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Countdown to Apocalypse

June 13, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 546

Join Chaplain Phil, the Mayans, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Hopi Elders and a cast of billions for this week long re-visitation of "Countdown to Apocalypse." Back in that mystical year of 2012, the History Channel produced this series of programs leading up to the end date of the Mayan Calendar on December 21 of that year. First of all, the Mayan Calendar merely ended on that date, and there was never any indication that it was the end of the world. If even Jesus doesn't know the day and hour, why should we assume that the Mayans, or anyone else, would know the exact date? I suppose the History Channel can't be faulted for seizing upon the Mayan "End of the World" hysteria so prevalent back then. After all, it's really just entertainment about history, so why not whip the huddled masses into a frenzy and send them scurrying for cover? Chicken Little got a book deal out of this same sort of thing. That's just showbiz. And so they came up with this idea to freak out the public Orson Welles style with this dramatic series detailing all of the impending horrors in the "Countdown to the Apocalypse" occurring on December 21. Of course it didn't happen. At least not in 2012. But we think you should listen again and decide for yourself if what was described then isn't exactly what we are building to now, exactly ten years later. Turns out that maybe if they had called it "Ten Year Prophecy of the Apocalypse" they would have nailed it.

June 14, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 547

Countdown to Apocalypse continues tonight with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as told History Channel style, which lacks no sense of the dramatic and touches all the basic Evangelical bases, but none too hard. It's supposed to be the Christianity that we all agree on, which means Jesus is largely removed, as if He might be more of a bystander and less the progenitor of all of this. In short, the Christians get the same treatment as the Mayans, the Hopi and Nostradamus, which means that while there is some of this that borders on the silly, the over all effect is to give the Faith a fair shake in the market place of crazy, apocalyptic ideas, and whenever that happens the LORD can (and does) speak for Himself. The Book of Revelation was scaring hell out of the faithful for eons before the quatrains were even a gleam in the all seeing eye of Nostradamus. And the specter of the Four Horsemen has haunted the world since that fateful day at Gethsemane when the die was irrevocably cast, and the world system was unequivocally condemned. It was all set in motion then, and it all comes to fruition now. The Four Horsemen are saddled and they ride. You can deny it if that makes you more comfortable, but you can't stop it. That's understood here and it's part of the fun.

June 15, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 548

Onward towards the Apocalypse! And who better to guide the way tonight but none other than that all purpose seer of seers, Nostradamus? We learn that he started out life Jewish and was forced to convert to Catholicism as a child and it left him embittered. Sounds like Catholic faith formation back in the 16th century wasn't any better than what they offer in some of these "Nouvelle Théologie" parishes today. But for a Baltimore Catechism the world might well have been spared a false prophet, and heaven blessed with yet another saintly seer, but, alas, it wasn't meant to be. Poor Nostradamus. He could see history before it happened, and all the way to the end of world, yet he couldn't save himself or anybody else. The man with history's greatest vision, and yet he was blind to the needs of his own soul, for when he had the Real Presence of Jesus right before him, he saw Him not and walked away. What a waste. What a shame. Imagine the Real Presence of the Lord in a man with that kind of gift.  He might have been a prophet after the order of those in the First Testament itself. That instead of a perpetual sideshow freak whose life work greases the palms of the same kind of hucksters he always hated in his own day. And I'll bet he didn't see that one coming either.              

June 16, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 549

No Countdown to Apocalypse would be complete without a visit to the Hopi Elders to seek their wisdom concerning the "End of the Fourth World." That's what they call the Apocalypse, and they call it big. A mass extinction event already in progress, with the real fireworks about to begin in the form of the titular Blue Star event. Asteroids crash and burn, and it all goes up in flames before the few survivors eventually come together and form a new people and life starts over again, albeit more humbly, though surely with all the dancing, drumming and chanting restored. Sometimes it almost seems as if there was some sort of contest among the ancient peoples to see who could come up with the most devastating end time scenario, and if this was so, the Hopis would certainly be a finalist for the grand prize in the "Devastating Firestorm" category. The heavens tremble, the earth quakes, the volcanoes erupt, and the inhabitants of planet earth die in the process. So much so that it makes one wonder just how it is that even these scant survivors survive something so completely and wondrously destructive. And don't let the survivalists interviewed fool you into believing that you won't make it without guns and gold. It's the guns and gold that get us into these apocalyptic messes, not out of them.    

