromised moderate wings of both parties, and the way-out, imagined, or planted false flag reality of the fringe of the so called “alt right.” 

The defining characteristic of the Trump candidacy, and the factor of overwhelming importance in the election of Donald Trump as president, had been his innate talent and God given gift of communication – his demonstrated ability to connect with audiences, explain his America First agenda, and be bold, brash, and to the point in explaining the flaws, deficiencies, and anti-American agendas of his opponents.  As these opponents now circled their wagons and entrenched themselves for all out warfare with the new administration, satisfied with nothing less than deposing or disposing of the Trump presidency by whatever means necessary, and with the President now concentrating on the herculean task at hand of “draining the swamp” and securing the nation in the face of withering opposition from the leftist controlled mainstream media, the need for a clarifier and organizer to communicate the president’s message to the Trump faithful, while acting as a guidepost, anchor and clearinghouse within the alternative media, became abundantly clear.  The alternative media that elected Donald Trump could also easily scuttle his presidency if the gap between the corporate, mainstream leftwing media, and the lunatic, rightwing fringe alt right media, wasn’t carefully bridged in such a way as to slowly move at least a simple majority of Americans into a public discourse that accepted the president’s reality as its own, and thus allowed him to move his agenda forward.  And, in October of 2017, into this breach stepped “QAnon.”

What I have attempted to accomplish here, up to this point, is to create a simple narrative that tells the background story of the “rise of Q,” if you will.  The reason for this is simple and, hopefully, will be obvious to those who take some time to give this all some thought, for this is precisely what QAnon does – constructs narratives and tells stories.  This is universally overlooked in the mainstream, corporate media, which seeks to merely discredit Q along with those who interact with the cryptic Q “drops” – the “anons” who follow the narrative and respond to it by posting up new information that fleshes out the story. 

Google QAnon and there appears a seemingly endless flow of mainstream sources who cannot wait to discredit Q as a hoax, and denounce the anons, and anyone who follows the posts, as conspiracy theory loving, intellectually deficient white trash, duped into constructing out of thin air a counter-narrative to that of the “legitimate” news media: the many who are owned by the corporate few, which of course, always present the whole, unvarnished truth.  And in the style that has become the vogue of the liberals and the leftists, this is done with broad claims lacking or subverting any meaningful documentation.  I have heard those on the left number and renounce the sins of capitalism in one breath, while asking in the next, “If we can’t trust the integrity of the New York Times and the major networks, then who can we trust?”  With over 90% of the media owned by a small handful of mega-conglomerate corporate entities, this question is anything but rhetorical.  The 1976 movie, Network, was prophetic in explaining how this all worked and in predicting how this would develop, so don’t expect a major studio remake of it anytime soon.  In retrospect, it was amazing that it got made when it did.  Take a look if you haven’t already seen it.  It is, perhaps, even more eye opening today than it was at its debut over 40 years ago.

Over the past nearly two years, the QAnon movement has become something of an internet phenomenon.  Interpreting the Q drops, the questions and further commentary of the anons, and the further rounds of clarification and explanations of Q, has become a cottage industry among the most industrious and enlightened of the Trump faithful. It is through this interaction that Q provides both instruction and encouragement, urging patience in the quest to “drain the swamp” through the criminal indictment, prosecution and subsequent imprisonment of Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and those others who sought to scuttle the Trump candidacy, and who since his election have worked so diligently to cover their tracks by bringing down his presidency.  And, in Q’s world, it is not just the Democrats who are going down, but all who serve and are puppets of the deep state on the neocon and Republican side as well, as witnessed most publicly by the mysterious letters hand delivered to the Bush brothers et al at the mega state funeral of George H. W. “Poppy” (as in opium poppy) Bush in October of 2018.  What was in these letters?  The notice of impending revelation and doom, according to Q.   

Exposing “Pizzagate,” or more broadly “pedogate,” the scandal involving the sex trafficking of children among the Washington, Hollywood, European “Royals” and other prominent international “elites,” while debunked without explanation in the mainstream media, is according to Q, a topic and project close to the heart of Donald Trump, and it is the reason why he meets such raucous and vehement opposition from those within the deep state, those who are supporters of it, and those who cater to it.  The story of Trump’s alleged Russia Collusion is merely the last best hope of forestalling the prosecution of some of the most prominent and most familiar names in America and the world, and, as the Mueller probe concludes with no story of collusion outside of the Democrats and their phony dossier(s), and the “Uranium One” treason of the Clintons and Obama, the Q faithful prepare for the unsealing of the over 40,000 sealed indictments that will rock the nation and bring down the deep state in America, while setting the stage for its collapse in Europe and around the world.

In this way, it is Q who tells the stories that comprise the “backstairs” workings of the Trump Administration, and part of this scenario is the constant opining and demonstrations of the anons concerning how directly, or at least indirectly, the president himself is involved in directing and orchestrating this continual flow of information that describes the deeper agenda, and less public aspects, of his presidency. Individuals in “We Are Q” tee shirts began appearing prominently at Trump rallies starting at Tampa in July, 2018, and the numerous Youtube channels of the QAnons carry various videos showing the president recognizing, pointing out, or signaling to Q supporters at this and subsequent Trump gatherings.  I know if I wear my “We Are Q” tee shirt to the local Largo Walmart, I get looks from other shoppers that are quizzical, negative, and positive (with a smile or a “thumbs up”) in about equal thirds.  If you want to take the pulse of middle America, give it the Walmart test, I always say.

