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Mysteries of Chaco Canyon

High Strangeness in the High Desert

From precision engineered astronomical alignments to legends that abound concerning giants, ancient aliens,
subterranean structures, and the presence of NASA and the US Government, the archaeological remains at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico provide lots of questions and precious little in the way of answers.  There is certainly more going on than the comedy of errors the National Park Service conducts on the premises would suggest.  And, as if third generation New Agers scattering Grandpa Hippie's ashes over the monuments while mocking the sacred traditions of the Navajo wasn't enough, enter Christy Turner.  He proved that cannibalism put "man corn" on the menu here more than a thousand years ago, and the furor over just who was being eaten and who was doing the eating continues to this day. Can't get any weirder you say?  Stick around for Tom Horn and portals into other dimensions, and just wait for the big finish with Chief Joseph Riverwind, who'll tell about who came through them, what they did, and much more! 

Welcome to High Strangeness in the High Desert.  Welcome to Chaco Canyon.
Mysteries of Chaco Canyon


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September 23, 2021 Ronald Roybal - In the Stone Circle
September 24, 2021 Ronald Roybal - Badger Warrior
September 27, 2021 Ronald Roybal - Catching a Dream
September 28, 2021 Ronald Roybal - Dream Warrior
September 29, 2021 Ronald Roybal - Sacred Mountain
September 30, 2021 Ronald Roybal - He Who Saves His People
October 01, 2021 Ronald Roybal - Where the Water Cuts Through

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Mysteries of Chaco Canyon

The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

Amazon Prime Video

The Mystery Of Chaco Canyon examines the deep enigmas presented by the massive prehistoric remains found in Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico, revealing that between 850 and 1150 AD, the Chacoan people designed and constructed massive ceremonial buildings oriented in a complex celestial pattern throughout this vast desert region.


The Mystery of Chaco Canyon - Part 1

September 23, 2021

    Program No. 389


The Mystery of Chaco Canyon - Part 2

September 24, 2021

    Program No. 390

Chaco Canyon: $3,000,000 NPS Project Bungled

Why did NASA take over this part of the Canyon?


A television report done by a local station in New Mexico, outlining a completely bungled attempt by the National Park Service to bring a little of the great Chaco Canyon artifact collection home to its own little museum at the National Park site. What could go wrong? Everything!  And all at taxpayer expense. This is a great example of how the National Park Service works: when they're not bullying the tax payers, rewriting history, or destroying the archaeological record, they are all about what they do best: wasting money.  Installing an HVAC system isn't brain surgery. At least for most people. But then, most people don't work for the National Park Service, where brains are in short supply.  

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

A vast subterranean complex of tunnels and caves in the American Southwest holds great importance to indigenous people, extraterrestrial civilizations and secret military programs staged within the earthly hollows. Zuni and Hopi folklore tells us of the people who live in these grottos, which have long helped human civilizations to survive and thrive. They also tell us of powerful energetic nodes in the region that once served as sacred sites, but are now occupied by heavily armed military forces. Our experts try to unlock the secrets underlying the Four Corners region by examining folklore, eyewitness accounts and archeological discoveries which offers a retelling of human history with extraterrestrial connections.


NPS Idiocy and the Deeper Mysteries of Chaco Canyon

September 27, 2021

    Program No. 391

Cannibalism and the Anasazi


Dr. Christy Turner is shown visiting Chaco Canyon and presents his theories about how humans were systematically butchered and eaten in the ancient pueblos of the Southwest between about A.D. 900 and 1250. 

The collision of science and politics is the factual sub-theme that flows through this film like the not too subtle undercurrent that it is.  Various Native American scholars, in their LL Bean snap button western shirts, and Birkenstock Arizonas, parroting the "official" historical line in exchange for a life of largess and white honors at the local universities, explain why the Old Ones warned against "Indian School."  The tension that exists within Native American culture is not as palpable as that which exists between that culture and the dominant one (that still demands their submission to it), but it is present and strident none the less.  Turns out all our ancestors had feet of clay; were victims and victimizers, and our problems have never really been about race at all.  Much of this is, perhaps, taught unintentionally in this film. But it is taught none the less.     

Dr. Christy Turner wrote the 1999 book Man Corn with his late wife Jacqueline about this topic. And it's been a shit-show like this ever since.


Cannibalism and the Anasazi - Part 1

September 28, 2021

    Program No. 392


Cannibalism and the Anasazi - Part 2

September 29, 2021

    Program No. 393

Crystal Power in Chaco Canyon

They Opened PORTALS Into Another World

Sacred Land Film Project

Beginning with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, another sacred place – Chaco Canyon, home to ancient Puebloan villages and Great Kivas – has been overwhelmed with offerings left by New Age practitioners. While filming In the Light of Reverence in 1997, we met archaeologist Wendy Buustard, the National Park Service curator at Chaco Canyon. Park Service staff have to clear away the offerings and catalog and store everything in the Chaco collection. Bustard spent a day with us, displaying an array of New Age offerings and reflecting on why they are considered offensive by native people.

End Times Productions

They opened a portal and something came through. This is the story of the Ancient Anasazi People and how it's much stranger than most people realize. I was going to turn some of this footage and the interview with Tom Horn into a full-length documentary. However, it's been impossible to secure in person interviews, so I am just going to give up on the film for now. This video is an extremely short, and bare-bones version of the documentary i was planning on making. I figured i might as well update the original Chaco Canyon video I made a few years ago and call it good.


NPS Crystal Power & Portals to Other Dimensions

September 30, 2021

    Program No. 394

Giants in America & Native American Indian Bible Prophecy


Chief Joseph Riverwind, Native America, veteran, pastor and founder of Firekeepers, joins L.A. Marzulli to discuss his book, That's What the Old Ones Say.  Turns out, the Old Ones had much to say about a wide variety of topics that are of much interest to us today, in particular stories like those of giants and many other tales that parallel Biblical stories from the Old Testament - and the New.  This is a half hour you won't want to miss, as Chief Joseph explains how the old world and new weren't really all that far apart -- and share Christ in common.


Chief Joseph Riverwind: Giants in America & Native American Bible Prophecy

October 01, 2021

  Program No. 395