June 17, 2022
The Sixth Hour Program No. 550

Living in the future isn't all it's cracked up to be once you realize all the high technology is for the purpose of enslaving and/or eliminating you. And what better way to keep the sheep docile on their way to the slaughter than to give each one a little super computer full of lies and amusements, and all the while posing as a harmless telephone? These do-it-yourself phone zombies are perhaps even more frightening than the classic "Night of the Living Dead" variety that the medical establishment is currently turning out with their vaccine regimen. They're the ones who have made it possible for the zombies in DC to seize control of the government, and if you think that's hyperbole, just take a look at Biden and Pelosi and tell me that's not the "living dead" personified. It explains a lot, actually, since normal human beings would never sell their fellow countrymen out like that. Maybe it's just easier to submit to the rule of artificial intelligence when you realize that the human leaders you've been saddled with really don't have much of the native variety at all. It's been destroyed along with their morals, judgment and character. In the end it isn't the technology of the future that's scary, it's the folks who run it (and, in turn, us). In light of such a future, the final lesson learned may just be that there are actually fates worse than the apocalypse. And, as all of our other blessings run out, at least we can still count that one.           

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RNJ Staff

Chaplain Phil

Chaplain Phil grew up listening to alternative points of view, and the underground perspective, that characterized late night AM and shortwave radio in the 1960's.  In the cold winter months following the events that transpired in Dallas on November 22, 1963, he came to realize that the death of President Kennedy represented an even deeper and more profound tragedy - the death of the nation. In the summer of 1964, he read None Dare Call It Treason by John Stormer and understood how this had come to pass.  He was 10 years old.

Through the ensuing years, he has followed the flow of free information, as what we now call the "mainstream media" banished independent Christian broadcasting, and honest political thought, from the AM band to shortwave, then to the internet, and now, in the face of internet censorship, back to shortwave.  After a lifetime of listening, he now feels the time has come to speak.  His message is simple.  We are living in a godless false reality created for the purpose of destroying most of us and enslaving the rest.

The time of Revelation is here. Take heart.  For what is being revealed is the eternal truth of Jesus Christ.

Brian Helix - News Director

As one of the BBC's "Young Lions," Brian Helix was known for his honest reporting and take no prisoners attitude towards the truth.  He is an expert on conspiracies and the theories thereof, both modern and classic, and a top flight investigative journalist.  He brings these talents along with his many others to the post of News Director here at RNJ.


Sally Belle-Époque - Production Manager

Sally Belle-Époque made her mark in both video production and A.I. research with the famed Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong, and now brings her varied talents and unique skills to bear as Production Manager at RNJ.  Sally is a no nonsense professional with all the Left Coast flair and style her background as a "Valley Girl" would suggest - a Silicone Valley Girl.   


Catholic Pirate Radio

What is Catholic Pirate Radio?

Pirate radio or a pirate radio station is a radio station that broadcasts without a valid license.  Catholic Pirate Radio is broadcast without the official sanction or approval of the Catholic Church, any of its connected agencies or organizations, or any member of its hierarchical structure (bishops, cardinals, pope, etc.).

Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio
"You see, God expects His people to do the ridiculous so
He can do the miraculous." - Mother Angelica
Father Coughlin
Father of Pirate Radio

    Mother Angelica: Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio

Mother Mary Angelica founded the EWTN television network, and, more significantly for my purposes here, WEWN, a global shortwave broadcast service with transmitters located in Irondale, Alabama.  In the 1990's, Mother Angelica became one of the most dominant Christian voices on the shortwave bands, and WEWN a torch that beamed her message of the truth of believing and faithful Catholicism across the nation and the world.  She was a major influence concerning my conversion to the Catholic Faith in 2002, and it is truthful to say that my formation as a Catholic took place with her over many nights of listening to the most powerful voice on 41 meters.  She gets much credit for her pioneering work in Catholic television, while her savvy for international shortwave broadcasting goes largely unheralded and is just as significant.  It made her a worldwide voice for the faith rather than just an American phenomenon, and paved the way for the globalization of EWTN.

Mother Angelica earned the title of Queen of Catholic Pirate Radio when she publicly took on and disputed the apostate Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Cardinal Mahony, concerning the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  While Mahony was unleashing his wrath upon Mother all the way to Rome, it should also be noted that he retreated quickly and issued a statement taking offense at her for daring to question his belief in the Real Presence.  Thanks to Mother's widespread and profound media influence, I'm sure a lot of bishops, cut from the same cloth as Mahoney, also thought twice about peddling the "Spirit of Vatican II" nonsense in an overt way that might end up on TV.         