And so, the question that remains and continues to intrigue is, “Who is Q?”  The short answer is that no one really knows, and this means that the speculation is endless.  Some have said it is this general or that, this or that person in the Trump family or administration, or maybe even (at least some of the time) the president himself.  All of this pales in comparison to the most interesting and unlikely candidate, which is none other than John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., returned from the exile of his owned faked death in 1999, and who, along with his wife Carolyn, sister in law Lauren Bessette, and perhaps even accompanied by their children, has joined forces, or is the driving force behind, the Trump agenda to bring down the deep state and restore America to the land she was before that fateful day in November of 1963, when this whole nightmare began with the coup d'etat implicit in the assassination of his father.  In various disguises including Santa Claus in the Dallas Thanksgiving Day Parade, and a ubiquitous super Trump supporter named Vincent Fusca, it is JFK Jr. who has made the most unlikely of comebacks from a failed assassination attempt at the hands of the Clintons (for the purpose of securing her New York Senate seat in the 2000 election), and now makes war against the scoundrels corrupting the government and the nation through the person of his good friend, President Donald J. Trump. 

This is the political folklore of 21st century America, and one has to admit that there is a certain undeniable romance to it all.  Clearly ridiculous on the surface of it (and likely so underneath as well), it casts JFK Jr. in a role similar to that of Inigo Montoya, the revenge seeking Spanish swordsman in the William Goldman novel, The Princess Bride.  And so we can easily imagine the son of our slain president and national hero finally confronting his deep state killers: “Hello, my name is John F. Kennedy Jr.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die.”  And I have been waiting for the seemingly obvious connection to the so called “Camelot” of the Kennedy Administration, which ended with little John-John’s salute to the funeral caisson of his fallen father, and which casts him now in the role of the last of the grail knights and the once and future king – the young Arthur returned to reclaim, revitalize and recapture the grandeur and magic of the American Camelot.  And this casts Donald Trump in the unlikely role as the Fisher King, politically wounded by his leftist enemies, morally maimed by his own imperfections and past behavior, but steadfast in his role as the last keeper of our national Holy Grail – the American Dream.

In America today, the greater and grander story of who we are as a nation, and where we are headed as a people, has given way to an endless parade of useless, and often erroneous information and propaganda, telling us that the worst of our past is who we truly are, and that the best the future has to offer us is to meld into an enlightened new world community that is the epitome of what our forefathers came here to escape.  The lore of Q, and the lure of Q, is that it offers us an eleventh-hour reprieve and the prospect of a happy ending to the American story that many of us had already given up on.  Is it too little, too late?  Though Q constantly urges patience and tells the Trump faithful to "believe in 'The Plan,'" and though I pray that I am wrong, I honestly think so.  To use the Alice In Wonderland metaphor Q favors, we have been pushed so far “down the rabbit hole” by the mortal national sin of abortion, the wanton destruction of faith and morals, and the burgeoning open practice of satanism, that the repentance and national return to Christ necessary to save the nation is an unlikely prospect at best.  Miss Dana Ashlie’s argument casting America in the role of “Mystery Babylon” hits more closely to home than we would like to admit, and it would seem to me that when the Trump presidency ends, and the godless left fully reasserts itself, the stage will be set, once and for all, for divine retribution.  God shed His grace on the faithful, Christian America of our ancestors, and we may be confident that He will not spare His wrath from the even greater Luciferian abomination she will become.  This is when “The Storm” or “The Great Awakening” will truly be upon us.  However, it also seems to me that in keeping with what America once was, and the hope she once offered to the rest of the world, that it is worth the effort, and the pain and suffering involved, to see that she at least gets the chance to die with her boots on.  As Jesus told us, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and say what they will about Q, it brings to light the hidden agenda of the New World Order at work in the destruction of America, and that’s a damn site better than quietly perishing in the darkness of a Hillary Clinton presidency.  It is the choice we made in choosing Donald Trump. 

One of the major pieces of evidence cited by those who claim that Q is JFK Jr. is Q’s oft repeated use of the phrase, “Where We Go One, We Go All.”  It has become a catch phrase, and it didn’t take the anons long to figure out that this phrase can be seen in old photographs of JFK’s presidential yacht, the Honey Fitz.  It is engraved on the ship’s bell, and it has served as something of a motto for the Kennedy clan.  Now, through Q, it has become the rallying cry of the American patriot clan as well.  And as JFK might well have said, and as his life and death demonstrated, “It is better to die defending the truth of what America is supposed to be, than to succumb willingly to the lies of her enemies, who would make of her something never intended.”  Donald Trump and Q appear to give us our last best chance to do just exactly that.  And if and when America dies, we will at least have the satisfaction of knowing who has killed her, how it happened, and of the truly viscous, demonic and evil nature of our New World Order overlords.  As with all vampires, werewolves, and creatures of hell that stalk the night, these followers of the fallen Lucifer also shun the light and fear the Cross, and concerning them, it is Q who both poses, and answers, the question most pertinent to our unlikely survival as a nation:

"What do they fear most?  Public Awakening."




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