Here's some vintage Mother for you: 
I’m so tired of you liberal Church in America! And everything you’ve ever done has gone in silence. Nothing, nothing you’ve done – from your witchcraft to your enneagrams to your centering prayer to all this ‘earth spirituality’ to replacing holy water with sand to destroying our churches and closing churches that are viable and ready to go…no, this is not an accident. We’ve swallowed this now for thirty years. I’m tired of it. We have swallowed enough of your idea of God! You have, really, no God, no dogma, no doctrine, and no authority, because the only authority in the Catholic Church is our Holy Father and the Magisterium, and you have disclaimed that. You don’t believe in the Eucharist, you don’t believe in the Immaculate Conception, you don’t believe in the Virgin Birth, you don’t believe in Mary’s power of intercession, you don’t believe in religious life, you don’t believe in being a spouse of Christ! You do believe in teaching to little children in the third grade sex education, you do believe in forcing centering prayer and forcing inclusive language upon us, and now you depict Jesus as a woman?!  You’re sick!
Nothing to add to that.  As a layman, my duty as a Catholic is to point out these things just as it was Mother's duty as a religious - a Carmelite nun.  She taught me well.  It's time for Catholic Pirate Radio, the next generation.

    Father Charles Coughlin: Father of Pirate Radio

In 1926, Father Charles Coughlin first took to the airwaves on WJR radio in Detroit to denounce the Ku Klux Klan, which had recently burned crosses on the grounds of his parish.  Turning to politics in 1929, Father Coughlin quickly became a dominant and highly influential radio voice on the CBS network, with a weekly listening audience estimated at 30,000,000 during the peak of his popularity in the early 1930's.  While at first a fervent supporter of the policies and person of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, his views became more controversial and his rhetoric more strident as the Great Depression lingered on.  By 1936, he was expressing a viewpoint that was anti-capitalist and anti-socialist, and invoked no little controversy by expressing a certain sympathy concerning the fascism of Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler.  He was accused of anti-Semitism based upon this and his searing critique of the European Jewish banking establishment, which he sought to qualify as follows: 

My purpose is to help eradicate from the world its mania for persecution, to help align all good men, Catholic and Protestant, Jew and Gentile, Christian and non-Christian, in a battle to stamp out the ferocity, the barbarism and the hate of this bloody era. I want the good Jews with me, and I'm called a Jew baiter, an anti-Semite.

My point here is not to speak out for or against Father Coughlin and his political opinions, but merely to point to him as an early example of the efforts to censor and silence unpopular viewpoints.  He remains the textbook example of church and state teaming up to remove from public influence someone deemed too controversial to have his views heard by the great unwashed masses of the general public.  The Roosevelt Administration determined a priori that the First Amendment did not apply to radio broadcasting, and new regulations and restrictions were created specifically to remove Father Coughlin from the airwaves.  For the first time, public broadcasters had to obtain a permit and seek approval to speak on the air, and this was the impetus for those who refused to do so taking to the airwaves in protest: the birth of pirate radio.  While Father Coughlin was able to circumvent his banishment from network broadcasting by buying airtime on local stations, his reach and influence were drastically reduced.  In 1942 he was ordered to remove himself from public life by Bishop Edward Aloysius Mooney.  He complied without complaint and spent the remainder of his career as parish priest at the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan.  He retired from active ministry in 1966.


Welcome to our broadcast facilities here at RNJ.  This is where Chaplain Phil and our crew make the magic happen.  Stars of the Show are a Sweetwater Studio Computer powering Jean and Ginger, two 1950 Canadian Philips Table Radios that serve as broadcast monitors. That's Ginger on the right channel, and Jean on the left. Auxilliary Computer is "Old Faithful," a 2009 Hewlett Packard (that's like about a 1930 model in American Tube Radio Years (ATRY). You'll also notice three communication receivers, two 1959 Hallicrafters S-108's and a 1947 National NC 57. Standby monitors include a 1937 Coronado 725 and 1953 Philco 53-960. It's all sorted out through a Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer.  Our antenna array (not shown) is an 80 foot sloping copper long wire antenna, fastened to a Royal Palm and running from there to the studio.